Finding your passion: realization 2

What is it that you love to do? If you just say being successful or making money, fair point, but wouldn’t it be even better if you can do those things, on top of something else you love doing? I hear the stereotypes all the time about my Asian friends; their parents always want them to be doctors, lawyers, or engineers. And while they are working hard, I feel like their passion is not to do those things, but to make their parents proud. For me, I was lucky enough that my parents are supportive of whatever it is that I do. My dad outright stated that if I were to be jobless, he’ll still love and support me so long as I’m healthy, alive, and most importantly, happy.

I decided on the food industry because it makes me happy; for the longest time, I felt like my one true passion was to make everlasting memories with the desserts I create. But in reality, I loved the storytelling aspect of it. I love to tell a good story. I got that from my dad. We used to sit down with my sister, and sometimes my mother, at night before we’d all go to bed, and have “special time.” Get your minds out of the gutter. That was just what he dubbed storytelling time. What I do in my industry, it tells stories; that’s where the memories are made. Through the stories my desserts tell.

If your food can tell a story, it becomes that much more memorable. Using exotic ingredients, having some degree of authenticity, and presenting the dish in an artistic, poetic way, those are all the qualities that help my desserts illustrate images. For me, my passion is being able to speak about the things that as a quiet nerd growing up, I never was able to. The pressure of being expected to succeed, the anxiety from being bullied, and the fear of not being accepted, those sorts of emotions, they can really be channeled into something artistic and beautiful. Allow yourself to be immersed in your passions. Allow them to enrich your life and make you happy. That’s just another secret to being feather-light.


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