My sanctuary: dream 4

As a child, I would have two of the same recurring dreams: somebody dropped a nuke in the ocean, and it decimated the entire planet, leaving behind an ocean-less wasteland filled with decaying whale carcasses, and me finding myself in a vast grassy plain, with nothing in sight for miles, except a white canopy tent for shade and shelter from the occasional breeze. Yeah, very contrasting images. Obviously, the latter is my happy place.

I have always wanted to find a place where I can feel safe, loved, and happy. My happiness and strength come from solidarity. As much as I want to appreciate other people’s company, I spent so much of my life having to fight my own battles and live my life alone that I much prefer that to being constantly surrounded by and bombarded by others. Being in that grassland, completely alone, I could probably die happy in such a place.

Life should not have to be so complicated. Being judged, having a lot of money, making 6 figures, those are the things that people are wary of these days. But when you don’t have an entire society in your presence, then do you really need to be preoccupied with those things? Who is there to judge you? What need is there for money? At that point, I feel the most safe. When those fears and worries are not there.

Sanctuary is synonymous to a happy place or a personal haven for me. The grassy fields where the only thing I have to worry about is the occasional breeze being too strong, that’s a great place to be. When life gets too stressful, I always go to places where the nature overshadows civilization. Having to not think about people, trying to embrace this sort of transcendentalist practice, it really does put my mind at ease. It makes me think that my problems, worries, obligations, they are somewhere far, far away. They can never touch or enter my sanctuary.


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