Closure: dream 5

I am the type of person who needs closure to be happy. Whether it’s knowing who my Secret Santa is, the ending of a long series, or what I will be doing the summer following a school year, I just want to, and for the sake of my mental contentment, know what to expect. I guess it comes with my Myers-Brigg; I am an INTJ. That means I’m introverted, intuitive, thinking, and judging. My judging attribute just means that I need to have a plan, a schedule, and for me to make these sorts of things, I need to know what to anticipate so I can prepare accordingly.

One thing I guess I can never understand is why certain people need time to process change before they can talk; by time, I mean like a bloody month. I’m sorry, and I will try to not sound insensitive, but when things change, you need to confront it, and talk about it. That’s how I am. I need to confront when there are issues or changes that are put in my way. People who need time, I don’t understand if they are just immature and need more time to understand these things, or if they are being passive aggressive and trying to slowly torture somebody like me, who would rather just rip off the bandage and talk about a controversial situation.

I would rather be in a world where people are driven, direct, and upfront than a world where people are slow, “chill” as so many of my peers would say, and take everything in at a very slow pace. For me, I just prefer to get it over with. Having to take time, I get that if a situation may be dire, people may need time to process the exact repercussions and changes, but do these changes really need 1-2 months to really let them sink in? I’d rather just live in the moment, put the awkwardness behind me, and then move on to the next part of my life.

One of the things I have recently learned is that I am a Type A personality. I just need to do rather than see. That, coupled with my Judging designation, means that I need to know things. I need to finish anything I set my mind to, and have a full understanding of what and why I need to finish them. I guess another thing to consider is that when it came to the Thinking category of my MBTI brand, I was 100% Thinking, but 0% Feeling. So maybe it’s that sort of callous attitude that makes me get over things rather. I really try to not live through my feelings, because whenever I have tried that in the past, it ends very poorly. Fun fact, I cannot feel my way through life. I like using logic and my brain. But in an ideal world, I would much rather people be upfront and direct about their thoughts, and honestly, I don’t even care about things like spoilers. Just let me know what to expect. Give me that closure. That way, I can feel less stressed or worried. I can finally feel feather-light.


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