Fighting for yourself: dream 7

What I am about to talk about feels more like a nightmare than a dream, but alas, it’s a challenge we all face in life. When I pursued a career in the culinary industry, I only had myself to stand by. When I started college, after having such a traumatic experience in high school, I had to fend for myself, and become somebody people can look to as a role model, as opposed to being a generic, ignorable person like in high school. I had to put on a brave face, stand tall, and fight against everyone who ever doubted me. This fight, it was my chance to prove myself. It was a battle for me to validate my self worth, to them, and most importantly, to myself, because I doubted my worth until this point.

Fighting for myself was important. It helped me gain confidence and purpose. It helped me zero in on what needed to be done, and gave me clarity moving forward. I really wish that this world did not require us to be put in theses sorts of situations where others judge. But unfortunately, we will have to deal with people who think we are lesser than them, and it is up to us as human beings to prove to them that we are not. These sorts of underdog moments are what make us grow, humble us, and if we can overcome the situation, just makes us better people in general.

I really cannot begin to stress how I wish we did not have to be put into this sort of setting where images and opinions dictate your perceived potential or value. I dislike this aspect, and I have tried to ignore the opinions of others for as long as I could back in high school; that’s why others saw me as mediocre or ignorable, and on top of that, I started to see those qualities in myself. If you are going to push yourself for any reason, do it for yourself. Push yourself so that you can see how far your potential can take you. At the very least, don’t try to be complacent with where you are, or else you will find yourself peaking very quickly.

Fight for yourself is a statement that to me, means that you will do whatever you can to improve yourself. You will continuously do what you can to make sure that you don’t let any opportunity, go or shorten your potential. One of my biggest sayings is to never repeat the same mistakes and never relive the same regret. You do not want to make that mistake of not pushing yourself more than once. Always challenge yourself. Don’t be afraid, either. Embrace every obstacle that comes in your way as a chance to prove you can overcome it. Do not feel like you are being burdened, but rather, given an opportunity. That’s essential to being feather-light.


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