Ocean: dream 8

The ocean is a place where I can genuinely feel relaxed. I love the sound of the waves, the occasional cawing of the seagulls (assuming they are not pooping on me), and the salty breeze in my face as I sink myself into the smooth, golden sand. Going to the beach is a childhood memory of mine, having been raised so close to the coast, and often traveling to various islands. So it’s only natural that I feel comfortable when I see the great blue ocean staring at me.

I just start to think about the food I like to eat when I go to the beach. Tropical, Hawaiian flavors like pineapple, coconut, passionfruit, and guava. I still distinctly remember scaling cliffs nearby my house in high school, and watching the sky and water turn pink and orange, as a whale rose to the surface, and spewed water from its spout. It was a very surreal moment. I couldn’t believe that I saw a whale so close up. These sorts of views, they are what inspire me when it came to my pastry experience and knowledge.

If I could, I would probably move to any island in Hawaii, Laguna Beach, or Malibu for the rest of my life, and just soak in the waves and the sun for the rest of my life. Having lived on the East Coast, and experienced the humidity and the snow, I could wholeheartedly say it sucks. As pretty as snow looks in pictures, I prefer having fun in the sun to being able to build a snowman. Sorry, Frozen fans, but this is my dream post, not yours.

I know some people can’t stand the ocean. I think about an episode of 30 Rock, where this sociopathic 14-year old said that the ocean is for tools. Personally, I have had a traumatic experience of almost drowning when I swam in the ocean. While I admit I would probably never go lower than knee-deep in the sea water, I would still much prefer living near a beach, in perpetually sunny/warm weather, than having to experience the four seasons. For me, collecting sea shells, building sand castles, and digging holes to China are going to be fond memories that just draw me back home. Back to the beach.


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