Forest: dream 10

Hiking through the woods is a very nostalgic feeling for me. Moving hometowns, I went from the suburbs to a mountain covered in trees, right next to the ocean. It was an isolated heaven, so to speak. The woods and the forests nearby, I felt so curious and eager when I explored them. I didn’t know what to expect, but it was that need to sate my curiousity.

The woods, you know you’re there the moment you see the vastness of trees spreading out before you. Stepping onto the damp soil, feeling your shoe sink in slightly, you smell the wet bark, hear the chirping of birds, buzzing of bugs, and you feel like all of the problems from your everyday life just melt away.

I will clarify right now that I am not a camper. I cannot sleep in a tent for my life. That being said, making day trips to the woods and forests are a lot of fun because it’s the best of both worlds for me: I get to explore nature, then sleep in the comfort of my own home and bed.

When I’m in the midst of a forest clearing, I can look up, see the sun just peeking through, and just be in awe of the shades of green, yellow, and red from the leaves that just catch that light. I feel safe. It made the weary journey to there, through the gnarled, root studded soil and facing the possibility of death by bear mauling, completely worth it.


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