Optimism: dream 15

Being happy and smiling, it’s how I kept things from getting me down after everything that had just happened with my life. When I try my best to think positive, see the glass as full, the world suddenly is a peachier, more upbeat place. I almost completely forget about all of the dangers and negativities of the world. Obviously, doing that constantly will put you in a lot more danger, it’s still a practice I partially employ so that I can move forward from something that gets me down.

Even when shit hits the fan and everything around you comes crumbling down, just making yourself smile through it might be all your mind and heart really need. Find those things that make you smile and laugh. For me, being able to see the world as a place full of potential, opportunities, and happy moments yet to be made, that uplifts my spirit right away. Then when I see, let’s say, any picture of Boo the Pomeranian, then it just gets better. That adorable little fuzzball knows how to make me laugh and smile.

Just finding the things in this world that make you feel hope, happiness, and fill you with laughter and smiles, as weird and hippy-like as that sounds, it opens up a world of positivity and possibility for you. It changes how you feel about things, how you act in response to others, and for me, I’ve learned to be genuinely happy again for the first time in years. The thought of getting up in the morning and running through the beach, hanging out with my friends, and baking something delicious, it all gives me a new reason to live.

Smile and never look back. It’s easy to think about the past, but life was not meant for you to take it easy all the time. You are always supposed to move forward and find new opportunities. New chances for you to learn, grow, and live. When I see the world now, I don’t see it as a place full of pressure, fear, or obstacles. I see it as a challenge for me to step up and keep fighting back. Keep going until I can no longer go. I will continue to smile, and live for me. This positive, half cup-full world, it’s what I see, in my feather-light dreams.


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