My bakery: dream 17

I have mentioned in previous posts that I have been a pastry chef before. I love to bake and I love to cook, if sharing my recettes has not been proof enough. I want to one day open shop in Japan; I have spent 6 years of my life learning the language and I figured it would be a great chance for me to immerse myself in a country that isn’t America. The bakery itself, I would probably do desserts with a modern Asian spin. I want it to look modern, clean, and sort of like 85 degrees C in some aspects, if it were to have a love child with Koi Dessert Bar from Sydney, NSW. A lot of my recettes, they might go on to be a part of this bakery one day. That’s the goal anyways.

I think the biggest reason why I want this bakery is that it would be my own atelier. Atelier is French for studio, and it really just refers to a place where you craft things. I want to be able to craft desserts that tell my personal stories. I want to share my experiences, traveling the world, and the people I’ve met, their memories, all through the food I create. That’s the reason why I got into cooking. It was a chance for me to create an interactive, immersive experience. I can bring back what I felt, saw, and heard through the food. Those memories, they are sealed in each and every bite.

The desserts would change depending on the season. It’s important to keep the menu ever changing, because that just goes with the world and the people in it. Few things ever stay constant. Most things don’t. My menu will reflect that. I don’t know if there will be a “signature dessert” so to speak, but should there be one, it will need to be using ingredients that we can find seasonally. I want to use French, American, and Japanese techniques in my desserts, but the ingredients can pretty much range from anywhere. I just want to bring the world together, around this bakery.

Even though I would probably have to wake up every day at 4am to open shop, it would be worth it. By baking, I am doing something that I love. Something that genuinely fills me with joy to the brim. There has always been something about desserts that appealed to me. Probably my sweet tooth. Being able to say “I can make that” every time I open a dessert menu, it makes me laugh, but I’m also surprising myself that my skillset continues to learn and grow. My bakery, it will be an extension of my passion and ideas. My stories will be told with every dessert. To be able to take inspiration and breathe it into this business, it would be a dream come true. This bakery is the one I want to realize, from the world of my feather-light dreams.


3 thoughts on “My bakery: dream 17

  1. Love this! It’s also one of my dreams to open a bakery, somewhere in the English countryside! I completely understand wanting your own ‘atelier’. My hope is that I can also teach there, and maybe bring the joy of baking into someone else’s life. Loved reading your post, can’t wait to read more!

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