Chic: dream 18

I was such an ugly kid. Overweight, acne-ridden, my own dad tried to avoid claiming me as his child. Yeah, that kind of ugly. But with exercise, confidence-building, and growing past puberty, I was able to really blossom into adulthood being comfortable in my own skin. Most people I know unfortunately aren’t as happy with how they look. One of my previous roommates would barge into my room when I was studying and ask me if she was fat; she wasn’t, but it got annoying to have to constantly reassure her that she was skinny. There was a point I questioned if she was doing that just to fish for compliments. Either way, I am not that type of person who would try to project my insecurities onto others. I know what I am capable of, as a human being and as myself specifically. That to me is what being chic is all about. Learning to be confident with who you are, and exuding that confidence. Even if you are overweight or acne-ridden, being confident will make those qualities melt away; granted in my case, they melted away already, but you should not let any other perceived flaws hold you back.

Take your style, and own it. For me, I love wearing lighter outfits; this is a more politically correct way of saying short sleeves and short legs. I hate jeans, I hate formal clothes. I feel like I am being suffocated in those. By wearing the clothes I like to wear, I am already projecting a sense of relaxation that most people would already be attracted to. Being able to remain calm and composed, showing some restraint in your emotion, all ways I managed to further exude that quality. However, if you are already comfortable with who you are beneath the clothes, you will be able to exude that confidence even if you are wearing things you hate wearing. For a lot of people with confidence issues, that might take some time to get used to. Being self-assured is not something that everyone is born with unfortunately. For me, it took practice. Maybe two years of trying out my style, learning how to take my personality, and have it drive me into being comfortable with myself and outwardly confident, but not arrogant or cocky.

Being chic comes naturally and effortlessly. It should not feel like you are pretending to be somebody you are not. You are just yourself, but with confidence and restraint. Those are two big key words in this. Doubting yourself and having anxiety, those are expected to happen to everyone. But you need to be self-assured to the point where those feelings go away quickly. You need for your self-confidence to be strong enough that nothing scares you or makes you feel inferior. Inferiority complexes are the last thing from chic. They are toxic to you being the best that you can be. Never make things a competition or go out of your way to compare yourself to others. Just be confident with who you are and what you are capable of. Each person can be chic in their own, specific and unique ways.


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