Sky Bird: Chapter 1

“Kendall, open your eyes!” A small brunette was shaking nervously as his hands covered his face. “Trust me, you need to see this!” An old man wearing goggles insisted. “Grandpa, I’m scared!” The boy was with his grandpa on board a jet that the elder man was piloting. “Okay…” Kendall hesitantly lowered his hands and cracked open his eyes. “Wow!” The 2nd grader was stunned. He saw all of Los Angeles, far, far beneath him. They were shooting through the sky and the entire city was getting further and further away from them. “I told you needed to see this. Isn’t it beautiful?” His grandpa smiled. “Yup!” Kendall nodded eagerly, trying not to press his face against the window in amazement. “Planes, jets, I want to learn more about them! This is so cool!” He grinned at the elder man. “I’m glad you found a new interest, Kenny!” The wrinkled pilot beamed back. “But we should probably land back down in the Airforce base soon. Your parents want you back for dinner and your old coot of a grandpa better not hold you up.” He chuckled.

“Skye-baka? Skye-baka!” The brunette woke up only to see himself face to face with a bald, middle-aged Japanese man. It was his Japanese 2 teacher, Kawaguchi-sensei. “Okay, now that Skye-baka is finally awake, we can finally start taking our quiz!” The teacher laughed mockingly. Skye-baka. He was typically referred to as that because there were two Skyes in their class, the other being his younger sister. Panicking, a sixteen year old Kendall Skye looked around, only to realize it was fifth period. His Japanese 2 class. He must have been having that dream again. That moment he realized he wanted to become an aerospace engineer. “OMG, you fucking idiot. I’m going to be late to practice because of you.” A slim Chinese boy glared at Kendall from across their table. His name was Fanny Chiang. “Fanny! Don’t say that in front of other Skye-san! That’s her older brother!” A smaller Korean-Japanese girl with dyed brown hair, Carly Ahn, scolded him in her soft voice. She was referring to Kendall’s little sister, who was sitting next to them. “It’s okay. It’s not like Fanny is lying. My brother is an idiot.” Megan, Kendall’s little sister, snickered. “Atta girl, cooler Skye-san!” Fanny reached over, giving the girl a fist bump. “I guess.” Carly sighed to herself. “It’s okay. Fanny’s just annoyed.” A small Thai-Vietnamese girl with straight black hair, Sophia Puckchareon, reassured the brunette. Kendall shot a glare at the cackling Fanny. “Okay, now for your quiz. I hope you studied your u-forms, because that’s going to be what we’re going over today. And Skye-baka, for taking a nap, you get a 0.” Kawaguchi-sensei smiled wickedly.

“So he was an ass to you again?” It was sixth period, so Junior Varsity soccer for Kendall. The brunette was passing the ball with his friend, a tall dirty-blonde with freckles, Jared Holt. “Yeah. It’s annoying, because Carly was there too and he made me look like a complete idiot right in front of her.” Kendall sighed, chest-bumping the ball back to Jared. “It’s okay, dude. Fanny’s definitely a faggot. He’s in theatre arts! He probably sings show-tunes like the fag he is.” Jared pointed out, chuckling. “Hey, that’s probably true, but really? Why can’t you just say gay?” Kendall frowned at his friend’s inappropriate usage of that word. “Sorry, you know what I mean. Gay, fag, either way, Fanny is probably into dudes.” Jared rolled his eyes. “Oh, crap. Speak of the devil.” The blonde was referring to the mass of shirtless boys running back to the school; the cross country team. And towards the front, amongst the varsity runners, was Fanny. The only guy with his shirt on. “Gay or not, you got to hand it to him. Fanny is the only sophomore in varsity anything. And he’s running that fast with his shirt on. Some people can have it all.” Jared sighed enviously. “Well I’m sure that I could too if I was filthy rich.” Kendall retorted angrily.

“I’m home!” Kendall opened the door to his apartment. “Hi, Kendall!” A sleepy, younger brunette male looked up. It was Kendall’s little brother, Gilbert, but everyone just calls him Gil or Gilly. Kendall and Megan were 10th and 9th grade high schoolers respectively, while Gilbert was an 8th grader in middle school. “Learn anything cool in Japanese today?” Gilbert snorted. “Hey! Megan! You told him?!” Kendall shouted towards his sister’s room. “Yeah! It was hilarious! You got Fanny’d!” Megan’s voice echoed from the end of the hallway. The three of them lived in a two bedroom apartment in downtown L.A. with their parents. Megan had her own room, their parents shared a room, and Gilbert and Kendall slept in the living room. “Shut up, Megan! Don’t use his name as a verb!” Kendall growled, frustrated. “It’s not my fault you fell asleep!” Megan laughed. The three were interrupted by knocking on their door. “Who is that?” Kendall turned around, opening it. It was a small Chinese girl with long, wavy hair, Chloe Chiang. “Oh god. It’s you.” Kendall rolled his eyes. “Megan!” He looked back. “Your friend is here!” “Hi, Kendall. I heard you did well on your Japanese quiz.” She giggled. “I take it your brother told you about it?” Kendall rolled his eyes. “Well, Megan did in practice today, but yeah, Fanny told me all about it afterwards.” Chloe and Megan were both freshmen in the junior varsity cross country team, while Chloe was none other than Fanny’s little sister. “Chloe! I’ll be right out!” Megan slammed open her door. “Wait, where are you two going?” Kendall wondered. “Oh, well we’re going to Chloe’s to get some work done! Taking English and Geometry honors together, and being teammates, it’s paying off right about now!” Megan laughed. “Okay, well have fun. And tell Fanny to fuck off for me.” Kendall rolled his eyes. “I’ll tell him you said that you’ll go fuck yourself.” Chloe stuck her tongue out at the older male as the two girls left.

“So how was school today?” Kendall’s mom. Kendall, his brother, and parents were seated around their table, eating dinner. “Well, I got an A in my geometry test! And everything else is just middle school classes, which I’m getting straight A’s in.” Gil smiled. “That’s good, son!” Kendall’s dad grinned proudly. “And what about your day, Kendall?” His mom looked at him. “Well, I got an 88 on my English paper. Physics, we have a test, so I need to study for that. Chem, I got a 92 on my test. Pre-Calc, we have a test coming up, but the last one, I got a 98, so I can afford to get a low B and still slide by with an A. And then Japanese-” Gil started laughing. “Wait, what’s so funny?” Kendall’s parents looked at each other, confused. “Kendall got schooled today in Japanese. He fell asleep in class and his teacher failed him on their quiz.” Gil was trying not to fall off his chair from laughing so hard. “Wait, you failed the quiz? And fell asleep in class?!” Kendall’s father was startled at the news. “I’m sorry. I didn’t get much sleep last night and I just fell asleep, okay?” He hung his head in shame. Luckily for Kendall, that quiz only was worth 5 points, and he had been getting high marks on everything else, so he should be fine in Japanese. It just felt frustrating that Fanny had another opportunity to antagonize him.

“Fanny, dinner!” An older Chinese woman chanted. It was Mrs. Chiang. The Chiang residence was a large mansion in Beverly Hills, complete with a large garden area, separate garage space for their cars, and a large swimming pool. “Coming!” Fanny yelled, responding to a text as he opened his door and walked along the hall, and down the stairs, his hand gliding along the banister. “Megan will be joining us for dinner tonight!” Mr. Chiang grinned. “Thank you guys for having me!” Megan smiled. “Malina, is dinner ready?” Mrs. Chiang looked at their private chef. “Yes, Mrs. Chiang! For dinner tonight, we have a fresh arugula and blood orange salad with goat cheese and brioche croutons, followed by duck breast with red wine jus and potato pancakes, and for dessert, we have chocolate mousse parfaits with homemade vanilla ice cream.” Malina grinned proudly. “Oh, no ice cream for me. I’m getting too fat.” Mr. Chiang rubbed his stomach. “How were your days?” Mrs. Chiang looked at the three excitedly. “Well in Japanese class, my brother fell asleep and that was awkward.” Megan laughed. “Yeah, Kendall got failed in his class.” Fanny joined in. “Oh, no. I hope he still gets an A!” Mrs. Chiang frowned. “And then in Advanced Theatre Arts, we both got leads in the upcoming production!” Chloe grinned. “Wait, what’s the play? You never told me this!” Megan exclaimed. “The play is Mulan! I’m playing Mulan, and Fanny is playing the main villain!” “Yeah, I get to be Shan Yu the Hun General!” Fanny grinned proudly. “Those are my kids!” Mr. Chiang smiled proudly. “How are your classes going, Megan?” Mrs. Chiang looked at their guest. “Well English 1 and Geometry Honors are going well! Chloe and I have a test coming up for Geometry, but we both should be ready. Proofs won’t ruin our GPAs!” Megan reassured. “Well you’re lucky you’re only in Japanese 2. Chinese 3 Honors and Advanced Theatre Arts are so stressful compared to the other ones.” Chloe frowned. “How’s Chinese 3 Honors going? Aren’t you regretting not taking Japanese?” Fanny laughed. “Whatever, Fanny. I’m going to be done with my language requirement in a year. You still have two years to go on that.” Chloe smirked. “Whatever.” Fanny rolled his eyes.

“Hey, you still up?” Kendall was on Facebook, and had just received a notification from his friend, Matt. “What’s up?” Kendall messaged back. “I totally forgot what the Pre-Calc assignment was. Can you send that to me?” Matt and Jared were easily Kendall’s two closest friends. Matt was taking English 2 and Pre-Calc honors with Kendall; for Pre-Calc, they had that class together with Jared as well. “Oh, it was chapter 8, lesson 2, 1-47, every other odd.” Kendall sent back. “Thanks, man. Also, Jared told me about Japanese. That’s rough.” Kendall growled angrily. Everyone at this point has heard about his Japanese class. “It was one time. I swear to God.” Kendall sent back.”Haha, alright, dude. Thanks for the HW. I’ll see you tomorrow! Gnite.” Matt messaged before logging off. “Well, Chem and Physics homework are taken care of, Pre-Calc, finished that during lunch, English 2, I did the readings and have my notes. So that leaves…. Japanese.” Kendall rolled his eyes. “Everyone makes mistakes, Kendall. It’s okay that you fell asleep in one class.” Gil tried to comfort his older brother, but to no avail. Kendall was already too annoyed to listen to anyone. “Freaking Fanny, thinks he’s all that with his Advanced Theatre Arts, Varsity Cross Country, and honors classes. Whatever. If I had money, I’d be able to get tutors in all of my classes and get straight A’s easy too.” The older male scowled. It was because he was poor. That was the reason why he had to work so much harder than Fanny just to get half as far. Without his money, Fanny would be nothing.


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