Sky Bird: Chapter 2

“So that concludes Jane Eyre. Any thoughts?” Kendall’s teacher, Mrs. Johnson looked around. It was first period, English 2 Honors. They were discussing their recent read, Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre. “Well I thought it showed how deep Jane’s feeling were. She didn’t care that he had nothing left. She loved Edward for who he was.” Fanny stated. A blue eyed brunette, the aforementioned Matthew “Matt” Fernandez, rolled his eyes at Kendall. “Well, way to state the obvious.” Matt muttered. The two of them sat together towards the middle of the room, while Fanny and Sophia sat towards the front. “Something to say, Matt?” Mrs. Johnson glared at him for interrupting. “I think that it was a really obvious point to make.” The brunette admitted. “It wasn’t really a thought, more of just a summarization. How about Jane’s struggle to overcome her own poverty? Or how that was full circle with her starting in poverty, but ending there regardless of how hard she fought to make a life for herself? That full circle progression of Jane’s life is just one of many deeper themes to pay attention to than just what we were reading in the last chapter.” Everyone went silent. “You make a fair point, Matt. I was making my observations based on the last chapter, but I totally agree that it’s interesting how she goes full-circle with her relationship. That was a really cool thing to point out!” Fanny grinned. “Well, uh, thank you, Fanny.” Matt was dumbfounded. He was expecting Fanny to get defensive, not supportive. “Crap, he either is just a nice idiot, or he knows how to play the game really well.” Matt looked at Kendall. “It’s definitely the game. He’s rich. He has us all wrapped around his rich, gold grabbing little fingers.”

“Thank god!” The brunette made his way to second period; Physics. Kendall got special permission to take two sciences at the same time because he had completed his World History class over the summer. No Fanny in that class. Just him, a bunch of upperclassmen, and a subject he actually cared about. Today, they were going to learn about Geometrical Optics, specifically reflection of light against surfaces. Kendall’s teacher was Ms. Park, a former physicist at UCLA who decided to settle down, start her own family, and teach high schoolers instead. She was a good instructor in that she treated everyone in the classroom like adults. Unfortunately, second period went by really quickly, and he found his way to Chemistry Honors, where he saw Fanny and Sophia leaving the classroom. “Hey, Kendolt. Today’s class is about Lewis Acids and Bases. So you can enjoy that. It was as intellectually simulating as having a conversation with you!” Fanny smirked as the two left. “I’ll see you around, Kendall!” Sophia waved as she walked off. “Unfortunately, Kendall also had Chemistry Honors with none of his friends, but he didn’t mind that. That kind of loneliness only made him pay more attention in class.

“So today, we will be learning about sine, cosine, tangent, and theta!” Kendall, Matt, and Jared’s Pre-Calc Honors teacher, Mr. Darcy, smiled. “Uh, this day can’t go by any slower.” Jared sighed, resting his head on the desk. “I feel like it’s going by too quickly.” Kendall grinned, handing in his homework. “Well at least lunch is after this. Want to go to the library and do math homework?” Jared looked at Kendall expectantly. “Yeah, you know it.” Kendall smiled. “Don’t forget that the test is next test is going to be on Friday, so in two days. I hope you’re all paying attention, because this is going to be on it!” Oh geez. Kendall thought to himself. It’s only his second year in high school, and he already felt like he had the whole world on his shoulders. Being able to build and fly planes, it seemed like a lifetime away.

Lunch finally rolled around, and Jared and Kendall were already in the library, reading their Pre-Calc books and doing the problems. “So wait, tangent is just sine over cosine? And then sine squared plus cosine squared equals one?” Jared read aloud. “Yup. And then sine of half of pi minus x equals cosine of x.” Kendall reiterated. “I’m just lost. Fuck.” Jared rested his head against the table, defeated. “Why can’t she let us have a cheat sheet? You know what? I’m going to just write this all in my graphing calculator.” Jared smirked, grabbing the device. “That’s actually really smart. Hold on, I’m doing that too.” Kendall smiled in agreement. All of these trigonometric functions were making the two brunettes’ heads spin. “Well, now that we “studied” for pre-calc, I think we’ll be alright on the test.” Jared smiled. “Hey, are you free this weekend? Matt and I were thinking about going hiking over by Malibu. There’s a cool place called Zuma Canyon we wanted to check out!” Jared suggested. “That actually sounds like a lot of fun. What time?” Kendall beamed. “Probably around 11?” “11 sounds good. Just text me the address and I’ll see you guys there!” The one perk of being 16 was that Kendall already had his license.

“Ugh.” Kendall groaned to himself. His favorite class. Japanese 2. If only Fanny wasn’t there. If it was only Carly, then Kendall would have a lot to look forward to. But because Fanny and Carly were basically born attached at the hip, they were an unfortunate package deal. How could somebody as sweet and kind and humble as Carly be friends with somebody like Fanny? Can’t she see that he’s just a walking wallet? He’s not smart, good-looking, or talented. He just is really rich. “But anyways, like I was saying at lunch, the three of us should totally go hiking!” Fanny grinned at Megan, Sophia, and Carly. “OMG, yes please! I’ve seen so many pretty pics on Instagram, and I want in on that action.” Megan grinned mischievously. “And obviously, Chloe’s coming along too.” Fanny smiled at Megan. “It’s going to be so much fun! But which trail should we go on this time?” Sophia looked at the other three. “Hm… how about Zuma Canyon?” Fanny suggested. At first, Kendall tried really hard not to double take. He couldn’t believe that Fanny wanted to go hiking at the same place he was going to be at. With his sister. “What days can you guys make it?” Fanny looked at his friends. “I can do Saturday morning, maybe around 11?” Carly chimed in. “That sounds good to me!” Fanny smiled as everyone else agreed. “Okay, Saturday at 11 it is! Do any of you guys need me to call a car for you?” He looked around. “Nah, it’s fine. We can just meet up at your place.” Sophia suggested. “Yup! See you guys there! I can’t wait!” Megan clapped excitedly.

“Okay, class. So some of you actually got a perfect score on the u-form quiz. I’m going to call your name if you did. Nelson-san. Chiang-san. Kim-san. Puckchareon-san. And the younger, obviously better, Skye-san. The five of you were the only people who got perfect scores! Congratulations to you five. Everyone else, work harder so that you guys do as well as they did next time.” Kawaguchi-sensei glared at the rest of the class. “Especially you, older-Skye-baka. You need to work on staying awake!” Kendall rolled his eyes in disbelief. He couldn’t believe that Fanny got a perfect score on top of him having to receive a 0 on this. It was unfair. “Alright, class dismissed! Make sure to do the next five pages in your workbooks!” “It’s okay, Kendolt. Not everyone can be as awesome as the five of us.” Fanny scoffed at the brunette as he got up and left for his next period. “What he means to say is that messing up happens to everyone. Don’t let it get you down, okay, Kendall?” Carly smiled reassuringly as she packed her stuff up as well. “Yeah. Fanny just has a weird way of showing kindness. Don’t let it get to you.” Sophia also comforted the brunette. “Oh shit! I have a Pre-Calc honors test! Got to go!” Sophia grabbed her things and took off. “I’ll let you know how it goes, since my class is a few lessons ahead of yours!” The Thai girl shouted from a distance. There was something about her voice that just reassured Kendall that the test was not going to be difficult.

“Well, at least you got to talk more with Carly?” Jared smiled as the boys went back into the locker room. Practice ran a little longer because they needed to share the field with the football team. “Yeah, but I just want to get some time alone with her, you know? No Fanny involved.” Kendall growled. “Yeah, but they’re best friends. It’ll be hard to catch them separately.” Jared sighed. “Seriously, what does everyone see in him though? He’s honestly the worst. He’s rich, he’s cocky, he gets all the free passes in life because he has money! And then there’s people like me who don’t have that, and it’s frustrating. And he’s just so in your face about it too. I hate it and I hate him!” Kendall punched his locker in frustration. “He’s a fag, so he’s probably insecure about himself because of that. Look, I get that you’re frustrated because he has that superiority complex, but I’m sure deep, down, he has his own problems too, right?” Jared reasoned. “Yeah, like crashing his yacht into Santa Monica Pier?” Kendall snorted at his own remark. Jared just rolled his eyes at the comment. When Kendall was angry or jealous, there was no real getting through to him unfortunately.


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