Sky Bird: Chapter 3

“Crap!” Kendall got up to the beeping of his alarm. It was Friday already. The day of his Pre-Calc honors test. “Good luck today, Kendall!” His mom smiled, hugging him. “Thanks, mom! Now let me go! I need to get ready for school!” Kendall shouted. The brunette scrambled to get changed, dressed, and with a slice of toast in his mouth, he took off, with the clock reading 7:30am. His school was maybe a 20 minute walk, without traffic, so he should be good on time. “Freaking Megan! Why didn’t she wake me up?” Kendall growled angrily. Unfortunately for him, there were other obstacles between him and his destination.

“Hi, Jared!” It was first period. Carly smiled as she sat next to the dirty-blonde. It was their World History Honors course. “Hey, Carly.” Jared smiled back. “Did you finish the paper yet?” The Asian girl looked at him. “Well 10 pages is a lot, but I’ve written maybe 6 pages now? I’m just taking it in strides.” Jared laughed. “I just wanted to get it done ASAP, because I’m so forgetful, but I need to edit the paper too. I’m sure I rushed it.” Carly sighed to herself. “Nah, it’s probably going to be fine. You’re like the history buff in this school. Taking this and U.S. History AP like a crazy person.” Jared laughed. “Oh, shush. Aren’t you taking quite a few honors too?” Carly eyed him. “Well, this, Spanish, and Pre-Calc. But I’m keeping English 2 and Chem as regular classes.” He listed off. “Hm, well either way, you’re taking three honors or APs. I’m taking three too, so we’re even!” Carly smiled. “Hey, come to think of it, isn’t this like the first time we actually spoke one on one?” Jared eyed her. “Yeah, it is! Normally, Fanny or Sophia and I just see you and Kendall off doing Pre-Calc homework or something.” She giggled. “Oh shoot, thanks for reminding me! I have Pre-Calc test today!” The boy’s eyes widened in realization.

“You’re late, Kendall.” Mrs. Johnson glared at him as he walked in. “Sorry! They closed the gates that I normally come through early, so I had to go around to the front gates.” The brunette panted. And to Kendall’s obvious delight, Fanny looked smug about it. “Are you all good?” Matt looked up at Kendall. “Yeah, I’m fine. Exhausted, but fine.” Kendall slipped into his desk. “Geez, that sucks.” Sophia whispered to Fanny. “I’m more surprised he didn’t try to climb the fence.” Fanny whispered back. Unfortunately for the pair, Kendall heard everything. “Well, Fanny, for the record, I’m surprised someone as rich and snooty as you, he who shits diamonds, would even know how to hop a fence!” Kendall slammed his hands on his desk. “Kendall! Detention!” Mrs. Johnson roared. “And you owe Fanny an apology!” She gestured towards the shell-shocked boy. “I’m sorry….” Kendall frowned, flushing red from anger and embarrassment. Today just wasn’t his day. “I’d tell you to say that like you mean it, but it looks like this is probably the best I’m going to get out of you.” Fanny rolled his eyes. “Apology accepted, Kendall.” He turned back to facing the front of the classroom. “Anyways, before we were all rudely interrupted by Kendall, today, we will be discussing a new book. An American classic. Catcher in the Rye. Has anyone ever heard of it?” Immediately, Fanny’s hand went up. “Fanny?” “It’s a story about Holden Caulfield, who is a young teenager around our age actually, and his journey through New York and California. The book just deals with themes of teenage angst and alienation.” The boy recited. “Very good. I’m sure we have all got relatable experiences to this sort of feeling, don’t we?” She looked at Kendall, who was already mortified.

It was finally second period, and Sophia and Fanny were sitting in their Chemistry Honors class with Ms. Ling, the teacher. “Okay, so yesterday, we spoke about Metal Ion Complexes. Today, we will talk about Electrophiles and Nucleophiles. But first, I’m going to pass back the Acid-Base reaction quizzes. For the most part, you all did really well.” She smiled, handing back the papers. “Oh, nice! I got 19/20!” Sophia showed Fanny. “Wait, what? I got 20/20!” Fanny laughed in disbelief. “Oh, wow!” Sophia looked at him in amazement. “But didn’t you say you didn’t study for this one?” “Yeah, I forgot to!” Fanny grinned, feeling accomplished. “Well, lucky lucky Fanny.” Sophia shook her head jealously. “It’s okay, Sophia. If I didn’t get tutored so often, I’m sure I would’ve failed.” He laughed. “Yeah, I guess.” The Thai girl rolled her eyes. As much as they were friends, sometimes, Fanny’s attempts at modesty does not work the way he intended.

Meanwhile, Carly was in her English 3 AP class for second period. There, she was the only sophomore in the class. With special permission, she was allowed to test out of sciences, and focus more on English and History classes instead. “Alright, so what did we all think about Beloved?” Her English teacher sat down, looking at the room. “Well, I thought it was just weird. Like, really weird.” A girl stated. “Yeah, there was some strange incestuous stuff going on and I just got really put off by that.” A guy chimed in. The book they were currently reading, Beloved, was about an African American woman, Sethe, who was raped, impregnated, and then she killed her own baby. And because of how poor she was, the tombstone read “Beloved” because she couldn’t afford the “Dearly,” half. But the main portion of the book is about the woman being plagued by the ghost of her aborted child. It was a dark, dark read. But Carly enjoyed a challenge. The book made her think of themes she would otherwise stray away from.

Finally, third period rolled around, and Carly sat down in U.S. History AP, which she actually shared with Matt. “Hey, Carly! How are you?” Matt smiled at her. “Hey, Matt. I’m good. How are you?” “I’m alright. English 2 Honors with Fanny, Sophia, and Kendall, you can only imagine how that went.” Matt snorted. “Oh, geez. What happened this time?” Carly looked at the brunette. “Well, Kendall came in late, and then he got yelled at for that, and then he snapped at Fanny, so now he got detention.” Matt summarized. “It was not fun to watch.” He looked at her, shuddering at his recollection. “Yikes. Yeah, that’s not good. I hope Kendall’s doing alright.” Carly sighed, looking out the classroom window. “I’m sure he’ll be fine. He gets angry from time to time, but he’ll get over it eventually. He just needs to not think about being inferior to Fanny or whatever. Still don’t quite get what that’s about.” Matt chuckled. “Yeah, I don’t either. Fanny’s not a bad person. He might be… a bit too snarky or sassy, but he means well.” Carly insisted. “Trust me, he’s been there for me more times than I could count.”

During third period, Kendall was in Chemistry Honors, where Ms. Ling was handing back the quiz scores. “16/20 only?” Kendall sighed to himself. He was expecting at least an 18. His grade is now an 89%, which was far from good for him. “You all did pretty well overall. But between my two classes, only three people got perfect scores.” Ms. Ling stated, pointing at the three names written on the blackboard. And of course, one of them was Fanny’s. “Fucking hell.” Kendall whispered to himself. Why couldn’t he ever do anything compared to Fanny? Why was he always inferior? It was embarrassing. First he gets detention for yelling at Fanny, then he has to sit there, knowing that Fanny did better than him in a science class? Science was his thing, not Fanny’s. Fanny has no specialty because he’s that talentless. Kendall sighed angrily, folding up his quiz and shoving it into his notebook.

“Okay, guys, just 10 more minutes.” Mr. Darcy referred to the clock. Time was running out as Kendall, Jared, and Matt were all scrambling to finish their exams. “Good luck, guys.” Jared got up, handing in his test, and walking out. “Good luck, Kendall.” Matt soon followed. “Crap.” Kendall grunted under his breath. Today was a crap day. Resigning to whatever grade he will receive, Kendall got up, and handed in his exam. “Have a good weekend, Kendall.” Mr. Darcy smiled. “You too, Mr. Darcy.” The brunette waved back as he left the room. At least he had overcome the biggest obstacle of the day. Walking to the cafeteria, he met up with Jared and Matt again. “So do you guys want to talk about the test or not think about it at all?” He chuckled to his friends. “Yeah, let’s talk about the hike tomorrow. I’m more excited about that!” Matt grinned. “I can’t wait to check out Zuma Canyon!” Jared had a look of complete delight on his face. All three of them were former Boyscouts, which is how they met to begin with. “OMG, girl, can you believe we are going to go hiking tomorrow?” The three turned around to see none other than Fanny, sitting with Carly, Sophia, Chloe, and Megan. “I know. I can’t wait.” Chloe laughed. “Zuma Canyon is going to be mah bitch!” Fanny’s little sister started pelvic thrusting with one hand and slapping the air in front of her waist with the other. “You’re so weird. I can’t believe we’re related.” Fanny covered his face, trying to contain his laughter. “Wait, they’re going too?” Matt looked at Kendall in surprise. “Aw, crap. That’s what they were talking about in Japanese on Wednesday.” The green-eyed brunette groaned aloud. “It’s fine. I doubt that any of them will be able to keep up with us.” Jared laughed. He had a point. Carly and Sophia were both in P.E. because they didn’t like doing sports. But to Kendall, he was wishing it were the other way around. If only Carly was athletic and the rest of them were not.

“Okay, so for today, I’m feeling lazy. So we’ll watch a Japanese Drama instead of doing an actual lesson. I’m thinking about Kaseifu no Mita. It’s about a housekeeper named Mita who does anything and everything you ask of her.” Kawaguchi-sensei explained, putting on the projector and dimming the room lights. “We have four of those. Their names are Guadalupe, Consuela, Anna-Maria, and Lorena.” Fanny added. “Wow, that comment was… very racist.” Kawaguchi-sensei shook his head. “No, but it’s true! Look, I even have their contacts!” The Chinese boy insisted, pulling out his phone. “Okay, well regardless of what you choose to do with your housekeepers, let’s start the movie. And Chiang-san, put away your phone. I don’t give a shit.” He scoffed, walking away. I love it when Kawaguchi-sensei puts Fanny in his place. Kendall snickered to himself. “It’s okay, Fanny. You’re not racist. I’ve met them before.” Carly smiled at her friend. “Thank you for believing in me, Carly. I wouldn’t know what I would do without a friend like you.” He beamed back. It’s almost as if he knows I like her…. Kendall tried to not glare daggers at the other male. Instead, he focused on the drama. He didn’t want to think about anything except the hike tomorrow. That was something that he was looking forward to a lot. The thought of climbing through the hills of Malibu, admiring the view, it was something he couldn’t wait to partake in.


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