A simple day: dream 20

I wake up from a peaceful night’s sleep and roll out of my mattress. After brushing my teeth and changing, I start a pot of tea: probably passionflower, because I am also having a fruit tart and some financier with lemon curd for my morning tea/breakfast. I sit on my small, round table, peering out the window as I take a sip of my tea and a bite out of my pastry. Watching the clouds and fog clear up as the sun rises, I finish my breakfast. After rising off my dishes, I grab my camera bag, and head out. It was another day for me to explore and take photos of the things I see. Cityscapes, lakes, forests, mountains, I did not quite know where I would end up. I just knew that I was in for an interesting journey.

In the past, I would go to places far away. Getting into the car, I knew I was being whisked off to somewhere nobody would find me. These places I would travel to, they were my hidden treasures. Coves in the midst of the woods, beaches and islands overlooking the city, cliffs that you needed to scale carefully, clearings deep in the forest. I just enjoyed exploring new places. In this simple life, I did not have to worry about time or money. I could go anywhere I wanted, at my own pace and taking my own time. I feel at peace, knowing that there is no demand for me to be somewhere, doing something. I was detached from the world.

As the sun begins to set, I grow weary. It has been a long day of exploring, so it was time for me to carry these memories back home. The sights I have seen, they will only be mine. When I finally arrive home, I just wonder what’s for dinner. I check the fridge, and to my relief, I have everything I need to make one of my favorites: croquettes. Laced with cheese, kale, and cubes of spam, crusted in panko, and deep fried, they are literally all I need to feel happy at night. Watching my usual programs, crunching on the croquettes, and sipping on some homemade raspberry lemonade, I enjoyed my dinner. It was a lonely one, yes, but this is my chance to embrace a simplistic lifestyle. Nobody will know what I did today. Nobody except for me. And somehow, I am happy with that. Nobody needs to know.

This simple day comes to an end once I finish preparing my breakfast for the following day. It depends on my mood, but it might be an éclair, or maybe some fresh baked bread rolls which I’ll tuck with bacon and eggs the following day. The sky, now pitch black with the moon shining through the gray clouds, is a reminder that I need to get ready for the following day. Taking my shower, and then getting back into bed, I sigh to myself. It was a sigh of relief. Today was so quaint. I did not feel stressed at all. Not a worry in sight, a very rare feeling. I was able to truly enjoy my day. A simple life. From my feather-light dreams.


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