Perfection: realization 18

We can’t be perfect for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, there is no true definition of what it means to be a perfect human being. We all have different ideas of what it means to be perfect. For a good majority, it’s being good-looking, smart, and athletic; basically being good at everything. But others have lower standards of what it means to be perfect, and some might even have higher. For example, going to school in Harvard might make someone perfect in the eyes of their peers. Going to a college at all could be too. The sad truth is that we can never truly be perfect in the eyes of all. Simply because there is no universal standard, therefore we cannot really ever reach that level.

That being said, I still strive to be perfect. Not by anyone else’s definitions. But rather, my own. I want to be the perfect version of myself. Someone who is caring, hardworking, smart, witty, not-fat, and all around likable. I want to be well versed in my interests and talents. For me, if I am perfect, I would be somebody others would aspire to be themselves. I want to be somebody who can live a life of pure satisfaction, validation, and happiness. However, to reach that standard is still difficult, and would definitely take an entire life’s effort to attain. To be recognized for those traits, to be appreciated and admired, it means that I need to first accomplish something noteworthy.

I continue trying to pursue perfection, because it is unobtainable, and by trying to reach for it, it will only drive me closer to my ideal vision of what it means to be a perfect person. To become this strong, capable, and independent individual would feel fantastic. I want to show the world that I can accomplish anything and everything I put my mind to. Trying to be a perfect person, that to me is a healthy goal. Trying to make everything around you perfect, maybe not so much. I have spoken in the past about needing control and being obsessed with that. You really can only ever control yourself. Your actions, emotions, you have full 100% control over those (with some obvious exceptions, of course — namely when depressed or under the influence). So be the person you want to be.

As a human being, you are gifted with individuality. You can become almost anything, so long as you continue working hard towards it (again, there are exceptions because that’s how this world works, so don’t go around saying you can become a magical fire-breathing unicorn if you try hard to, because that’s obviously not going to happen). Embrace the qualities you are proud of. And keep pushing yourself to grow into that perfect version of yourself. The best version of yourself. Never settle and never peak. It is okay to be happy with who you are, so long as you know you can be happier with who you can become. Always grow as you move forward. Always try to reach for perfection.


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