Perspective: realization 19

Tell me, do the colors brighten your world like they brighten up mine?

These were the lyrics for Painted Heart by Trass. They’re a music company that produces a lot of songs for online RPG-type games, in case you were wondering. This song just reminds me of how the world can be as beautiful a place as it can be hideous. It all depends on our outlook. I spoke about optimism in a previous post, and how it is important to view the world with a cup-half-full sort of mentality. When you see everything with a happy outlook, life does become more enjoyable. You start to see more of what the world has to offer, as opposed to just all of the flaws or obstacles standing in your way. Perspective is such a unique topic, because it is so subjective and personal.

The idea of the world being painted by different colors, these shades representing different emotions, experiences, and outlooks, it’s a really vivid one for me. Let’s imagine you are a young woman on her way back home. You get lost. A man offers to help guide you. Depending on your outlook, you might start seeing that as one of two ways: he’s a nice man, or he’s a shady man. If we add in that you got lost in a dark alleyway at night, you live in the ghetto, and you might be inebriated, then you will most likely begin thinking he must be shady. If I were to say that you get lost in a meadow in the middle of the day, and the man is charming, kind, and was raised by local farmers, then you’ll probably think his intentions are probably more sincere. I painted two different pictures, using the same base story, but with different adjectives to guide your mind and create your perspective.

This idea can be applied to any situation in real life as well. It all depends on how much you are willing to trust others. Perspective really does come with a combination of knowledge, experienece, and how we were raised. It very much is a nurture-based instinct in that we first see things based on our prior memories. I still remember one of my friends. For the sake of anonymity, I will name her Ellen. Ellen has what we millenials refer to as resting bitch face. Because she had that her entire life, she was made fun of and bullied a lot for it. It caused her to have trust issues, especially with other girls, because she feels like they are gossiping about her behind her back. In that sense, this trauma narrowed Ellen’s perspective, because her being bullied has affected how she acts and trusts girls. It’s not poor Ellen’s fault either. She has a right to be wary, because of the rude remarks made about her face. This example just shows how our perspective is dictated by how we were brought up and raised.

Ellen and I are similar in that we both have narrowed pespectives as a result of being bullied. Trust became a difficult thing to do have because we were afraid of becoming vulnerable around somebody who could potentially exploit us. I know we are both trying to undo that sort of trauma, but it takes time. To live a life with a broader perspective means that we can be happier and truly learn to appreciate the company around us. But narrow perspectives come with being competitive, neurotic, pefectionists, or untrusting, all qualities that would describe myself and Ellen. To be able to have a broader perspective would be great. I really want to live in a life where I can see the world in all of it’s beautiful colors, and for it to just warm my heart with experiences and memories yet to be had. Where I can love everything about this world. To have a perspective like that, I truly can become feather-light.


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