Sky Bird: Chapter 8

“Sophia, did you hear?” The half Thai girl noticed the message notification on her phone. It was from Carly. “Hear what?” She typed back. “Kendall found out about Fanny and Jared.” “Oh, no! Are Jared and Kendall alright?” She got up from her bed, concerned. “Well Fanny just “bitched out” Kendall on Jared’s phone (his words, not mine), and now the two of them are at his place, trying to make each other feel better.” Carly stated. “Oh geez. I hope Jared and Kendall make up. Fanny and Kendall, probably a lost cause haha” Sophia typed back. “Yeah, I hope they make up. These kinds of things take time, though. Kendall must have said some really hurtful things to Jared.” Carly’s last message could not have been any more true. When two people who normally care a lot for each other get hurt by one another, recovering from that and confronting the situation can be difficult, if not impossible, especially when the two people are teenagers in high school. “I can’t believe that the guys have more drama in their lives than us. Not complaining though.” Sophia added, feeling grateful that her life was not the horrendous disaster that the boys were currently experiencing.

It was the first time Kendall had ever been to the Chiang residence. He parked his car outside of the mansion on the sidewalk, and the three walked uphill to the gates. “Hold on, let me call Chloe.” Megan got out her phone. “Hey, Chloe? Yeah, Kendall’s here to apologize in person.” She explained, hoping that her friend would not call the police on them. “Oh shit, he’s actually here? Um, okay, let me open the gate.” She hung up the phone. Moments later, the gates opened slowly. To Kendall, it was an ominous feeling. He did not know what to expect from seeing them in person. There were too many possibilities; he could break down in front of Fanny, a huge argument can ensue, they could make up, they could become friends again, it was just too much to take in. “You ready, Ken?” Gil looked at the shaken teen. “Yeah.” He gulped nervously, walking towards the large estate.

“Fanny! He’s here!” Chloe shouted, running to her brother’s room. “Wait, he actually came?” Fanny raised his eyebrows in disbelief. Jared was stunned silent. “Uh, we should probably go down. Let’s not look like complete jackasses here, especially since he actually came.” The Chinese boy decided, getting up. “Jared?” His hand reached out to the still sitting blonde. “Yeah.” He grabbed his boyfriend’s hand, and got up. The two walked out with Chloe, and down the stairs. The two stopped, only to see Chloe at the other side of the foyer, the door already open, and the Skye siblings standing there, just as uncomfortably nervous. “Fanny. Jared.” Kendall nodded curtly. Man, this is awkward. Basically what everyone thought at this point. “Okay, you know what? Megan, Chloe, let’s go talk about whatever you guys talk about.” Gil sighed, gesturing towards the two girls. “Alright. Sounds good! Megan, Gil, let’s go to the theatre. Fanny, Jared, Kendall, have a nice talk.” Chloe led the two down the stairs to the family’s underground movie theatre.

“Wait, you guys have an underground theatre?” Gil was still in disbelief. “Yeah. Our mom used to take us to movies and plays all the time when we were children and that’s where our love for the theatre began.” Chloe explained as she pushed through the black double doors. “Welcome to the family theatre!” Megan had been in the theatre before, but for Gil, the youngest Skye sibling was in complete shock. This theatre had about enough seats for fifty people. The screen was the size of two lap pools on top of each other. “Why were we here again?” The middle schooler was too awestruck to remember. “Let’s watch Mean Girls. That’ll get our minds off of this.” Chloe suggested. “Yeah, that’ll do it. Chloe, whatever happens with our brothers, we’re still cool, right?” Megan looked at her. “No, duh. We’ve never let this whole family feud thing stop us from being friends, and we never will.” The girls laughed in agreement while Gil rolled his eyes.

“So you have something you wanted to tell us?” Fanny sighed, crossing his arms. The three of them were in the backyard, sitting in the center of the hedge maze off to the side of the pool. “You know why I’m here.” Kendall rolled his eyes. Even when he was in a particularly vulnerable position, Fanny can still be such a condescending dick. “Yeah, but I was just making sure you’re not here to yell at us more. We’re kind of not about that.” The Chinese boy glared at him. “Okay, well for starters, I’m so sorry. Jared, I’m sorry that I made you feel so uncomfortable about your relationship and your sexuality in general. You’re one of my best friends, and you’re like a brother to me. I don’t care if you’re gay, and I don’t care if you’re in a relationship with Fanny. I still want you to be a part of my life.” Kendall started, tears welling up around his eyes. “And Fanny. Where do I even begin? Years, and years, I’ve hated you, and for no good reason. I spoke to my father, and he explained to me that your dad helped us out. He was the reason why I’m not living in a homeless shelter or in foster care right now. Fanny, for the longest time, I blamed so many of my problems on you. Whenever I saw you succeed where I failed, I just said it was because you were rich and I was not. I kept on holding onto a grudge that was based on a misunderstanding.”

Kendall’s tears were rolling down his cheeks. But he wasn’t crying out of sadness. He was crying out of relief. He finally felt like all of that stress and guilt was coming off of his shoulders. “Fanny, you are a talented actor, a great runner, a smart student, and a great guy. But I couldn’t see that because of how… jealous I was. I couldn’t believe that somebody could have it all. I’m really sorry that I treated you like shit for all of these years.” “Kendall, honestly, I just assumed that me sassing you out was a part of our playful banter, so I really just went with that. And yeah, it’s cool. But for me, it’s really all about Jared. Babe, are you okay?” He turned to the blonde, who was silent this whole time. “Kendall, we’ve been friends since kindergarten. I still remember meeting you when we were 4, and bonding over the fact that we love Pokemon. But when I see you now, I just remember those harsh things you said to me. How you couldn’t take my relationship with Fanny seriously. It was hurtful that you couldn’t see past your grudge even for me, your best friend.” Jared’s voice croaked. “But Kendall, thank you for apologizing, and doing it in person. I accept your apology and I forgive you.” Jared reached over and hugged his friend. “I’m just glad you were able to learn from your mistake.” “Jared, thank you.”

“And want to know what they say about you? They say that you’re a less hot version on me!” Regina screamed as she walked to the street. Suddenly, a loud buzzing interrupted the movie. “Oh, it’s Kendall. Pause the movie please?” Megan looked to Chloe. “Got it.” The movie stopped as the lights turned back on in the theatre. “Hey, Kendall. What’s up?” Unsure of what happened, she was very nervous. “Oh, okay.” She got up. “Gil, Chloe, he wants us to go to the backyard. He said they’re by the pool.” The brunette gestured before walking off. “Uh, Megan, care to fill us in on what’s going on?” Chloe and Gil weren’t sure how to react either now.

“So you’re good with Fanny and Jared now?” Megan sighed in relief. “Yeah. We’ve made up!” Kendall and Jared grinned at each other. “I’m just glad we managed to sort everything out here.” Fanny chuckled. Suddenly, Gil’s stomach growled, followed by Kendall’s, and then Jared’s. “Come to think of it, we haven’t eaten dinner yet. And it’s like 8.” Chloe frowned. “Ooh, want to go to Cheggo in Chinatown?” Fanny suggested. “Ooh! The fries there are the best.” Megan smiled in agreement. “Sounds good. Let’s drive there!” Kendall chimed in agreement. For the first time, the Chiangs, Skyes, and Jared were acting like one huge family. As Kendall and Fanny pulled up in their separate cars, they drove off to Chinatown for food.


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