Sky Bird: Chapter 9

“And you guys went without us?!” Matt and Sophia frowned enviously. “Sorry, man. It was kind of a family and Jared feud-type thing…” Kendall tried to explain to his friend. The three of them were in English 2; it was the Monday after Kendall and Jared had made up. Fanny was not present because he had a cross country meet in Santa Barbara, and they had to drive up there. “Well, I’m glad it all worked out!” Sophia smiled. “Fanny told Carly and me all about it.” “Carly knows?” Kendall’s eyes widened in horror. “Yeah, we were worried about you guys, but when Fanny told us it all worked out, it was a huge relief. I’m glad we can all be friends again!” Sophia beamed. “But now that Fanny’s not here, I can participate the most in the class now! Nobody can topple me!” Matt joked, smiling mischievously.

Japanese 2 felt a lot lonelier without Fanny and Megan. Sophia, Carly, Sharquiqui, and Kendall were sitting together, practicing the new grammar form; tara, which when used between sentences, makes them hypothetical. Since the skit assignment, Carly and Sharquiqui have become really close; Sharquiqui likes to call them Carquily. “And then girl, I was like, you do not treat me like that! I have a 4.8 weighted GPA, I take 7 classes, 5 of which are AP or honors, and I am going to be the person who will send genetically modified clones after yo ass! That shit will be real scary! Like some sci-fi bullshit!” She pursed her lips and bobbed her head. “Yeah, he definitely doesn’t deserve somebody as bodacious yet intelligent as you.” Carly agreed. “Girl! This is why we are Carquily! You have my back!” She nodded approvingly. Sophia and Kendall just exchanged looks of amusement and confusion at the start of a very unexpected friendship.

“Carly and Sharquiqui? No way!” Jared and Kendall were done with soccer practice, and were laughing about the recent friends; Jared couldn’t imagine them being compatible. “All of the odd couples in this school!” Kendall chuckled. “Tell me about it.” Jared sighed sympathetically. “So when did you know Fanny was the guy you wanted to date?” The brunette was curious, since the two soccer players recently spoke about this. “It was probably just how straightforward he was. When I was first getting tutored by him, I didn’t really know what to think. But the way he carries himself with so much charisma and confidence, I just felt like I could trust him. He made me feel safe.” Jared felt himself blush as he admitted this. “I see. Uh, does that mean that Fanny’s the masculine one, or are you-” “Okay, well I get why you’re asking that, but’s a hard thing to really answer. We haven’t really explored that part of our relationship yet. I guess we both are masculine? But he’s more flamboyant, while I’m more soft-spoken.” The blonde explained. “That’s interesting to hear.” Kendall was fascinated to learn about Jared’s sexuality, just to gain more perspective.

“Ugh! I’m so exhausted!” “I know! I’m pooped.” Megan and Chloe were sitting nearby the beach. The Junior Varsity girls’ race was over, and the two were relaxing just off the side of the race course in Santa Barbara, at the beach. “Oh, look! It’s Fanny!” Megan pointed as the boy darted towards the finish line. “Go, Fanny!” Chloe cheered. Other runners were catching up to the Chinese boy, who started to sprint faster. “You’ll never beat me!” He screamed as the crowd was roaring. “Ugh, we have so much homework to catch up on.” Megan sighed; one missed day of high school means five classes’ worth of assignments that need to be made up. It was one of the biggest reasons why being an athlete was taxing. “I hope the others are having more fun than we are.” Chloe frowned. “First place, bitches!” Fanny screamed victoriously.

“I’m surprised that you wanted to hang out with us!” Matt, Jared, and Kendall were sitting with Carly and Sophia. It was after school, and the five of them were walking towards Santa Monica Pier. “Well, we have no real homework today, and we figured, why not?” “But it’s a Monday!” Matt reasoned. “And we have nothing better to do, right?” Carly giggled. “Besides, it’s fun hanging out together!” The five finally made it to the pier, and just admired the ocean view. “Ooh! Let’s go on the Ferris Wheel!” Jared suggested, eyeing Kendall. “Oh, sure!” Carly looked excited. “I’ve always wanted to go!” “Sure. So how will we do this? Two people to a car, and then one person alone?” Matt looked at the others. “I don’t mind sitting alone.” Carly insisted. “Nah, you should go with someone!” Jared insisted. “Oh. Well, uh… Matt, want to go together?” She looked at the blue-eyed brunette, who felt uncomfortable responding. “Uh, well I think I’d like to go alone actually…” He mumbled. “Well, I want to go with Sophia.” Jared said, walking up to the Thai girl. “I guess that leaves me?” Kendall looked at Carly. “Sure. I’ll go with Kendall then!” She smiled. Inside, the green-eyed brunette was excited. This was a legitimate first for the two of them. Being able to spend time withs somebody as kindhearted, sensible, and all around likable like Carly was something he greatly looked forward to.

“Wow! Look at that view!” Kendall pointed excitedly. They could see Malibu from their car. “I’m so taking a photo of this!” Carly took out her phone, and starting snapping pictures. Kendall was excited to be in the same car as Carly, but something felt off. She was friendly towards him, but the more they spoke, the less in common Kendall started realizing they had. “So what are your interests and hobbies?” “I like to sew, bake, shop, oh, I love the Real Housewives and Jane the Virgin. Romantic comedies are some of my favorites movies.” She listed. “I just love in rom-coms how you know it will always end well.” Carly definitely had some of the qualities of a girl Kendall could love, with the right personality, but when it came to interests, she was basically from a completely different planet. “Did you ever play Pokemon?” “I’ve heard of it, but we never really watched it growing up. I was more of a Card Captor Sakura kind of girl.” She revealed. Again, a completely foreign genre to Kendall. “So you said you’re into journalism, right?” “Yeah. Are you wanted to be an aerospace engineer?” “Yup! But for journalism, what kind of stories specifically are you interested in reporting?” “Probably anything that is breaking news. Especially if it can help make our world a better place if everyone was informed about it. It’s great to make sure that everyone is in the know, just to keep the world a fair place.”

“Why did you want to be in a car with me?” Sophia looked at Jared. “Mostly because we never really get a chance to talk. Like ever.” Jared laughed. “Well, we’re sharing a car now. Since we’re here, I just randomly remembered when Fanny told me about you back in middle school. It was so funny.” She tried to stifle her laughter. “Wait, what did he say?” Sophia’s remark warranted a skeptical eyebrow raise from Jared. “He just told me how you were really cute, and that you were patient with his personality. He had a feeling you were gay, but didn’t want to say anything to be rude.” “Wow, he knew since that early?” Jared was surprised. “Yup. Didn’t you guys meet in middle school too?” The blonde looked at her. “Yeah! Since you, me, and Kendall all went to the same elementary school, and Carly and Fanny went to a different one, the first time I ever met him was in 6th grade P.E.” “What was your first impression of Fanny?” He came off as very pompous and I definitely sensed he was gay. But he proved me wrong. Well not the gay part, but the pompous part. He was really funny, sarcastic, and I just enjoyed his commentary on everything.” Jared laughed, reminiscing in the plethora of sassy remarks Fanny has made over the years. “But tell me, Sophia. Is there any guy you’re interested in right now?’ The blonde looked at her. “Oh! Uh… well, about that….”  She trailed off, looking at the other cars. “This is so boring…. Ugh…” Matt sat in his cart, completely alone. “I hope the others are having more fun than I am.” He murmured, pulling out his phone. “I might as well put this on Snapchat, since I’m doing this.” He chuckled, recording the view. “On a ferris wheel alone. #single life” He captioned the video aloud.

Finally getting off the car, Kendall and Carly stood on the pier, waiting for the others to exit as well. “I’m glad we got to learn more about each other, Kendall!” Carly looked at him, beaming. “Thanks, Carly. It was great to get to know you better!” He returned the compliment. At this point, he was starting to realize, maybe Carly wasn’t the one for him. “Oh, look! Jared and Sophia are coming down now!” “Hey, guys!” The two waved to their friends as they walked towards them. “Hey, Carly, I was wondering if I could get your advice on some clothes. I want to get more into fashion, and you seem like the right person to ask about that.” Jared smiled. “Sure!” “Here, I have some photos. Let’s go over there.” Jared grabbed Carly and walked off. “Uh, what’s that about?” Kendall looked at the two of them before turning back to Sophia. “Well, I guess he doesn’t want our inputs.” Sophia frowned. “We’re not fabulous enough for them, I guess.” Kendall added, chuckling. “Oh, I forgot to ask! Have you finished reading Catcher in the Rye yet?” Sophia looked at the brunette. “Yeah! The ending, it kind of sucks, really. Holden ends up coming home after realizing that the world sucks. It’s so emo.” He scoffed, disappointed by the read. “I guess. I see it as him realizing that there are so many more opportunities left in the world. He just needs to keep growing and maturing at his own pace so that these opportunities will continue be possibilities for him.” Sophia retorted. “Wow. Why don’t you ever participate in class? It’s always like a battle between Fanny and Matt.” Kendall laughed. “Probably because I’m just not that kind of person. Being in the spotlight, it’s just not my thing.” She sighed. “Hey, guys. Way to abandon me!” Matt approached to two. “Oh, speak of the devil! We were just shit-talking about you.” Kendall joked. “Oh, you mean like how you guys made me get my own car? Well the joke’s on you! I got to put my feet up in the other chair!” He grinned triumphantly. “Ugh. Really? That’s the best you can come up with?” Sophia shook her head disapprovingly. “Oh, look, Matt’s back!” Jared and Carly returned to the three. “Thanks, Carly, for giving me advice. I’m definitely going to look into that tank top. I think Fanny will like it.” The blonde laughed. “No, problem, Jared. I’m glad that I was able to help!”


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