Sky Bird: Chapter 10

“I’m so sore….” Fanny looked exhausted as he slouched onto his desk like a dead body. “Aw there, there, Fanny.” Sophia patted his back. It was first period on Tuesday, the day after Fanny’s race in Santa Barbara. The runner wobbled his way into the classroom. “You know, we would’ve thought you were walking funny for other reasons.” Matt chuckled. Kendall burst into laughter at the comment. “Shut up!” Fanny groaned, unable to do much else. “Class has started, Fanny, Matt. Now you both participate a lot, but that doesn’t mean you’re allowed to interrupt our discussion” Mrs. Johnson glared at them. “Now that being said, I graded your papers and they’re in this pile. Feel free to pick them up.” Everyone reached for their papers. “Nice! 25/25!” Matt grinned triumphantly. “Here, Fanny. You got a 25!” Sophia smiled. “What did you get, Sophia?” “22, but I’ll take it! It’s an 88.” She laughed. “I got a 23, but I’m glad with that. I’m not exactly the best writer.” Kendall chuckled. “Tomorrow, we are going to start Tortilla Curtain. It’s a book on satire, so I want you guys to do some research on what satire is for tomorrow’s discussion.”

“So Kendall, where are you aiming to go to college?’ It was second period, and Ms. Park was asking each of her students what their plans were after graduating high school. “Well I want to do aerospace, so I’m probably aiming for MIT, Georgia Tech, Stanford, or Cal Tech.” He listed. “Wow. MIT? What’s your SAT score?” “Haven’t taken it yet. I’m just a sophomore, remember?” The brunette frowned in confusion. “Not even the PSAT?” “Nope. I’m going to be studying for it this summer.” How early was he expected to take this test? “Well for MIT, you need a score in at least the 2,200s to get accepted.” She warned him. “But if you do as well on that test as you are in this class for juniors and seniors, then you’ll be fine.” She smiled encouragingly. “Thanks, Ms. Park. I’ll definitely try my best!” Kendall grinned. That was one of the few times he felt honored to be the youngest person in this class.

“Alright, everyone. So remember that tomorrow, you guys have your quiz on osmosis. Make sure you know the different properties of water and the concept of entropy.” Ms. Ling looked at everyone. “We’re almost halfway through second semester, you guys! Keep up the good work!” She wiped the blackboard as everyone began to pack their things. “Kendall, I know you’re grade is bordering on an A and a B. But if you do get an A on this quiz, don’t forget that we drop the lowest score, so you can still get an A if you drop the 16/20.” “Thanks, Ms. Ling. I’ll try my best.” Kendall nodded, surprised by how supportive she was being. “You have a bright future, Kendall. Don’t forget that.” She patted him on the shoulder before walking off to her desk.

“Good news, everyone! Only one of you failed the last test!” Mr. Darcy chuckled, handling back the exams. “Here, Kendall.” The brunette nervously received his paper. Carefully, as if the other side of the paper was hiding a carnivorous lion, the brunette flipped the sheet around. “Holy shit! A 97?!” He couldn’t believe it. “Wait, a 97?! Lucky! I got an 85.” Matt frowned. “85? Ha! I got a 93.” Jared smiled smugly. “Shut up, Jared.” Matt rolled his eyes. “It’s okay, Matt, you got 100s on the last two, so you still have an A average on tests.” “I guess.” The blue-eyed brunette sighed, defeated. Kendall just couldn’t believe it. At this rate, he could get as low as a 70 on the next one and still pass with an A. “Keep up the good work. And the person who failed the last test, feel free to see me after class if you need any additional help. Thank you all and have a nice rest of your day!” The teacher smiled as everyone got up and left.

“Well, we can enjoy a normal lunch for once!” Matt and Kendall laughed. The three of them just left Pre-Calc and were heading over to the shell auditorium, where Fanny, Carly, Megan, Chloe, and Sophia normally hung out. “And I was like, fool, you know I am right! I’m not only an aspiring molecular biologist, but a certified EMT and I taught a seminar in Harvard’s John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, you cracker-ass bitch!” It was none other than Sharquiqui, who was telling Carly and the others about her conference at Massachusetts General Hospital. “Well, no shit, he’s just an idiot.” Chloe agreed. “Hey, guys. Mind if we join you?” Kendall smiled. “That depends. Is Jared going to kiss me?” Fanny looked at the blonde expectantly. “You know it.” Jared smiled, squatting down and kissing his boyfriend on the cheek. “But yeah, these bitches were fucking crazy. Thinking that because I’m 16 and still in high school that I’m the one in the wrong. It’s dumb. Bitch, I have taken every AP test this school district offers, and I have gotten 5s in all of them. I can easily get 4 degrees going into any four year university… in 3 years! You know that I am not an idiot.” Sharquiqui growled. “Girl, you know you’re going to make the world a better place.” Megan laughed.

“Alright, everyone. So get into pairs for our next exercise.” Kawaguchi-sensei glared at everyone. “Alright, girl, it’s you and me.” Sharquiqui grabbed Carly. “Megan, I feel particularly sassy today. You’re my partner.” Fanny looked at the younger brunette. “Yay, we can be sore together!” She laughed. “Sophia, want to be partners?” Kendall looked at her. “Yeah, let’s do it!” Sophia got up, and sat next to him. “Alright, so for this grammar, it’s changing the “i” in “i” adjectives to a “ku.” Or if it’s a noun or “na” adjective, then adding a “ni.” That makes it an adverb.” Kawaguchi-sensei explained. “Practice a couple sentences with each other, and then you guys will present to the class.” The pairs practiced and presented their sentences one by one. Once they finished the exercises, Kawaguchi-sensei walked to the front of the room. “Okay, guys. So as you all know, we had the Japanese movie project last year. You guys have to film a video using all of the grammars in the textbook. Last year, we allowed groups of 5. So we’ll do the same this year-” “Here, Kawaguchi-sensei.” Sharquiqui handed him a USB. “Nelson-san, what is it?” “My movie project. I finished it.” “You already did it?!” He was shocked. “No, duh.” She pursed her lips as she sat back down. “Well, everyone except for Nelson-san, get into your groups.” Kawaguchi-sensei announced. “Good luck, y’all. Fuckers can’t beat my project.” She laughed, clapping her hands. “So I guess the five of us?” Carly looked at her friends. “No, duh.”

“Why does soccer season have to be over?” Jared sighed. The two of them were with Matt; students who finish their sports seasons get put in athletic P.E. in the school pavilion, which basically means that sit around and do nothing for an entire period. “Well now we can do Spanish homework together!” Jared and Matt fist bumped; the two of them were in Spanish 2 Honors together. “”Well, I guess I should study for Chem.” Kendall sighed, opening his chemistry book. He needed to do well on the next quiz or else he’ll be stuck with a B. “I’m going to be so happy when we’re done with test season.” Matt sighed, flipping through his Spanish flashcards. “I hear you. This blows.” Jared rolled his eyes. He’d rather be playing in the field.


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