Prince in Miterwort

A young girl, in a white, flowing sun dress, played in a field of flowers. The girl would dance among the orchids, tulips, and lilies, subjects of her royal court. In this meadow, she was their princess: her castle was a single white canopy, placed off to the edge of the field where the mountains unfolded. Her crown, a large ivory sun hat, given to her by a hazy figure of the past. A gentle breeze would pass through the field, as the grass, children to the flowers, giggled and rustled at its sweet tickle. The girl never felt alone. The plants, the sun, and the winds were her dearest friends. Confidants to her thoughts and dreams. One day, the girl came across a curious companion; patches of unfamiliar, heart-shaped leaves. And to her greater surprise, a young man, resting in the midst of them. She had never seen another person before. The girl felt short of breath. It was strange, almost terrifying. A completely foreign feeling to her. Trying to ignore his presence, she spoke instead to the new leaves. “Why hello there. What is your name?” She chirped, fighting back her nerves. “Miterwort.” They rustled. “Witermort?” She was surprised at their response. Such a serene name. It was calming and peaceful, like being embraced by love. “And who is that?” She finally mustered the courage to address the elephant in the room. “Prince.” The leaves almost sounded like they were giggling at her in a mocking way. These plants seemed very childlike. “Prince?” She stepped back, terrified. She had never met another person before. Turning away, she ran. She did not know how to feel. What had come over her? Stopping in the heart of the meadow, she took to comfort with her subjects in court. “Problem?” The innocent tulips whimpered to the distraught girl. “Scared.” The aggressive orchids concluded, not standing for any more of this nonsensical behavior. “No.” The kind lilies cut in. “Confused.” The girl nodded frantically at her subjects. She was scared and confused. Her heart, it was fluttering. Her stomach felt like somebody was yanking it out of her naval. Why was this strange boy her prince? She decided it was time to turn to the eldest of her subjects: the apple trees. Walking through the woods, she came across the gnarled plants, amongst their branches, their luscious fruits. Helping herself to one of the pearly red fruits, she savored the sweet taste while seeking advice from the sage plants. “Problem?” The trees shook quietly. “A prince has appeared before me.” She confessed, shaking. “Nervous?” The leaves whispered in a hushed breeze. “Yes. I have never seen another human before.” She was quietly sobbing. “He arrived in a field of miterwort.” “Miterwort.” The trees went silent. “True love.” “True love?” The girl gasped. The appearance of those heart-shaped leaves, it symbolized the appearance of her one true love. That’s what they meant by her prince. Walking past the trees and through the field, she made her way back to her prince. Ready to embrace her fated love.


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