Sky Bird: Chapter 12

It was Friday, so the day of Mulan. First period felt uneventful to Kendall. He didn’t particularly care for Tortilla Curtain. The brunette was staring out the window, and imagining how much more fun he would be having flying in the air. He still remembered the first time he learned about flying. Specifically, the physics of flying. “Dad, why can’t we fly? You know, like birds?” a 9 year old Kendall looked at his father curiously. “Oh, Kendall. It’s because we don’t have wings.” Mr. Skye chuckled, before turning around and trying to stifle his own laughter. The smaller brunette had taped a semicircular rug to his arms, as if they were wings. “But I do.” He insisted, flapping his arms. “Well, there’s physics behind it.” Mr. Skye sighed, unsure of how to ruin his son’s dreams. “Physics? What’s that?” “It’s the science of how things work.” Mr. Skye tried to explain. “Oh. That sounds so cool! Can I take a physics class?” The brunette looked up excitedly. “Well, that’s mostly for high schoolers, but I can buy you a physics book for you.” His father offered. “Yay!” Days later, the brunette received a book, titled Vertebrate Flight: The Physics of Flight. It was really complicated for a 9 year old, and he was not quite sure of most of the words. The biggest takeaway from the book was that there was a drag, lift, weight, and thrust, and an angle of descent that a bird uses to take flight. Snapping out of his daydream, he noticed that the period was over. “See you in Japanese, Kendall!” Sophia waved as she walked off. “Later, man!” Matt followed shortly after.

“So that’s why you kids need to go to college. I really hope none of you think that graduating high school is enough these days.” Ms. Park sighed as she turned off the projector. Kendall particularly enjoyed Ms. Park’s life lectures because they were a glimpse into adulthood for him. Even though that was far away, he was still looking forward to it. High school was just a lot of busywork that he did not particularly care for. “Okay, so we will have our test sometime next week. Have a good weekend, everyone!” Ms. Park dismissed the class. Kendall was just not feeling like learning today. He was really tired from the assignments and exams and just wanted it to be after school already. But then again, the play was at 7pm. So he’d be spending his Friday night back at school anyways.

It was third period Chemistry honors, and Kendall was interested to see not only was the lesson was today, but also what his quiz score was. “So let’s get into the quizzes first. Everyone will be happy for the most part. The average was 18/20!” Ms. Ling smiled. Dear god… Kendall felt his stomach hit the bottom of his stomach. He didn’t want to get lower than the average, for more reasons than one. “Here, come up and grab your quiz. I sorted them alphabetically.” Getting up nervously, the brunette approached the teacher’s desk, and fished his paper from the mass of swarming students. “19/20?!” He grinned to himself as he saw his score. He couldn’t believe it. That was an incredible score. “Wait, that means that my 16/20…” He turned to Ms. Ling, who smiled back at him. “Yes. You get that dropped, Kendall.” She nodded, confirming the brunette’s acts of excitement. “Thank you!” He was elated. He didn’t have a B anymore!

“Hey, want to see what Fanny and Chloe are up to?” A saddened Jared sighed, looking at Matt and Kendall. “You mean Fanny?” Matt smirked. “You just want Fanny’s fanny.” Kendall joined in, snickering. “Shut up.” Jared growled. “I haven’t seen him in like a week. He’s been hulled up in that theatre. Day and night.” The blonde shook his head. “But if we bother them now, it’ll just affect their rehearsal.” Kendall reasoned. “Yeah, fine. I guess I’ll just have to keep waiting.” Jared slouched, disappointed. “Man, Fanny will be happy to hear about this though. His boyfriend misses him.” Matt and Kendall laughed at their friend who continued to brood.

“Is the prop rocket ready?” Alex looked at his friend, Melissa as the two laughed. “Ugh, why does he like antagonizing me so much?” Fanny whispered to Chloe. “Probably because he’s salty. Or just a bad person. Whatever the case, I don’t know.” She shrugged, just trying to ignore the whole situation. “Don’t worry, it will definitely send Shan Yu back to Mongolia.” Melissa snorted. “Hey guys! What’s up?” Everyone paused as the room went silent. Yubin walked into the room. “Oh lord, can somebody please tell her that she’s not Mulan?” Fanny growled. “I can’t wait for my leading role! I can’t believe you guys casted me as Mulan even though I rejected your offer to be in the play and to be in Advanced Theatre Arts!” The Korean girl cackled. “Uh, you mean we rejected you in both?” Alex frowned at her. “Yeah, can you please leave?” Theo, another Advanced Theatre Arts student, joined in. Everyone started booing Yubin, who was ushered to leave by Mrs. Garcia, the Theatre Arts teacher. “I will be the star of the show, one day! You will regret this!” She screamed.

It was 6:30pm and the sun was set. Kendall and Megan were shuffling through the crowd of people, trying to find Jared, Matt, Carly, and Sophia. “Wait, there they are!” Megan grabbed Kendall by the wrist and dragged him through the masses. “Hey, guys!” She smiled. “Hey, Megan!” Sophia and Carly hugged their friend. “Kendall!” Matt and Jared grinned as he joined them. “You’re just in time! Here’s your tickets! Just Venmo me later.” Carly chuckled, handing the siblings the scraps of paper. “I can’t wait to see Chloe in drag.” Megan grinned mischievously. “Oh geez, that’s right.” Matt laughed. “Are you excepted to see them, Kendall?” Sophia looked at the brunette. “Eh, I’m more here because of Megan.” He admitted, referring to his highly amused little sister. “Hehehe, whenever Chloe goes on a date, I can show him these pics of her in drag.” The female brunette schemed aloud. “Can you not be such a weirdo right now?” Kendall frowned at her. “Let her have her fun, Kendall.” Carly grinned at the two. “Worst case, we can always take her phone.” Sophia suggested, much to the horror of Megan. “You will NOT take my phone. You’ll have to catch me first, 4th-period P.E.” “Wait, which one of us?” The two sophomore girls looked at each other, confused. “Oh, right. Whichever one of you who makes the mistake of trying to take my phone.” “Guys, shut up. The line’s moving!” Jared growled impatiently. He finally got to see Fanny after an entire week.

“Damn it, we have to sit in the back.” Matt frowned as they made their way along the bleachers. “At least we can see them from up here.” Sophia reasoned. The view was nice. You could see the entire stage from their angle; at that point, everything referred to the audience, and the stage which was completely covered by a black curtain.. “Good evening, everyone!” They turned to see none other than Mrs. Garcia standing in front of the stage. “Thank you all for attending our school’s production Mulan! Our Advanced Theatre Arts and Theatre Arts students are proud to present this to you, so without further ado, let the show begin.” Everyone clapped as she left the stage. Immediately, the curtain lifted, and there sat Chloe and Melissa, both dressed in Chinese robes, sitting across each other, a small table between the two. “So you want to find a husband? What is your name?” Melissa stated in a foreboding tone; she was playing the matchmaker. “I am Fa Mulan.” Chloe looked at the other girl. “Daughter of war veteran, Fa Zhou, and Fa Li.” “Child, I did not ask of you your heritage. Speak only what I ask of.” Melissa snapped. “I’m so sorry.” “What did I just say?!” She roared, slamming the wooden table. Chloe just quietly nodded her head in acknowledgement.

“The Huns have invaded China! The Huns have invaded China! We need soldiers! Every house must send one man to fight!” Alex, who was the Emperor’s counselor, Chi-Fu, shrieked as he darted across the stage. “Oh no!” Chloe looked at a boy named Greg, who was playing her father. “It’s okay, Mulan. I must go and fight for China’s honor.” Greg insisted. “But father, there must be another way!” Chloe insisted, stepping in front of him. “Yay! The drag scene is coming up soon!” Megan whispered excitedly, as everyone else rolled their eyes at her. “I shall go in your place.” The scene had changed to Mulan’s house, at night. Chloe, who was alone in the room, and took out a sword. With the blade, she cut her wig short. “I shall go by the name of Ping.” She stated, walking off stage. The scene changed to a small temple. “Oh, this is where Mushu’s going to come!” Matt looked at Kendall excitedly. Several students, wearing white robes, were meant to represent Mulan’s ancestors. They were bickering, only to stop at the sound of a gong. “Mulan must not go to the army without a guardian to bring her back safely!” A tall boy named Harry stated solemnly. “We shall summon upon the Great Stone Dragon-” “The Great Stone Dragon? I can go instead!” Suddenly, a small red dragon, roughly the height of a 3 year old child appeared. “Wait, what the hell?! How did they do that?!” Jared looked shocked. “They’re using a projector and somebody is voicing him backstage.” Kendall pointed out both the projector above them, which was turned on, and the room behind them, where a student was voicing Mushu. “That is so cool!” “Alright, Mushu. You can go. But if you do not return Mulan to this house safely, you shall be punished.”

“Now, China shall fall!” Fanny roared as Jared excitedly took photos. “No! We will stop you, Shan Yu!” A still cross-dressed Chloe announced, as Megan mimicked Jared with the photo-taking. The siblings were on the snowy mountain backdrop. “Take this!” She fired a prop rocket, which flew behind the Hun general. “Ha! You missed!” Fanny scoffed. “No, I hit what I intended.” A fake rumbling noise flooded the theatre. “Ping! What out!” A boy named Billy, who was playing General Li Shang, screamed. Fake snow flew down, knocking Fanny over. Billy and Chloe dove sideways, and avoided the avalanche. “Are you alright, Ping?” Billy looked down at Chloe. “I’m hurt, but I should be fine.” “No, you’re injured. We will send a doctor to examine you.” He insisted, much to Chloe’s horror. The two walked off, and once they left the stage, Fanny’s hand shot out from the snow. “Is he alright?” Billy looked at the student who played the doctor. “He is not alright. But she will recover from her injuries.” “She?” The doctor opened up the tent to reveal Chloe, covered in bandages. “Ping. You’re a girl?” General Li frowned. “Yes.” Chloe sighed. The curtains fell over the stage, indicating it was time for intermission. Everyone got up and started stretching and walking around. “Well, it’s been great so far. I’m really impressed.” Sophia looked at everyone else as they went to the concessions stand for snacks. “Yeah! Everyone has done a really good job so far. It’s hard to believe that it’s only a high school production. Even the props, like the fake snow and bamboo, they actually look so real!” Matt noted as he purchased a few candy bars. “Well, I can’t wait to see the rest of it!” Jared grinned eagerly. “See more of the play or more of Fanny?’ Kendall chuckled as his friend glared at him.

“For China!” Chloe bellowed as the prop rocket flew into Fanny. “Ah! You won’t forget this!” He screamed from a distance as the prop dragged him off stage at a startling speed. “Uh, will he be able to survive that?’ Somebody in the crowd whispered, as Jared twitched nervously. “Don’t worry, they definitely researched that.” Kendall reassured his friend. “I swear to god, it would be easier for him to dump me than put me through that sort of panic.” He muttered, covering his face with his hands to hide his worried expression. “There, there.” Megan comforted him. “Mulan! You have beaten Shan Yu!” Billy shouted as Chloe looked triumphantly at the crowd. “You have restored your family’s honor.” Mushu added. “Thank you.” The scene changed to Chloe and Billy, standing underneath a flower garden, surrounded by basically all of the cast except for Fanny. “And with this, I bestow upon you China’s greatest honor.” Alex placed a jade necklace around Chloe’s neck. “Mulan, you are truly China’s best warrior. The military would be honored to have you.” Billy held Megan’s hand as he said that. “I would be lucky to have you.” “It looks like the matchmaker was wrong. I did find a husband.” The two leaned in for a kiss, as the curtain fell down. Everyone started to applause as the curtain lifted, revealing all of the cast, this time, including Fanny and Mrs. Garcia. “Thank you! Thank you!” They all took a bow.


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