Sky Bird: Chapter 13

“Ugh, I can’t believe I agreed to this.” Jared grunted, frustrated from his lack of interaction with his own boyfriend this past week; Jared, Matt, Kendall, and Gil agreed to go on a camping trip, so they were hiking through the mountains of Catalina Island. “Oh, stop whining, Jared.” Matt rolled his eyes. “We’re almost at the site!” The blue-eyed brunette pointed out. “There we are!” Kendall sighed in relief, as they dropped their stuff down by the cabin. “At least we don’t have to pitch our own tents.” Matt grinned. Out of the three, he was definitely the most outdoorsy, being the only one of the three high schoolers to become an Eagle Scout; Gil was still currently a  Star Scout, the third highest rank in the Boys Scout hierarchy; Jared and Kendall both made it to Life Scout, but never bothered to become Eagle Scouts themselves.“Don’t you mean you want to pitch a tent?” Kendall chuckled. “Eh, even an Eagle Scout needs to catch a break, right?” Matt shrugged back at his friends, as he stepped into the cabin. “I call top bunk!” Jared shouted. “Wait, you want the top one?” Kendall was startled. “Well, I call the normal bed.” The green-eyed brunette referred to the non-bunk bed that Jared had completely ignored. “Oh, shit, there was a normal bed? Fuck.” The blonde was frustrated at his own hastiness. “I guess I’ll take bottom bunk.” Matt climbed onto the lower bed. “Here, Gil, you can share the normal bed with me.” Kendall offered. “Well, it’s better than the floor.” The 8th grader agreed.

While the boys were camping, Fanny, Sophia, Carly, and Chloe were in Beverly Hills, shopping and eating out. Megan was helping her parents prepare food for a potluck with some family friends. “How do I look?” Fanny stepped outside of the dressing room, wearing a new Uniqlo shirt. “It makes you look fat.” Chloe snorted as Fanny frowned. “Chloe, shut up. Everything makes you look fat.” Her older brother retorted. “Hey, Fanny, that’s rude!” Carly scorned him, being a strong advocate for encouraging self-confidence amongst young women. “Oh, sorry. Chloe, you’re still a rude bitch, just a skinny rude bitch.” Fanny walked back into the changing room, as Chloe was left speechless with frustration. “So, we all know that Fanny’s with Jared, but any boys, Chloe? I’m guessing Billy, right?” Sophia nudged the freshman, amused. “Nah, we only kissed during rehearsal once and then another time for the actual play. He’s too…. definitely gay for me.” She laughed. “Well, he better be. No way you’re dating somebody older than me.” Fanny frowned, as he stepped out of the changing room. He was referring to Billy being a senior. “How about you, Carly? Anyone catch your eye?” Fanny laughed, joining in on the conversation topic. “Uh, well not really. There is a cute boy in my English 3 AP class, but he’s probably not interested.” She sighed. “Well, you never know.” Fanny winked. “Ugh, why are we talking about this?” Carly frowned, crossing her arms. “Well, Sophia is the one who brought up the topic.” Chloe stated as the three stared at her. “Wait, did you ask this because you have somebody in mind? Sophia ‘Man-Repellant’ Puckchareon?” Fanny teased.

“Matt! Look!” Kendall and Gil were snorkeling, and found a starfish in the water. “Wow! That’s awesome!” Matt was scaling the cliffs, trying to get to the top of one: he wanted to get a nice platform to dive into the ocean from. As a junior varsity swimmer, Matt was easily in his comfort zone at the ocean. “Jared? You’re not going to come in?” The two brothers turned to see Jared, laying on the beach. “Nah, I’m getting my tan on!” The blonde smiled proudly. “No, you’re not.” Kendall wadded his way to the sand, and grabbed his friend by the ankles. “Come on in!” “What?! No!” He screamed as he was dragged and then dunked into the water. “Kendall, you ass!” Jared barked, swimming up to the surface of the ocean for air. “Ha! You know you needed that. The whole point of coming to the beach is to play in the water!” Kendall chuckled, paddling away from his angry friend. “Cannonball!” Matt shouted, diving off the cliff. “AHH!” Gil screamed as the blue-eyed brunette just avoided landing on him. A large ripple caused waves to rock the other three males, as Matt resurfaced, laughing triumphantly. “That was awesome!”

“Yes!” Chloe smiled. The four of them were at Sprinkles Cupcakes getting cupcakes, just after they had went to Harajuku Crepe for mochi infused crepes. “This is why we came here.” She grinned triumphantly, stuffing her face with a giant strawberry cupcake. “But quit avoiding the question. Do you have somebody you’re interested in?” Chloe pressed Sophia, who had been giving vague answers until this point. “Okay, you know what? I’ve already told Jared on the Ferris Wheel-” “YOU LIKE MY BOYFRIEND?!” Fanny shrieked, dropping his cupcake on the sidewalk. “Fanny, no! That’d be stupid! I don’t have a crush on a gay guy!” Sophia held up her hands defensively, trying to not get Chloe’s half-eaten cupcake or Fanny’s dropped cupcake shoved into her face. “Oh. Well, that’s fine then. I’m going to go get a new cupcake. You guys, keep talking about this weirdness and somebody fill me in once I get back.” The boy re-entered the store front. “So who is he?” Chloe nudged as Carly just shook her head disapprovingly. “Okay, fine. I already told Jared who it is anyways, so I’m sure the word got out to him already.” Sophia sighed. “Recently, I’ve had the biggest crush on Kendall. Actually, not recently. Since freshman year.”

“Today was a good day.” Gil sighed in relief. The four boys were huddled around a fire pit back at their cabin. It was night, the sky pitch black, and they were just talking. “I really wish that the rest of our lives can be filled with days like this. You know? Where the only thing we have to worry about is getting the sand out of our swim trunks.” Matt looked around at his friends with a goofy expression. “Yeah, that’d be nice. But let’s not think too far into the future right now. SATs, APs and honors, our GPAs, those all feel like a world away.” Kendall sighed, feeling safe from the pressures of high school at the moment. “That still feels like a world away for me.” Gil laughed, completely unaware of the difficult road ahead of him in his high school career. “You’ll… definitely enjoy those.” Jared sarcastically stated, rolling his eyes at the obstacles that stood between him and attending a good four year university. “But yeah, so tomorrow, hiking?” Matt eagerly looked at the three tired teens. “Yup! And then we have to head back too.” The green eyed brunette yawned. He didn’t want their trip to end so early, but alas, when weekends were only two days long, they could only do so much with the time they had. Retiring to their bunk beds, or in the Skye brothers’ case, shared bed, they went to sleep, getting ready for the rest of their weekend.


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