Sky Bird: Chapter 14

“Kendall, can you take care of Gil and Megan? Your father and I have to be at work all day today.” A 10 year old Kendall was with his mother, who looked frantic at this point. They were at the front door of their apartment complex. “Sure, mom.” He smiled, as she thanked him and left. “Kendall, what’s today’s plan?” Gil and Megan walked over to their eldest sibling. “Also, Chloe and I were going to hang out, is that fine? She can have somebody pick me up.” The girl insisted. “Okay, sounds good. Gil, looks like it’s a bro-bonding day.” Kendall grinned at the 8 year old. “Yay! I can’t wait! My big bro is the coolest!” Gil beamed back at him. “You guys are so lame. How am I related to either of you?” Megan shook her head disapprovingly, walking back to their apartment. “Hm… how about we go to the park today?” Kendall suggested. “Sure!” The two headed out. Kendall smiled at Gil. His younger brother was almost the splitting image of him, just two years younger, so just smaller in stature and size. Gil had always looked up to Kendall because he was hardworking, determined, and ambitious. Gil himself took after Megan academically, which is to say getting good grades came naturally to him.

The two brothers were playing on the hills that overlooked Los Angeles, and specifically, climbing trees and hiking the trails. “And that’s how you evolve Feebas, Gil.” Kendall was explaining to his little brother a mechanic in their favorite video game series, Pokemon. “That’s cool and all, Ken, but I need to first catch a Feebas.” Gil rolled his eyes. Feebas, the Pokemon in question was notoriously difficult to catch. “I’ll trade you one.” Kendall offered. “Nah, I don’t need your pity trade.” Gil laughed; he wanted to prove to his older brother that he was capable of capturing the rare Pokemon on his own. “Alright, buddy.” The elder of the two chuckled, ruffling the 8 year old’s hair. “Hey, look! We can see Griffith Observatory!” Gil pointed out the white, dome-shaped building resting on the hills. “Ooh! I love that place!” The observatory was one the places in LA that Kendall loved going to, since it has to do with space traveling, rockets, and in that sense, aerospace engineering. There was a point when Kendall was a 3rd grader when he would beg his parents to take him and his siblings to the observatory every weekend. Everyone except for Kendall was bored of the exhibitions and displays, but the brunette eagerly soaked in all of the knowledge that he could.

It was finally night time, and the two brothers re-joined Megan, who was carrying a small white box, in front of their apartment building. “How was your guys’ day?” Megan looked at her brothers. “It was a lot of fun! We went hiking!” Gil beamed. “That sounds tiring.” She sighed, letting out a loud yawn. “What did you do today with Chloe?” The youngest sibling looked up. “We did each other’s nails, talked about boys, and baked cupcakes with Fanny and Malina.” Megan grinned, referring to the takeout box in her hands. “What kind of cupcakes?” Kendall looked eagerly at her. “None of your beeswax.” Megan stuck her tongue out as she started to walk back into the building. “You better at least share them with mom and dad!” Kendall shouted, as the brothers followed after her. “Of course I am! That’s why I brought them back!” Megan rolled her eyes. “I’m home!” She called, cracking open the door. “Oh, just in time for dinner, Megan!” Mrs. Skye chanted.

“Look, Kendall! I got a Feebas!” Gil grinned eagerly, showing off his Nintendo DS to his older brother. “Nice!” Kendall was impressed by how quickly Gil managed to find one; they only just talked about catching and evolving Feebas that afternoon. “I told you I could do it on my own!” The younger sibling boasted. “What’s all the noise?” Megan groaned, walking into the hallway. “I got a Feebas!” Gil could hardly contain his excitement; he wanted to let the entire world know about his accomplishment. “Oh, cool, I think?” Their sister turned to Kendall. “What’s a Feebas?” She whispered. “It’s a rare Pokemon. Just act impressed.” He shot back. “Oh, that’s amazing! Congratulations!” Megan tried to mask her sarcasm and lack of interest, but luckily for her, Gil was too excited to notice her nonchalant behavior. “This is awesome!” He continued jumping up and down. “Uh, we should probably go to sleep. It’s 10, and mom and dad are already sleeping.” Kendall suggested, not wanting anyone to get in trouble. “Okay.” Gil eagerly got back into his bed. “Good night!”

That was already 8 years ago. Kendall thought to himself. It was probably the last time that he remembered bonding one on one with his little brother. The four boys were making their way back from Catalina, first on the boat to Long Beach, and then from there, on the Metro to Los Angeles. Gil was talking about how much he loved playing Pokemon, and that his favorite Pokemon was Milotic, the evolution to Feebas. “You like Milotic? Isn’t that a really girly Pokemon?” Matt laughed. “But mine is a guy.” Gil argued. “Honestly, you should nickname it Fanny.” The green-eyed brunette teased. “I could dig it. If this Milotic thing is as strong as Gil makes it out to be, then it fits the bill of my boyfriend.” Jared huffed proudly. “Nah, I nicknamed it Aqua, because that means water.” Gil chuckled. Kendall couldn’t believe that his little brother and two best friends were discussing Pokemon right now. And the funniest thing was that Matt actually played himself, so he understood all of the references Gil was making. It was nice to know that his friends and little brother got along so well. Gil was popular in his middle school, being athletic, smart, and just easygoing, but because it was middle school, he hardly ever had a social life. Or at least that Kendall noticed. Sometimes, Kendall worried about Gil. He did not want Gil to ever feel lonely or abandoned by him or Megan, so it was important for Kendall to include his little brother in his own social life from time to time.


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