Sky Bird: Chapter 17

“Goodbye, Tokyo.” It was a few days later, and the Skyes were already taking the Shinkansen over to Aomori up north. “If Fanny doesn’t appreciate this, I swear to god.” Megan grumbled, referring to the three large bags she had to haul onto the train. “If he doesn’t, just burn the clothes!” Gil sniggered maniacally. “It’s always the youngest sibling who becomes the most sociopathic, isn’t it?” Megan glared at him. “But you do bring up a good point. Want to help me burn them if he doesn’t like them?” “Sure thing, sis.” “Back on the Shinkansen we go.” Kendall sighed as the train took off. It was going to be at least another few hours before they arrived at Aomori. “I can’t wait for you guys to try the apples. My grandmother, she grows them in her backyard, and Aomori apples are very special.” Mrs. Skye excitedly explained to them. Kendall was only half listening at this point; he kept dreaming about the same girl, over and over again. And each time he almost caught up to her, the dream was over. Who was she? The brunette thought to himself, lost in thought. She sounded familiar, but he couldn’t quite place where he had heard her voice from before.

“Here we are! Welcome to Aomori!” The city was lush with trees. Unfortunately, the cherry blossom season was not quite there yet, so they were bare, but just imagining them covered in the pink blossoms, it must be a sight to behold. “Alright, let’s go to visit your great grandparents.” Mrs. Skye ushered her children, still trying to meet their schedule. The five made their way to a taxi, which took them to a large apartment complex. “Grandma, we’re here!” Mrs. Skye chirped into the door bell’s speaker. “Oh. Coming!” After a few minutes, a small old Japanese woman came out of the elevator, opened the glass door, and greeted the family. “Hi! Nice to meet you all!” She hugged each of them. “Hajimemashite.” Kendall and Megan chirped, much to their great grandma’s surprise and delight. “Arisa, komodotachi wa nihongo wo oshietta?” She looked at her granddaughter, amazed that her great grandchildren could speak Japanese. “Kendall to Meganshika.” Mrs. Skye responded, explaining that only Megan and Kendall knew. “Sugoi!” She smiled. “Hajimemashite. Watashi no namae wa Isogai Mayumi desu.” She bowed. “Uh, can somebody please translate for the two of us who can’t speak Japanese?” Gil looked up at his father, and then back at his siblings, mother, and great grandmother. “Oh, sorry. My name is Mayumi Isogai. Christian, you’ve grown up so much since I last saw you! I haven’t seen either of you since your wedding!” She smiled. “And now you have three beautiful children.”

Gil and Megan were eagerly playing with Mayumi’s dog, a pomeranian named Dango, while Kendall, his parents, and Mayumi were sitting together. “So you’re the eldest, right?” She looked at him. “Yes. I’m currently 16 years old.” “Oh, that’s a good age. Alissa has told me a lot about you.” She explained. “She told me about how her son, Kendall, was such a hard worker, and so talented.” He was surprised to hear that from her. “Mom, dad! You need to check out what Dango is doing!” Megan ran in excitedly. “Oh, hold on, we’ll be right back.” His parents left the living room. “Who is the girl?” Mayumi turned to Kendall. “What?” “I can read it on your face. You’re thinking about somebody. Is it a girl? Or a boy?” She pressed, curious. “It’s a girl. But the thing is, I don’t quite know her name. You see, she appeared in my dreams, and I can’t stop thinking about her.” He started. “I don’t know what she looks like. But there was something about her voice that I remembered.” “Young love is a beautiful thing. I met your great grandfather when I was around your age. But then again, things were a lot different back then. That was almost 90 years ago.” She laughed. “But this girl, when you finally get to meet her, I’m sure she will be the luckiest girl alive, to have a boyfriend like you.”

Two days passed by really quickly. The Skyes were back at Haneda Airport and getting ready to take off for LAX again. “Oh, jet lag is going to be a bitch.” Kendall groaned as he got into his plane seat. “Well, it could be worse. You could have somebody using your shoulder as a resting pad.” Gil yawned, leaning onto his brother’s shoulder. “And I thought Fanny was gay.” Megan rolled her eyes at the two. “Shut up, Meg.” The two chanted in unison before laughing as she just continued to ignore them. Their sister was just sad that she had to return to tests and papers right after spring break, and it was stressing her out. “I guess I can study on the plane.” She thought, grabbing her textbooks. “Goodbye, Japan!” Kendall and Gil waved, as the plane took off. In the older brunette’s head, he just thought about what Mayumi said to him. Whoever that girl is, he hoped to find her. Not because he was in any rush to get married or settle down, but more because he wanted to be able to experience what it was like to be in a relationship for once in his life; he was the only one out of his friends who never dated before. Even Gil and Megan had been in relationships before he had. Kendall knew that finding a girlfriend had nothing to do with being an aerospace engineer. But he did want to start a family one day, and he needed experience in knowing how to treat somebody he loves.

Arriving back at the apartment, Kendall felt bittersweet. On one hand, home, sweet home. But on the other, he felt like he left a part of himself back in Japan. It was a very conflicted sensation. He had never left the country before, and he had enjoyed it thoroughly. It was back to reality for him. “Thank god! I just finished my paper!” Megan grinned triumphantly. She was able to finish almost all of her remaining assignments. “I’m just glad I don’t have any homework assigned to me.” Kendall grinned smugly. “Shut up. We can’t all be like you, Kendall.” She rolled her eyes, retiring to her room. “Well, I need to study for American History. We have a test coming up.” Gil growled, grabbing his textbooks from his backpack. And just like that, their vacation had ended. It was time to go back to being a student. “Ugh! I’m so jet lagged right now.” Fanny messaged their group chat. Everyone was getting back to America, one by one. “How were your vacations?” Carly, the only one who didn’t leave the country, was eager to hear about them. “A lot of fun! We’ll talk more in person, Carl.” Fanny sent back. “Ugh, this jet lag is killing me.” Sophia sent them. “But yeah, I’ll tell you about it later!” “Alright. I can’t wait!” She messaged back, eager to hear more. “See you guys on Monday!”


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