Strength: dream 27

Being strong is never easy. A lot of the times, the people we expect to be the strongest are just putting on a front. I have seen that too many times. The whole “fake it until you make it” practice, where you pretend to be something until you actually become it. Within my old industry, chef Barbara Lynch actually admits that she had to lie her way into a cruise ship restaurant and became the chef there with basically no experience. And then she went on to become one of the best chefs in America. I’m not saying that I look down on the practice by any means. It’s great that we as human beings can make something out of nothing. It’s almost like alchemy in a way. I think strength comes from the will to live and just passion in general. How badly do you want to keep pursuing whatever it is that you are? How much is your way of living going to be affected by you completing a task?

There is a definite correlation between strength and passion. When you love what you are doing, you’ll be more inclined to do it better and to invest more time into it, therefore become a stronger asset in that situation. Being a strong person requires that sort of passion or drive. But it’s a lot more than just having passion or commitment. You also need to be able to endure hardship, overcome obstacles, and be fearless in general. To feel as if you are unstoppable and that nothing can hold you down or back, that’s what it means to be emotionally strong. To be mentally strong, you need to be able to take on multiple challenges simultaneously, while keeping a composed mindset. To be physically strong, obviously just work out at a gym or exercise. That one is obvious.

Going back to the topic of faking it. And no, I don’t mean in bed, twelve year olds presumably reading this post. I mean trying to pretend until you grow into this front you’ve put up. In my post about boldness, I specifically mention to just be yourself. Well let me tell you something about being strong. NOBODY IS NATURALLY STRONG. I already said that people put up a front, and I mean it. That being said, there will be times when we need to put up this front, because us being bold and ourselves could only hurt the people we care about or escalate a situation and make it 100x worse. I speak from experience as a socially awkward person who did not know when to act strong or bold. There is a time to act bold (when meeting new people as well as in most circumstances) and a time to act strong (when trying to be comforting for the people you care about). I highly doubt that any of you will be naturally strong. Strength is a front, not a genuine personality trait.

In a perfect world, strength would always come to us when we need it. We wouldn’t need to be strong for each other because we could naturally be strong for ourselves. For those of you who can drive yourselves and therefore be strong independently, kudos, because that’s a goal of mine. To be able to put up this strong front and overcome any obstacle fearlessly, that’s my aim. In a feather-light world, people will not have to rely so much on each other for strength. Their strength will come from within.



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