Shooting Star: dream 29

Shooting stars make me think of several things: wishes, stargazing, summer nights, and two songs. One of which was definitely overplayed during the summer of 2010 and I will go into no further mention about, mostly due to the fact that I hate this song. A lot. The other is Crystal Kay’s Shooting Star, which is a song she performed with Namie Amuro in her album Revolution. It was an epic song that made me feel incredibly confident, starting with a very upbeat techno vibe and just getting faster and faster from there. The song’s general message is that you and the one you are attracted to can pull each other together, and drive each other forward in unison. It does mirror my personal philosophy on relationships, which is that they should be productive in helping you grow as a person. But the general concept of being a shooting star is what stood out to me.

A shooting star is scientifically an asteroid that is falling out of the sky but has not yet become a meteor. It never goes back the way it came, it generally falls down, and it can actually crash and burn. Yet somehow, it gets the connotation that you can make a wish on it. It amuses me how science and superstitions can have completely different views on the same concept. But for me, being more of a half-cup full type of person, I like to think of a shooting star as something bold, noticeable, does not turn away, and invokes hope for others. In a lot of ways, I wish that I can be like a shooting star too. Never looking back on the past, living without regrets, and being able to inspire others. Parting the darkness as I make my way through life.

The song itself just makes me feel unstoppable. As if I can just walk forward and not be afraid of anything. To be a shooting star would mean that I could break through and past any barrier in my path, and leave my impact on this world. A shooting star illuminates the way. Anything that was once dark or unknown to me, I can bring light to it, and make of the topic or subject as I may. Being able to leave my legacy across the sky and on the earth would be almost anybody’s dream. Who wants to leave forgotten? We all want to know that when we move on to the next chapter of our lives, that there is still some form of a legacy there, just so that everyone will know that we have left our mark.

The biggest message I have taken away from the concept of shooting stars is that they always move until it is not longer physically possible. It reminds me of what I perceive to be my own spirit animal, the dragonfly: dragonflies are nomadic and never stay in one place. They always move forward and represent progression. Shooting stars do the same, transforming from an asteroid into a shooting star and when it comes time to stop, a meteor. I see us all starting as asteroids, but as we continue to grow and achieve in our lives, we become shooting stars. If possible, I would love if we can all be and remain shooting stars forever; constantly moving, learning new things, and not being held back by anything.






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