traveling: dream 30

I have been taking a lot of life inspiration from JPOP songs. And this is no different. Utada Hikaru’s song traveling was a beautiful song that just inspired me to feel aloof and relaxed. Ironically, if you ever see me in an airport, I will be hyperventilating and will have this murderous look in my eyes as if you need to hurry the hell up and take your shit off the TSA security check/baggage claim conveyor belt before I take it off for you. Fun fact, I once cussed out a police man because he took his damn time grabbing his shit and held up the line for a good 15 minutes. I get that you save lives and all, but we all have places to be. So chop, chop.

But back to the long. traveling, especially the Planit-B mix, gives off this vibe of fabulousness and confidence. I do not think about anything except how awesome I am feeling when I blast that song on my phone. I first came across it my sophomore year of high school, when I found out that there were full versions to Hikari and Simple and Clean‘s Planit-B mixes, as opposed to the 2 1/2 minute renditions we normally hear in Kingdom Hearts. I found out there were other songs on the album, and traveling happened to be the only other one I really liked. The song starts on a softer note and then Utada’s beautiful voice just breaks into it and makes it a masterpiece. For the Planit-B mix, you begin with a techno-runway type of song, with the occasional strum of an electric guitar, and then it eventually goes into Utada’s voice again. I do prefer the Planit-B mix when I want to be a badass motherfucking bitch, but I love listening to the regular version when I want to feel relaxed and confident.

What I mean when I say a badass motherfucking bitch is somebody who is so capable, confident, and competent that nothing can ever sway them away from their own opinions, which are backed with results that show that said individual has every right to be as confident in themselves as they are. When I was completing my minor in business school, I had to put on the face that I was a badass motherfucking bitch, using traveling Planit-B mix to help me achieve that confidence; at that point, my own personal and professional experiences have prepared me to be a tank in any business setting. I was already capable and competent, while the song helped me gain the confidence to stand up to the business students who looked down on me.

The more I think about the song, the more I feel inspired to put myself out there. Whether it is in a social or professional setting, or just exploring new places, I enjoy being able to take a risk and do something I normally would not do. In a lot of ways, it ties back to me being extroverted, but also I am the type of person who does not like to live thinking “oh, well, I wish I did that” or “I wish I went there.” I want to know that I extinguished that regret by satisfying that hypothetical. And even if what I risked doing blows up in my face, then at least I know what not to do in the future, and I can still live knowing that I at least tried. The message of this song, to me anyways, is to explore things you would not expect to and take chances. If everyone in the world took a chance or took a risk, we can continue to make innovations, and while some may hinder our advancement as a species, others will drive us forward. In a feather-light world, we will continue to progress. We will continue to travel.


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