charisma: realization 31

When you’re in a group of people, those with charisma tend to lead the charge. You might be wondering what charisma is. A Google search will reveal that it is a “compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others.”  Charisma is something some are born with, but by no means is it something that others cannot gain along the way. For me, I know that I have charisma. It mostly stems from me being a caring but hardworking individual. Others see how much I try, and generally are inspired to work just as hard because they are moved by my passion or love. Being charismatic and being able to inspire others come hand in hand. By having charisma, you can naturally inspire people to join your cause.

I think back to both of my experiences as an editor for my food publication and as an officer for the cultural club in college. As an editor, whenever I met my writers or photographers, I made sure to thank them for what they have done for the club, and offered whatever resources I could to help them improve the qualities of their articles. As an officer in the cultural club, I made sure to sit down and really get to know our members. I wanted to understand essentially their life stories and get a better idea as to why they wanted to join this club, whether it be for their heritage or because they had an interest in the specific culture my club represented.

The most important thing to be charismatic for me is to have humility and graciousness. Never think of a task as being too beneath you. Always be willing to take the reigns and take initiative just to set a tone and pave the way for those who are not as inclined or inspired to do so. Being gracious is another thing. When others take their time to do something that benefits your cause, make sure to thank them. Let them know how grateful you are that they decided to help you rather than spend their time elsewhere. Being able to express that sort of feeling will allow others to see you less as a fearsome figurehead and more as an approachable human being. In short, finding ways to humanize yourself without compromising your sense of authority, that’s my own general definition for having charisma.


I am lucky that I have had so many experiences that helped me develop my leading style over the years. Not only from learning from the mistakes of multiple terrible leaders, but also practicing from my own experiences, I have been able to get an idea of how to respect and treat other people, specifically those who report to me. Having charisma will get you far in life. You can only do so much as a single person, but when you have hundreds of people working beneath you, even the biggest obstacle will become the smallest task. And you can only accomplish coordinating with so many people by being a good leader. And being a good leader starts with having charisma.


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