A little girl, playing on the beach. Golden sand, as far as the eye could see. The salty breeze tickled her tainted ivory skin as she dove into the crystal clear blue. Beneath the surface, through those cloudy goggles, a new world unfolded. Strange, colorful structures, coral and kelp forests. The denizens of beneath, the sea life, drifting through the tides like small birds in the sky. Floating to the bottom, she found the sea’s natural treasures: sea shells. Snagging the oysters from their barnacle crusted crags, she quickly rose back to the surface. She desperately wanted a pearl of her own. The girl came from afar, abandoned and bruised. The beach and sea were her sanctuary from the perils of her past. She sought after something so smooth and untarnished, in hopes of becoming one and the same. Breaking apart the shell, she gasped in delight. Nestled in the tan and black flesh was her beloved underwater gem. A metaphorical symbol to her outlook. The world was like her oyster. She would continue to grow. Starting as granules of rock and sand, and transforming into a singular, elegant pearl.


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