A small town girl. The big city was in the distance, along the horizon. She wished to be famous. She craved being noticed. She wanted everyone’s eyes on her. Grabbing her guitar, she strummed the strings to one of her own songs. She sang with her window opened, in hopes of being discovered. Closing her eyes, she imagined the crowd, cheering her on. She was on the stage, microphone stand in front, guitar in hand. The spotlight was shining on her. Opening her eyes, the girl frowned. It was just another dream. Getting up, she donned her uniform. It was time for her shift. “It’s only temporary.” She assured herself, opening her apartment door. It was another day behind the counter. Another day as a cashier. It was like this now, but she knew that she was destined for greater things. At least, that was what she convinced herself. She wanted to prove her parents wrong. Dropping out of college, turning her back on biomedical engineering, it was not a mistake. She knew it was not. Burning that bridge was hard, but it needed to be done. She needed it to be done for her to be free. She wanted to find happiness in her own way. She wanted to be famous for her voice. The world would know her for her singing, not for her accomplishments as an engineer. It was her destiny. She will do whatever it takes to be famous.


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