Initiative: dream 37

Is it that hard to take initiative? Recently, I find myself being the person who always asks others if they want to hang out, if we need to meet for a project, or if we are fighting, if we can talk. It gets frustrating when you are the person who needs to instigate consistently. Now if this was a realization post, I would probably reflect on why that might be, and go into detail about what about my own personality causes this to happen, but this is a dream post, and I have noticed that a lot of my peers feel the same way. Why do we have to ask others to hang out? What is it about the Millennial generation that we wait for others to wipe our asses for us?

Like I said, with friends, I am always the one who plans hanging out. Yet, very few of my friends ever seem to invite me to anything or ask me to do things with them. And when I do not ask them to hang out, a lot of the time, they tell me that they had unproductive weekends or nights where they would lay in bed and watch TV. It can get a bit annoying for me to hear, because I do not like to dwell on the hypotheticals, the would have, could have, should have’s of life, where that time being spent watching TV in bed could have been spent making memories, exploring a new part of the city, or just hanging out and making memories with an actual person rather than with Jane Villanueva from Jane the Virgin (love that show, but still).

When it comes to conflict, is it that hard to just swallow your pride and say “we need to talk?” Because for me, it really isn’t. I have had to instigate confrontation repeatedly, and a lot of the times, it was with people I got mad at because they treated me like shit. Maybe that’s why. They are so full of themselves and self-entitled that they think it is okay for others to go to them, rather than the other way around. And instead, they spend that time where they could be talking about the problem sulking, acting like they were horribly wronged, and spreading rumors and gossip. I guess people like that do not even deserve an apology or the luxury of confrontation, especially because they lack the initiative to reach out to you themselves. I am obviously speaking from personal experience here.

The biggest takeaway from this post I want others to know is that people who take initiative will be the winners in life, while those who are hesitant or shy, they will lose out on every opportunity that was not placed in their lap on a silver platter. I wish everyone could be brave and outgoing enough to take initiative, but not everyone can. To everyone who deserves happiness, I hope you can all learn to be fearless and put yourselves out there and be the better person. That will help you live a feather-light life.


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