Road Movie: Chapter 9

“Where am I?” Dakota tried to open her eyes in the brightly lit room, which proved to be a challenge. Blinking and wiping away the tears that formed, she finally saw the outline of someone wearing what appeared to be a surgical mask. After adjusting her sight to the fluorescent shine in her face, Dakota realized that she was in a hospital, specifically in a hospital bed. “You’re in Northwestern Memorial Hospital.” The brunette was puzzled by the response. She was in the hospital? And the one she had recently helped? “What happened?” Her voice croaked weakly, much to her own shock. All she could remember was driving with Phillip to the movies. “You were in a car accident.” The figure standing above her stated. “Accident? Is Phillip okay?” She looked over at him, beginning to panic. The man went silent. His silence just made it clear that Phillip was far from fine.

Dakota heard the full details of what just happened when she got discharged from the hospital. Waiting in the lobby, she came across a distraught Mr. Hopkins who was accompanied by her parents. “Dakota.” Her father paused, looking at her. There was a look of complete hopelessness in his eyes as tears streamed down his gaunt expression. Mr. Hopkins stood next to them, looking equally despaired. Until now, the brunette was just hoping that the worst that happened was Phillip lost a limb but would survive. Even a terminal illness, she would be okay with. “I’m so sorry.” Her mother sobbed, pulling her into a tight hug. “You guys did not deserve this. You guys should have had a long, happy future together, not what had happened.” “Mom?” She was still unsure of how to react. Denial was at play here. She refused to believe he was dead, even after seeing how their parents were.

According to her dad, the couple were in an accident. A truck hit their car, turning too quickly and not realizing that there was somebody next to them. Their vehicle flipped over, and landed on its right side. Phillip was crushed upon impact as the car rolled back to being upside down. Dakota passed out from lack of air, but at that point, Phillip was already dead. The ambulance found both of them, and excavated the two from the car. They found a pulse on Dakota, and put her in the bed first. She was in a coma for the entire month. There were two cars to carry each body, so they sent her off to the nearest hospital, Adventist GlenOaks Hospital. Eventually, after treating the minor injuries on Dakota’s body, she was transferred to Northwestern Memorial, where she remained past Christmas, New Years, and eventually, woke up in late January. In that time, Dakota’s parents contacted her workplace, explaining what had happened.

Phillip, the EMTs and paramedics tried to save him, but his neck was already snapped. They were able to save Dakota with minor injuries, but Phillip, between being on the side impacted by the truck and snapping his neck as the car tumbled, he was beyond saving. The body remained in one piece, but by the time they had wheeled his body to Adventist, he had been dead for almost two hours. There was nothing the doctors were able to do either. A broken neck meant that he was gone for good. When Mr. Hopkins heard the news, it destroyed him. First his wife, then his son. And both of them to motor accidents? It would have been hilarious, if it was not the people in his life. People who he loved the most. What did he do to deserve having everything he worked so hard for taken away from him?

Mr. and Mrs. Logan had to comfort Mr. Hopkins through the entire ordeal. Upon being told that their daughter survived, but Phillip died, they drove over to his apartment almost immediately; they knew he would be taking the news the worst. And they were fortunate to arrive when they did; Mr. Hopkins was about to go for a drive; he intended to drive into the DuPage River and drown in his car, but Dakota’s parents did not know that at the time. After a long talk and assuring him that he will always be family to them, Mr. Hopkins was able to calm down. It was painful to live in this reality, but if he were to die now, what would happen? The entire Logan household would be gone. Especially now that he was the only one in his family left, he had to live. Live for Jessica and Phillip. They would not want him to suffer. They would want him to be happy. Even though happiness seemed far away, he needed to start looking for it. He needed to find a new purpose for his life.

Phillip’s body was being stored in a Cryonics Institute in Chicago for the time being. Mr. Hopkins was deciding whether or not if they wanted to bury the body in a casket or cremate the remains and bury the urn. Like with choosing to stay alive, this was not an easy decision. Mr. Hopkins decided that he needed to wait for Dakota to awaken from her coma before he decided; she has as much say in this situation as he did. Thinking about the funeral was still too much for him. How many fathers have had to plan their own son’s funerals? It was uncomfortable to think about, but it needed to be done, out of respect to Phillip’s memory. Sighing to himself, Mr. Hopkins walked out of his apartment, holding a lighter in one hand, and a box of cigarettes in another. Normally, he did not smoke, but in this case, he needed the comfort of that warmth spreading in his lungs to calm himself down.

Dakota did not know what to feel. It had not fully sunken in that Phillip was gone. She could not believe it. Not until she saw him for herself. There was a small part of her, clinging onto the hope that this was a bad dream, that seeing her parents mourn was a figment of her imagination. She convinced herself that he was still alive. Even when she told Mr. Hopkins to bury the body as is, she still denied Phillip’s death. But that night, going home to her apartment, it started to settle in. The space was empty and dark. Everything was exactly like they left it before they went to the movies. That first night alone, it was hard. She was used to sleeping, knowing that Phillip was a hug away if she needed it. But instead, it was just her in an empty bed. She tried to comfort herself, but it was hard. He was not there. She could not trick herself into thinking he was away on a trip of something. She knew the truth. It crept up on her. Unable to fight the urge the cry, Dakota gave in and found herself sobbing into a pillow.


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