Her mission

The orchestra was playing in background. It was a dimly lit ballroom. Couples were on the floor, hand in hand, dancing in tune with the music. Everyone attending were the city’s rich and elite. Sitting off to the side, a young woman with brown hair, held tightly together in a bun. She was sporting a dark red, sleeveless dress, her fingers tightly wrapped around a black clutch purse. Suddenly, her purse was vibrating. Pulling out her phone from inside, she quickly held it to her ear. “Hello?” She already knew who was calling. “He’s trying to leave through the back. You know what to do.” Hanging up, she calmly got up, and started walking out towards the exit behind where the band was playing. She was attending this non-profit gala for one reason: to assassinate one of the attendees. A stout, bald man in his fifties, Kingsley Bruinswicke. This man was a crime-lord who pretended to be a philanthropist working on beautifying the slums. He extorted many small business owners and made millions blackmailing them. The girl’s mother was abducted and sold in human trafficking by Bruinswicke’s men. Her father had committed suicide after his iron factory went under and he was unable to pay back his loans. The only remnant of them was her father’s bloodstained wedding ring. Nobody knew if her mother was still alive. But that did not matter anymore. Bruinswicke needed to die. He needed to be taken out so that other families did not have to suffer the same fate. Climbing up the stairs, she finally found herself perched at the window facing the back alley. The perfect vantage point for her to make a quick assassination. “Did anyone tail you, Mr. Bruinswicke?” A deep voice was riddled with skepticism and paranoia. “No. The only people who know about what I really do are you, and those scum in the ghetto.” He replied in a hoarse voice. I will expose you for the fraud you are. She growled to herself, peeking through the curtains behind that open window, and immediately noticing Bruinswicke’s bald head. Taking aim, she pulled the trigger. A deafening bang filled the alley. Putting her gun away, she quickly ran off. The deed was done.


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