Road Movie: Chapter 25

Getting into her car, the brunette sighed to herself. This was it. This was her last goodbye to Illinois. Driving towards the highway, she noticed something. It was Cascade Drive-In. Open and showing a movie. The brunette frowned to herself. Come to think of it, she never saw that movie. Pulling into the movie theatre, she smiled to herself. She finally got to see a movie here. “Thank you for coming to Cascade Drive-In! Today, we will be showing the movie, “How to be Single.” The ticket lady said. “Thanks, I’d like one parking space, please.” “One parking space, that’ll be $8!” The brunette handed in her bills before taking a spot in the parking lot.

As the movie ended, Dakota could find herself feeling refreshed. Seeing the main character, Alice, finally setting out to do the things she wanted to do, with or without a boyfriend or man in her life, it just strengthened Dakota’s own resolve. She knew that this was right now, more than ever before. Pulling up her GSP, she smiled. It was going to be a long drive, but she was excited for this. It was finally time for her to say goodbye to Chicago. However, opening her glove compartment, she found something unusual. A letter with her name on it. The brunette tore it open, curiously.

“Dear Dakota, we will always love you no matter what. We hope that you’ll find this letter when you settle in your new city, but if you have not already, that’s fine too. We all love and miss you very much, but we are happy that you are finally pursuing something that you have come to love.  We will always support your decisions, because we want you to be living a life that you can genuinely enjoy. -Your parents.” The brunette could already feel herself fighting back the tears at that point. She did not expect to find something like this hidden away in her glove compartment. When did they have the time to put this there?

But the letter did not end there. “Hey there, photo-bestie. I’m so glad that I met you at that camera store. Sometimes, life just drops pleasant surprises in our lives, and you were definitely one of those I will always be grateful to call you my friend, and I am so glad I met you that day. I will keep submitting your photos behind your back, unless you finally start putting yourself out there more! I know your passion and now talent for photography will carry you far! Love you lots, Monique.” “Oh god.” The tears were rolling down Dakota’s face at this point. How much she already missed Monique and being able to photograph her way through Chicago together.

And then there were more letters to come. “Hey there, my little chickie. I am so glad that you came waddling back to Hillary Jenkins, because you were something special. You have a unique talent for being great at whatever it is that you like to do, and I cannot wait to see what you’ve got planned for your future. I support you 100% and I just wanted you to know that this letter was Frida Caldwell-approved.” Thinking about her time with Frida, Dakota laughed to herself. Frida was a crazy, crazy boss to work for and she knew that there would be no person quite like her. But that was part of the reason why working in Hillary Jenkins was so special. It would not be Hilary Jenkins without Frida leading the marketing department.

But the letters did not stop there. “Hey there, Dakota. I’m so glad that we were able to become friends, even though we had that awkward fight at first. You became one of my closest friends in Chicago and one of the reasons why I enjoyed working at Hillary Jenkins as much as I did. Please visit whenever you can. I miss you already! -Virginia.” Thinking about how Virginia went from being her workmate to her friend, it reminded Dakota that first impressions are not as important as one may think. So long as both sides are open to giving each other a second chance, then that was all that mattered: getting to know the real person beneath the facade that was an initial interaction or encounter.

Looking at the next letter, Dakota laughed to herself. “Hey there, buddy! I’m still so sad to know that you’re going to another city. But I’ve seen your growth in our company, and I know that you’re going to go somewhere far in whatever industry you are going to be entering. Keep up the good work, kiddo! -Justin.” She was not terribly close to Justin, so it was a surprise to see him write anything to her. But it was touching for him to point out that they have been working together for so long. Even though the two of them mixed like water and oil, they still had a love for one another that came in the form of respect.

There was just one more letter in that large envelope. The writing, Dakota knew who’s it was from the moment she saw it. “Thank you so much for helping me from the beginning of your time in Hillary Jenkins. Being able to see you grow up from being this shy intern into a capable young woman has been inspiring for me to watch. Dakota, you will be able to succeed in anything and everything you put your mind to! Never forget that! Love you and miss you lots! -Maria.” Maria was like her work-mom/older sister figure, guiding her through the company. She had learned so much from working under Maria, and Dakota was forever grateful for that. And just hearing the praise, it sent her over the mood. It helped the brunette remember that she had the ability to do whatever she wanted to, within reason. Nobody could stop her from that much. Her parents definitely put these in her car when she was not looking.

Wiping away the tears, and putting the letters away, Dakota sighed to herself. She was finally ready to move on. No matter where she wound up, she knew that her friends would be there with her, in spirit. Yeah, she knew that was a cheesy line, but it definitely applied here. Her friends would be there to support her, and give her the hope and confidence she needed to keep pursuing her career. “Goodbye, Illinois!” The brunette called, turning the key and igniting the engine. Pulling out of the drive-in movie theatre, she waved goodbye to Naperville, and then got onto the freeway. It was going to be a long drive. She was glad to be able to finally see a movie in the Cascade Drive-In. And the perfect one to close her story in Illinois, and to begin her new one, far, far away.

“Loving, caring, and hardworking. These were the qualities that described not only Phillip Hopkins, but his beloved Dakota Logan. May she live a happy life, in his memory.” Those were the words engraved on his tombstone. And they were the very thing he wished for his Ducky.


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