Warrior Chef 1: Eliminator Round

Eliminator Round


Angelina Yeo: Slim half Latin, half Chinese girl from Las Vegas, Nevada. A former ballet dancer, she currently bakes for her friends on the dance team and sells desserts for fun. Wants to work at China-Poblano, a restaurant that perfectly envelops her heritage.
Leona Closier: Athletic African American girl from Bronx, New York. Is a varsity track runner and pole vaulter, and works as a line cook at Butter, under Alex Guarnaschelli, through the CCap program. Wants to win to prove her worth to chef Guarnaschelli.
Vincent Edner: Brunette raised in Japan, but currently lives in Washington D.C. Loves to prepare dishes with both Japanese and American influences, and has recently staged under celebrity chef, Bobby Flay. Wants to win to do his mentor proud.

Zack Gomez: Dark, spiky-haired boy with bright blue eyes, from Los Angeles, California. Has recently turned down a chef de partie position at a Gordon Ramsay restaurant to compete. Wants to win so that he can draw in better work opportunities.

Silvia-Olympia Judd: Tall girl with long silver hair with purple streaks from Portland, Oregon. Originally an aspiring artist, but found a love for food styling after she was introduced to fine-dining. Wants to open a culinary gallery.
Tadashi Hamilton: Half Japanese, half American boy from Los Angeles, California. Has worked under the likes of Wolfgang Puck, Josiah Citrin, and Quinn Hatfield. Cooks Californian and new American food, and wants prove to his parents he’s a good chef.

Angelina: @I’m walking back into the kitchen, and we’ve got three gatecrashers in the competition. @I’m terrified.

Leona: @Angelina and Vincent are both in my grade, but I know I’m a stronger cook than both of them.@ Vincent might have worked for Bobby Flay, but he still screwed up enough to get on the bottom.

Carrie: So everyone, you’ll have just one hour to prepare a dish that represents who you are as a cook. The best score will earn that cook immunity. The worst, you’re going home. Your time starts now!

Angelina: @So my last dish, it was the pork belly tostada, and it just didn’t work. @Tonight, I’m making a dessert. @It’s a chestnut-chocolate cake with brown butter-banana ice cream. @It’s a simple dessert, but I know that the flavors will work so well together. @I’m feeling really okay about this.

Leona: @Angelina’s making a cake, and Vincent’s making carrot soup. @I thought this was their chance at redemption, not their chance to go home. @I’m making grilled shrimp with prickly pear salsa and corn milk. @I don’t feel even an ounce of fear towards the bottom three cooks. @As it stands right now, it’s going to be between me and the two other Eliminators for first place.

Vincent: @So I’m making a carrot soup with brown butter croutons, and pickled carrot slaw. @I don’t want to do anything too fussy like last time with the smoked creme fraiche, and I can’t afford to go home over a stupid mistake like that again. @Looking at the Eliminators, Zack’s dish looks boring. @I think my carrot soup will take him down.

Zack: @I’m prepared a seared halibut with pommes fondant, and red wine reduction. @The fondant, I get that going first, because it needs to get cooked in stock for almost a whole hour. @The red wine reduction, I get that going next. @The originals aren’t doing anything interesting. @I think it’s funny that Olympia’s cooking a halibut dish next to mine. @I’m going to beat her on this.

Olympia: @I’m preparing roasted halibut, eggplant tempura, and a rich tomato puree. @I want there to be a variety of colors, so I’m shaving the graffiti eggplant, which has all of these beautiful colors, and I know it’ll be gorgeous. @The presentation needs to be spot-on, or else I’m going home next. @I want to beat out these Eliminators are send them packing. @That’s for sure.

Tadashi: @I’m not thinking about who is and who isn’t an Eliminator. @Everyone here is my competition, regardless. @I’m preparing a bone-in ribeye, pomme puree, potato rosettes, and a potato-caramelized leek torte, with a rich steak jus. @It’s a play on a dish we cooked at Melisse, and it’s a real crowd pleaser. @I think this dish will be awesome. @The torte, it’s like a savory dough stuffed with caramelized leeks and creme fraiche infused potato puree, and it’s delicious.

Angelina: @I check on the cakes, and they’re nice and fluffy. @Using the chestnut flour in the cake batter paid off! @The ice cream, I taste it, and it’s delicious. @I think my dessert is simply divine, and hopefully, the judges will agree with that. @The other cooks are strong, but I’m playing to my strength and that’s making desserts.

Leona: @The shrimp are finally peeled and de-veined, and I know that I can cook them in the time we have left. @The corn milk, it’s a mixture of water, the corn cobs and corn kernels. @I blend those together, strain them, and allow the cobs to simmer in there until the liquid becomes creamy and soft. @It’ll be the perfect contrast to the rest of my dish. @I’ve got this.

Vincent: @I taste my soup, and it needs more salt, so I just season it with more salt and butter. @The croutons are delicious, and the pickled carrot slaw, it has delicious flavors, but I think the mixture of the slaw and the soup, it’s just weird. @It’s not going to work together, but I took the time to make both, so I just decide to plate the slaw over the croutons so that they won’t directly mix into the soup.

Zack: @The halibut is coming out of the pan, and it’s looking moist. @The fondants and reduction are still going, but I should be good for time. @Being a former cook under Gordon Ramsay, it’s intimidating and humbling. @Luckily, I didn’t have to work directly under him, just under one of his many, many executive chefs, but still, the pressure in that environment, these original cooks better watch out, because I’m bringing it with me.

Olympia: @The puree looks vibrant and fresh, and the halibut is coming out of the oven, and it’s just a tad overcooked. @But the tempura is looking good, so I just keep treading on. @I don’t have much time left, so I’m frantically starting to plate everything.

Tadashi: @The steak was rested enough, so I’m slicing into it, and it’s medium rare. Perfect! @I get the tortes onto the plate, swipe the puree, and then place the steak on that with the rosettes. @Then I get the torte onto the rest of the plate with a small jug of the sauce. @It’s looking good.

Carrie: Time’s up!

Zack: @I look at my dish, and it’s looking good. @I think I’m going to take down one of the originals tonight.

Angelina: @The Eliminators came in here and they mean business. @But I know that my dessert is solid. @I’ve got this.

Leona: @Angelina looks confident, but I know that she’s not going to make it far in this competition. @She thinks a cake is going to beat me? @I doubt it.

Carrie: Your judges are:

Thyme De Lys – renowned food personality

Scott Connors – award-winning Italian chef with restaurants in New York and Miami

Kierra Johnson – critically acclaimed food critic in Chicago

Aster Walker – famous food critic in Los Angeles

Erwin Ko – renowned food critic in Los Angeles

Miriam Adjanti – chairwomen of the European Culinary Institutes

Carrie: Let’s start with Angelina’s signature dish!

Angelina – chestnut and chocolate cake, brown butter-banana ice cream

Miriam: The cake was moist and I liked the combination of the chestnut and chocolate. The brown butter worked too, but the banana made the dessert a tad sweet.

Thyme: I didn’t mind the sweetness as much. The dish was simple, but beautifully executed. It was pleasant.

Kierra: I wanted to be wowed, and the cake was pretty spectacular. It was moist, the ice cream was creamy, and the chocolate was smoky. I loved it all.

Carrie: Next is Leona’s dish!

Leona – grilled shrimp, prickly pear salsa, corn milk

Erwin: Leona cooked those shrimp impeccably. The salsa was actually really tasty. The corn milk was creative and it worked with everything.

Scott: The corn milk tied the shrimp and salsa together in a way I didn’t expect. It really made that dish something special.

Aster: My shrimp were undercooked, but the rest of the dish was delicious and I just loved the creativity.

Carrie: Next is Vincent’s signature dish!

Vincent – carrot soup with brown butter crouton, pickled carrot slaw

Aster: The soup had a deep flavor, but the crouton and the slaw, it didn’t work together as a cohesive dish.

Kierra: The brown butter crouton was crispy but the slaw tasted fermented. I just didn’t like any of it together. But the soup, the main element, it was beautifully prepared.

Thyme: The soup was delicious to me, anyways. There were a lot of beautiful flavors, but I just didn’t understand the combination of flavors.

Carrie: Now we’ve got Zack’s dish!

Zack – seared halibut, pommes fondant, red wine reduction

Scott: The halibut was cooked beautifully, but the combination was a bit too much for me. It was heavy.

Erwin: I just didn’t get what he did if he was reducing red wine and baking potatoes for most of the hour. The halibut was cooked nicely, however.

Miriam: I wanted to see more technique. More balance. Why not a fresh component on the dish?

Carrie: Now we’ve got Olympia’s signature dish!

Olympia – tomato puree, roasted halibut, eggplant tempura

Scott: The halibut was raw. The tomato puree was delicious and it worked with the tempura, but together, the halibut was lost.

Thyme: The presentation was dramatic, gorgeous, and I really loved that about her dish. The halibut, mine was cooked properly. But the tempura was greasy to me.

Kierra: I loved the acidity of the puree against the crunchy tempura and the halibut, mine was moist as well. For me, it was an alright dish, but I wasn’t wowed by any of the flavors. Nothing was really complex.

Carrie: Finally, Tadashi’s dish!

Tadashi – bone-in ribeye, pomme puree, rosettes, potato-leek torte, jus

Aster: The steak was cooked beautifully. The puree was smooth and creamy, and him embracing the potato three ways, I was deeply impressed.

Miriam: The torte was delicious. The leek and potato combination was brilliant. The jus, I just enjoyed dipping everything into that.

Erwin: The presentation was beautiful, the rosettes were crunchy, and the puree was velvety. I just couldn’t fault anything.

Carrie: So can we finish scoring?

Miriam: Yes.

In walks the six cooks.

Vincent: @I think I did enough to keep myself in the competition. @These new cooks better watch out, because one of them is going home.

Olympia: @After seeing the other dishes, I don’t think anyone made a better looking plate than me. @The judges definitely will score me higher based on presentation.

Carrie: So only five of you will be continuing to the next stage of the competition. Let’s start with Angelina’s dish!

Thyme: I loved the flavors a lot. 9 stars.

Scott: 8 stars. It was a solid dessert, but not an astronomical one.

Kierra: It was a spectacular dessert. Simplicity embodied. 10 stars.

Aster: 9 stars.

Miriam: 8 stars. It was a tad sweet, but I appreciate the effort greatly.

Erwin: 8 stars. You definitely stepped it up from last time.

Angelina – 9 + 8 + 10 + 9 + 8 + 8 = 52/60 stars

Carrie: Next is Leona’s score.

Thyme: 9 stars for an incredibly inventive dish.

Scott: 10 stars. I loved the combination.

Kierra: 10 stars. It was beautiful and creative.

Aster: My shrimp were undercooked. 6 stars.

Miriam: You cooked the shrimp beautifully. 9 stars.

Erwin: 9 stars for a creative but refined dish.

Leona – 9 + 10 + 10 + 6 + 9 + 9 = 53/60 stars

Leona: @I make a point to look at Angelina, because she was so cocky during the cooking period, and I knew that I could beat her. @She’s in danger of going home.

Carrie: Now we’ve got Vincent’s score!

Thyme: I liked the flavors and your effort. 8 stars.

Scott: 7 stars.

Kierra: 8 stars for a good soup.

Aster: 8 stars.

Miriam: 7 stars. I just didn’t like the combination of flavors.

Erwin: 7 stars.

Vincent – 8 + 7 + 8 + 8 + 7 + 7 = 45/60 stars

Vincent: @This was my second chance, and I blew it. @I’m definitely going home tonight. @This sucks so much.

Carrie: Next is Zack’s score!

Thyme: The halibut, mine was overcooked. 6 stars.

Scott: 8 stars. It was a bit heavy for me.

Kierra: 9 stars. I wanted more freshness, but the flavors worked.

Aster: 9 stars.

Miriam: 9 stars.

Erwin: 9 stars.

Zack – 6 + 8 + 9 + 9 + 9 + 9 = 50/60 stars

Zack: @It wasn’t perfect, but I knew I could do it. @I’m not going home!

Carrie: Now we’ve got Olympia’s dish!

Thyme: 9 stars for gorgeous presentation.

Scott: My halibut was under. 6 stars.

Kierra: 7 stars. It was average.

Aster: 6 stars. My fish was dry.

Miriam: 7 stars.

Erwin: 7 stars.

Olympia – 9 + 6 + 7 + 6 + 7 + 7 = 42/60 stars

Olympia: @I got excited because I got a 9, but then I wound up with a 42. @That sucks so much. @I’m feeling nervous.

Vincent: @Better her than me. @That’s all I got to say.

Carrie: Tadashi, you need to beat 42 to stay and 53 to win. Do you think you’ve beaten either of those?

Tadashi: I’m not sure about the 53, but I just hope that I can beat 42. It would be amazing if I could make it into the main competition.

Carrie: Judges?

Thyme: It was perfection. 10 stars.

Scott: I just loved the entire concept. 10 stars.

Kierra: 10 stars.

Aster: 10 stars.

Miriam: You’ve honestly raised the bar. 10 stars.

Erwin: If you continue cooking like this, the title’s yours. 10 stars.

Tadashi – 10 + 10 + 10 + 10 + 10 + 10 = 60/60 stars

Carrie: Tadashi, you are the first person to ever achieve a perfect score! Congratulations, you won immunity going into the next round of the competition!

Tadashi: Oh my god! @I’m so relieved and just dumbstruck. @I can’t believe that I won immunity! @I’m really thankful for the judges for appreciating the food I prepared.

Carrie: Now let’s look at the leaderboard!

Tadashi – 60

Leona – 53

Angelina – 52

Zack – 50

Vincent – 45

Olympia – 42

Carrie: Olympia, you did a good job this time, but it wasn’t enough. Please return to the kitchen and leave.

Olympia: Thank you for this opportunity to compete. It was real. @I’m so annoyed that I’m getting sent home and that I lost my spot to an Eliminator. @I didn’t deserve to go home. @I got a 9 from one of the judges! @I know that I have a successful career, so I’m going to make sure that it happens for me.

Carrie: And congratulations, everyone! You’re all safe and through to the main competition! Well done!

Angelina: @The preliminaries were tough, but I made it through! @I’m in the competition! @This is such a great feeling!

Tadashi: @Winning the challenge and immunity feels incredible. @I honestly cannot believe that I’m starting the competition on such a high. @Warrior Chef history. @That’s just great.


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