Warrior Chef 1: Preliminary 2

Preliminary 2

Jimmy Taylor: Spiky blonde haired boy from Maui, Hawaii. Loves to surf and is currently a junior varsity water-polo player. Loves to cook with Hawaiian flavors, but can prepare most American classics. Wants to win the title because he’s competitive.

Vincent Edner: Brunette raised in Japan, but currently lives in Washington D.C. Loves to prepare dishes with both Japanese and American influences, and has recently staged under celebrity chef, Bobby Flay. Wants to win to do his mentor proud.
Angelina Yeo: Slim half Latin, half Chinese girl from Las Vegas, Nevada. A former ballet dancer, she currently bakes for her friends on the dance team and sells desserts for fun. Wants to work at China-Poblano, a restaurant that perfectly envelops her heritage.

Judith Tice: Curly dirty-blonde haired girl from Topeka, Kansas. Is gluten, ovo, and lactose-intolerant, and allergic to refined sugars. Loves to cook for herself, because it’s fun for her to figure out what she can and can’t eat. Wants to inspire others.
Lucas Powers: Pale brunette from Boston, Massachusetts. Is competitive and interested in both cooking and law. Wants to go to business school so that he can eventually own his own restaurant empire. Cooks American classics.

Fanny Robinson: Lanky dark haired girl from New York City, New York. Is a part-time model, amateur boxer, and stages under Jean-Georges’s restaurant group. Cooks refined new American, and wants to win for validation that being a chef is a good idea.

Fanny: @I’m the first person walking into the kitchen tonight, and I just see a lot of young cooks who look like they’re out their depth. @This one ought to be easy.

Angelina: @I’m young, but I’m fierce. @Nobody in this group should question my authority in the kitchen. @I’m just that strong.

Carrie: Welcome to the second preliminary! The six of you will be competing for five spots in the next stage of this competition.

Jimmy: @I’m the only freshman in this round, but I’m confident that I can represent myself, the people in my grade, and Hawaii really well.

Vincent: @I’ve worked under Bobby Flay, and I’m bringing that knowledge with me into the kitchen tonight. @Everyone better fear me.

Carrie: So you have an hour to cook your dish. Time starts now!

Jimmy: @So for my dish tonight, I’m making hamburger steak with potato gnocchi, a demi glas infused hollandaise sauce, and Kahlua braised cabbage. @It’s basically a deconstructed and refined take on a loco moco, a traditional Hawaiian meal. @I want to show everyone tonight that I can display finesse, technique, and skills beyond my age. @I’m not going home this round. @Absolutely out of the question.

Vincent: @I’m making compressed ahi tuna with smoked creme fraiche and roasted poblano. @I’m combining spicy, fresh, and creamy and I know that the smoking of the creme fraiche with the cedar wood will be a hit. @I don’t see any other cook in this competition posing a threat to me. @I don’t think any of them have worked at the level of restaurants and chefs that I have.

Angelina: @I’m making pork belly tostada with fresh cabbage, pickled daikon, and poached egg. @I’m making the tortillas from scratch, and then I’m going to treat the meat of the pork belly carnitas style while crisping up the skin separately in the oven. @For the tortillas, I’m going to toast them in a pan, and then bake them off in the oven to finish. @Vincent’s looking really cocky about his dish, but I think it’ll crash and burn.

Judith: @I’ve got a lot of allergies, so I know I need to get creative and find a new way to wow the judges not with just the food I like, but food that tastes good in general. @I’m making coconut oil stuffed dates with shaved fennel and roasted mushrooms. @I’m feeling really nervous, but I think that’s just because I accidentally licked a spoon that had mayonnaise on it, and it’s making me hallucinate a little.

Lucas: @I’m going to make a green curry roasted lobster tail, basil infused gnocchi, lime buttered scallops, and puffed rice. @It’s a lot to get done in just one hour, so I get the potatoes started first, and then I get the green curry paste made with the herbs, chilies, and aromatics, and then I brush that onto the lobster and get that into the oven with the potatoes. @Then I need to start shucking the scallops. @If I pull it off, I could seriously win this challenge!

Fanny: @Lucas is such a sweetheart, and that’s why I want to beat him. @Being a model, you’re taught to be aggressive, especially towards those who aren’t. @Vincent thinks he’s a big shot because he worked for Bobby Flay. @I’ve worked for Jean-Georges. @He’s a dominant chef in New York, and Bobby Flay can’t even compete at that level. @For my dish, it’s a beet-pomegranate sorbet, cacao nib soil, seared lamb loin, and balsamic-black garlic puree.

Jimmy: @I see Lucas is also doing gnocchi. @This is going to be interesting, because if my gnocchi aren’t as good as his, the judges will definitely take note of that. @I decide to switch up my concept and do ricotta gnocchi instead, because then they won’t be as similar. @It’s too early to go balls to the wall and go head to head. @I still think this is a smart idea.

Vincent: @I see that everyone’s making really pedestrian dishes. @And then I notice what Fanny’s making. @She’s got cacao nibs and lamb with pomegranate and beets?@Like seriously, what? @I’m so lost right now. @She never mentioned professional experience before. @I’m feeling a little pissed, because she’s definitely using refined techniques that I’ve never seen.

Angelina: @The pork belly is delicious, and I got the tortillas to work, so I know that I’ve got a delicious dish in the making. @But then I see the other dishes. @Lucas is cooking scallops, lobster, and gnocchi?! @Holy shit. @I’m starting to doubt myself, but I just need to keep cooking through this challenge and hope my concept will kick some ass.

Judith: @I cut open the dates and then I remove the seeds. @I grab my coconut oil, and whip it up and spoon that into the dates. @The other accompaniment is going to be shaved fennel, which I’m cutting on the mandolin, and some roasted portobello mushrooms. @I’m reaching around and grabbing everything, because right now, I’m tripping on mayonnaise. @It’s actually terrifying, but I don’t want to call the medic. @I only have an hour, and I have so much I need to do.

Lucas: @Judith is grabbing a lot of things from the pantry, and her dish is looking interesting. @She’s got hamachi, shiitake mushrooms, firm tofu, and goji berries. @That’s definitely not what her dish was, but good for her for trying something completely different. @I get my lobsters out of the oven, and they’re cooked beautifully. @The gnocchi, I have them rolled and cut, I just need to get them into the water. @The scallops are still waiting for the butter treatment, and I still need to get the rice into the frier to cook it. @I’m feeling so exhausting, like I’m going around in circles right now.

Fanny: @Lucas has a really complex dish going on and in my heart, I’m hoping that he messes up, because I want immunity. @I don’t think he’s going home, even with an incomplete dish, but if he does pull off that risk, it’ll definitely knock me off the 1st place pedestal. @My lamb loin, it’s cooked perfectly. @My soil tastes earthy but not too bitter. @I add some lemon zest and dehydrated mint leaf powder into that, just to twist the flavors and give it an unexpected hit. @I know my flavors are going to kick ass.

Carrie: Time’s up!

Lucas: @I managed to pull everything off, but the presentation was a bit sloppy. @I see Fanny’s dish, and it’s gorgeous. @I would happily eat that.

Jimmy: @Lucas’s dish looks like a mess, and that makes me feel a lot more relieved, because my dish looks rushed too. @I don’t know who’s going to get through to the next stage of the competition, but that makes this so much more exciting!

Judith: @I get a second look at my dish, and it’s so.. not what I envisioned. @Somehow, I got hamachi, which I’m allergic to, tofu, goji berries, and shiitake mushrooms onto my dish. @What the heck is this?

Carrie: So your judges are:

Erwin Ko – renowned Korean-fusion chef in Los Angeles

Miriam Adjanti – chairwomen of the European Culinary Institutions in New York

Scott Connors – renowned Italian chef with restaurants in New York and Miami

Max Hudson – award winning seafood chef from Los Angeles and Honolulu

Chelia Van Buren – famous restauranteur and cookbook author

Missy Skies – Michelin-starred Italian chef in New York

Carrie: Let’s start with the dish by Jimmy!

Jimmy – hamburger steak, ricotta gnocchi, demi glas hollandaise, Kahlua cabbage

Missy: The hamburger was cooked a perfect medium, the gnocchi were fluffy and light, and I loved the Kahlua braised cabbage. It was delicious!

Max: You know what this reminds me of? It’s like a deconstructed loco moco! It’s got all of the flavors, and some of the components, but completely refined!

Chelia: I totally agree with you, Max. This was a loco moco at heart. Him being from Hawaii, that came through on the plate. I really loved the flavors.

Carrie: Next up is Vincent’s dish!

Vincent – roasted poblano, compressed ahi tuna, smoked creme fraiche

Scott: Well the good news is that the tuna was cooked beautifully and I liked the poblano. The creme fraiche, it was too smoked, and I couldn’t taste anything else.

Miriam: I struggled with it because of the creme fraiche. It was overpowering basically everything on the plate.

Erwin: The poblano, I was expecting the kick, but I didn’t really get that. The creme fraiche was strong and I couldn’t taste anything but smoke.

Carrie: And now we’ve got Angelina’s dish!

Angelina – pork belly tostada, cabbage, pickled daikon, poached egg

Miriam: The pork belly itself was cooked beautifully. I loved the crunch of the crackling, sprinkled throughout. The tortillas were a bit of a letdown. They were sandy and grainy.

Scott: I appreciate her making her own tortillas, and that to me was interesting. The seasoning on the pork belly, I love how she treated the meat like carnitas.

Missy: It was an interesting dish, but there were mistakes. The tortilla being grainy was an issue, as well as the cabbage being underseasoned and undressed. But the pork was gorgeous. I loved the pork belly so much.

Carrie: The dish up next belonged to Judith!

Judith – coconut oil stuffed dates, shaved fennel salad, roasted mushrooms

Max: Well this is awkward. The only thing that was consistent to her description was that there were mushrooms. But she poached them… in coconut oil. Those were delicious.

Erwin: There was hamachi on the plate, and that was cooked beautifully. There were also goji berries, but they were hard and dry. It got stuck in my teeth.

Chelia: The whipped tofu puree underneath the fish, she used firm tofu, so it was chunky. I didn’t really like it much. And then there was the description issue. I liked the mushrooms and hamachi, but the rest of it confused me completely.

Carrie: This next dish belongs to Lucas!
Lucas – green curry lobster, basil gnocchi, lime buttered scallops, puffed rice

Missy: The lobster was cooked nicely, and his gnocchi, they were on par with Jimmy’s gnocchi. I loved the Thai influences throughout the dish. That was unique.

Max: The puffed rice and the buttered scallops, just those little details, for him to nail those, and the spice blend in the green curry paste, I’m really impressed.

Erwin: The lobster was buttery and had a nice crispy exterior. The gnocchi were soft and pillowy, and the buttered scallops were silky and juicy. I loved everything.

Carrie: Finally, we have Fanny’s dish!

Fanny – beet-pomegranate sorbet, cacao soil, lamb loin, balsamic-black garlic puree

Chelia: Lamb cooked perfectly. The presentation was gorgeous. The puree was a bit strong, but the sorbet, the soil, it all worked so well together.

Miriam: I think that the black garlic, just one clove less, and this dish would be so perfect. It was already presented beautifully, and she paired sorbet of all things with red meat, but it works!

Scott: The soil, I taste mint and lemon, and it worked so well with the beets, the pomegranate, the balsamic, and the lamb. It was beautiful.

Carrie: So can we get into scoring?

Missy: We can.

In walks the six cooks.

Judith: @I’m freaking out, because I don’t even remember what I made. @This sounds terrible. @I don’t know what’ll happen.

Angelina: @I’m so confident in my dish tonight. @I have high doubts that nobody is going to beat me.

Carrie: So only five of you will be advancing to the next stage of the competition. Let’s start with Jimmy’s score!

Erwin: You are really young, but you cook like a seasoned pro. 10 stars.

Miriam: For me, hollandaise and gnocchi don’t go together in a European sensibility. But it was tasty. 9 stars.

Scott: 9 stars for an inventive take on your heritage.

Max: 10 stars. Your loco moco was fantastic!

Chelia: 9 stars.

Missy: 9 stars.

Jimmy – 10 + 9 + 9 + 10 + 9 + 9 = 56/60 stars

Fanny: Wow! @I’m so surprised. @He’s young, he doesn’t look like a threat, and he got two perfect scores. @Who would’ve thought?

Jimmy: @Getting a 56 is amazing! @I know I’m not going home, for sure!

Carrie: Next is Vincent’s score!

Vincent: @I’m confident that I can beat 56. @Bring it.

Erwin: The creme fraiche just killed it for me. 7 stars.

Miriam: 7 stars.

Scott: Simplicity, you achieved. Balance, not so much. 7 stars.

Max: 7 stars.

Chelia: 7 stars.

Missy: 7 stars.

Vincent – 7 + 7 + 7 + 7 + 7 + 7 = 42/60 stars

Vincent: @A 42? @Are you serious?! @I definitely deserved so much more than a 42. @This is embarrassing! @Chef will kill me over this!

Carrie: Now we’ve got Angelina’s score.

Erwin: The pork belly was delectable. 8 stars.

Miriam: You just missed with the tortilla. 7 stars.

Scott: 8 stars.

Max: 7 stars. I felt like the cabbage was neglected.

Chelia: 7 stars.

Missy: 8 stars.

Angelina – 8 + 7 + 8 + 7 + 7 + 8 = 45/60 stars

Angelina: @At least I’m safe, but not by much. @I’m feeling a little embarrassed regardless. @I know I can do better than this. @I should have made a dessert.

Carrie: And next is Judith’s score!

Erwin: I’m honestly not sure how to score you. But your hamachi dish was nice. 6 stars.

Miriam: I can’t tell what I can do here, but for what you plated, I’m giving you 6 stars.

Scott: I’m giving you 6 stars, for those dry goji berries, and the inconsistent dish.

Max: 6 stars.

Chelia: 6 stars for decent cooking, but points off for inconsistency between your dish’s description and what we actually received.

Missy: I just wanted an accurate description. But the hamachi was gorgeous. 7 stars.

Judith – 6 + 6 + 6 + 6 +7 + 7 = 38/60 stars

Judith: @They liked the hamachi, but because that wasn’t the dish I intended and it was off my description, I’m getting marked down. @But I get it. @I made a promise for stuffed dates and fennel, and I didn’t deliver.

Vincent: @Yes! @I’m not in danger anymore. @This rocks!

Carrie: Next is Lucas’s score!

Erwin: That was honestly an amazing dish. Messy, yes, but delicious. 9 stars.

Miriam: The presentation, I forgot about it upon eating the dish. 10 stars.

Scott: 10 stars. I’d give you 20, but I can’t.

Max: 10 stars.

Chelia: 10 stars.

Missy: This honestly was a moving, mind-blowing dish. 10 stars.

Lucas – 9 + 10 + 10 + 10 + 10 + 10 = 59/60 stars

Lucas: WHAT?!

Jimmy: @I didn’t think anyone could beat my score, but that was incredible. @He literally was one point away from breaking the record!
Lucas: @It’s going to be really hard to beat that score. @I have a gut feeling I might have won immunity tonight!

Carrie: Fanny, to stay, you need at least 39. To beat Lucas, you’ll need a perfect score. How do you think you did?

Fanny: Well I definitely beat 39. The perfect score, I’m aiming for that, and I hope I delivered it.

Erwin: Well you’ve got a lot of confidence. And I can see why. It was delicious. 10 stars.

Miriam: 10 stars from me as well.

Scott: 10 stars. I could honestly hire you with cooking skills like that.

Max: 10 stars.

Missy: I was genuinely blown away tonight. 10 stars.

Carrie: Chelia, if you score Fanny’s dish another perfect 10, she will receive immunity. What did you think of her dish?

Chelia: Trying it, I loved the creativity. But for me, the black garlic was too much. 7 stars.

Fanny – 10 + 10 + 10 + 10 + 10 + 7 = 57/60 stars

Fanny: @You’re kidding me, right? @This is ridiculous. @I didn’t deserve a bloody 7!

Carrie: So let’s check the leaderboard!


Lucas – 59

Fanny – 57

Jimmy – 56

Angelina – 45

Vincent – 42

Judith – 38

Carrie: Judith, for coming in last, you are eliminated from the competition.

Judith: Okay. @I’m sad. @I’m going home and I didn’t make a dish that I wanted to make. @Had I plated that date dish, it would have beaten Vincent, for sure. @I just want a re-do so badly.

Judith leaves the kitchen.

Carrie: Lucas, you won immunity going into the main competition!
Lucas: Awesome! @I won immunity and I got a 59! @It’s so validating!

Carrie: Please help me welcome back the cooks from the other preliminary round.

The first five cooks walk into the judges’s room.

Vanilla: @I see the other team, and I’m relieved. @Nobody here is a weak cook, so I’m relieved about the immunity. @Hopefully, it’ll serve me well.

Olympia: @I’m ready for the next stage in the competition. @Bring it on!
Carrie: So we’ve tallied up the scores in both rounds!

Cumulative Leaderboard:

Lucas – 59

Vanilla – 58

Fanny – 57

Jimmy – 56

Karen – 54

Jackson – 53

Duncan – 47

Angelina – 45

Vincent – 42

Olympia – 37

Carrie: Olympia, Angelina, and Vincent, the three of you are in immediate danger. Please help me welcome to Eliminators!

In walks two boys, Zack and Tadashi, as well as a girl, Leona.

Angelina: Wait, what?!

Leona: @Being an Eliminator, we’re here to take out the original competitors, one by one. @I’m not going home before they are. @I’m going to win this title.

Tadashi: @I don’t think anyone here is going to beat me. @I’ve been trained by the best chefs in California, and that’s going to be my edge. @Bring it on.

Vincent: @I’m not scared about this Eliminator Round. @I’ve worked for Bobby Flay, and I’m excited to be cooking again so soon. @I’m so ready to prove myself.

Carrie: So there will be one more round of competition. The three bottom cooks against our three eliminators. Whoever scores the lowest in this round will be going home, while the highest scorer will receive immunity. I hope you’re ready for an epic showdown!

Lucas: @All I can say is good luck to Angelina and Vincent. @Those two are going to need to really push themselves. @These guys look tough.

Zack: @I’m not going to let one of these bottom feeders take my spot. @They are going to decide amongst themselves who will be joining the three of us in the main competition. @Nobody out of those three are a threat.


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