Warrior Chef 1: Round 1

Round 1

Vanilla: @Haha! @I’m so happy to make it to the main competition, and with immunity? @This is awesome! @I’m chuffed. @Couldn’t have asked for a better start!

Karen: @I’m looking around, and there’s no other freshmen here. @I’m the last one standing in my grade already, and that’s terrifying!

Lucas: @I’ve made it to the first of many challenges, and I’ve already made Warrior Chef history with the last round. @I’m here and I’m going to make big waves.

Carrie: Welcome to the first real elimination challenge. Tonight, we want to see you guys prepare a fine dining-worthy dish. The best dish will win the challenge, but the worst two dishes will be going home tonight.

Leona: @Being an Eliminator and making it into the competition controversially, I don’t want to be the one going home first.

Jackson: @I don’t want to think about who’s going home, but I know that three people have immunity, so it’s almost a 1 in 4 chance you’re going home.

Carrie: You’ll have an hour. And your time starts now!

Fanny: @Now there is no way I’m going home first. @Tadashi, Vanilla, and Lucas all have immunity, so eyes are on them to see how they perform. @Personally, I know that I’m a better cook than all three of them. @I’m making a seared duck breast with charred leek puree, caper-blood orange fritto misto, and brown butter-champagne emulsion.

Jimmy: @Not getting immunity makes me want to try harder. @But fine dining and Hawaii, it’s going to be a fun challenge for me to put Hawaiian food on the map. @I’m making roasted boar loin with pineapple pickles, roasted clams, and a yogurt sauce to pair with couscous. @It’s a weird combination, but I made a weird combination work really well in the preliminaries, and I know I can do it again. @Lightning can strike the same place twice.

Angelina: @I’m pretty confident that I can do fine-dining. @I love to make desserts, and that’s my edge. @I’m going to prepare a vanilla-coconut cupcake with chili caramel sauce and lime buttercream. @For my buttercream, it’s going to be an American buttercream using powdered sugar, butter, and lime zest and juice. @It’s going to be good. @I know I can make this work really well.

Duncan: @I got dinged in the preliminaries because I overcooked my venison. @Tonight, not going to make the same mistakes. @I’m preparing cockles with potato chips, shaved kohlrabi, and black olive puree. @I think that the olives and cockles will go together really well. @Angelina’s making a cupcake, and I think she’s screwed. @There’s no way a cupcake is considered fine dining.

Karen: @Fine dining is going to be tricky, because I’m going to need to devote a lot of time to just plating alone. @I’m going to prepare a roasted game hen with poached egg, shredded phyllo nest, parmesan-kale chips, and a carrot puree. @I’m making my own phyllo from scratch and it’s insane. @I have to make sure that the dough doesn’t break apart and that the butter won’t melt into the layers and keep them from forming.

Lucas: @Having immunity, I already know people are going to think I’m one of the people to beat. @But I want to play it safe with immunity, because I want people to let their guards down and not think of me as a huge threat, even if I actually turn out to be. @I’m making seared ribeye with cauliflower steak and mushroom jus. @The combination of textures and flavors will be very hearty, and if I execute everything perfectly, nobody will be able to fault my dish anyways.

Tadashi: @I want to keep proving, no matter what, that I am a frontrunner and that nobody can beat me in this competition. @I’m preparing an ash crusted hamachi loin with shaved radishes, red seaweed, sago, ruby grapefruit vinaigrette, spring pea-butter emulsion, and paprika dusted mango. @I want to transport the judges underneath the sea. @I’m bringing a lot of techniques to the table, but I want them to be balanced and work together harmoniously. @That’s the key to proving myself.

Vanilla: @Haha! @I’m so happy! @I have immunity, I’ve got a chance to prove myself again, and I know that I can do it!~ @Haha, ha! @I’m making a chocolate-mascarpone fonduta, hazelnut crusted bomboloni, caramelized hazelnuts, salted dark chocolate shards, and salted caramel-mascarpone ice cream. @This is such a thrill! @Hehehe! *squeals inaudibly*

Leona: @Vanilla’s shrill squealing is driving me insane. @I’m going to kill her. @Idiot. @I’m making a poached lobster in coconut broth, roasted corn, and yams. @I’m going to use the corn husks to season my broth, kind of like pandan leaves in Asian cooking. @I’m a stronger cook than all of these guys here, even Tadashi. @He raised the bar, yeah, but I’m going to raise it higher and leave him in my dust.

Zack: @Leona’s competitive, but I am too. @I’m making a pork roulade with apples, goat cheese, and currants, and I’m pairing that with an apple-parsnip puree and a cider-mustard butter sauce. @I’m pretty certain that the whole grain mustard will be the perfect accompaniment to the dish and I’m going to be on top with my flavors. @The roulade, I’m wrapping it in prosciutto and finishing it in the oven after I sear it.

Jackson: @This challenge is right up my alley. @I cook French-American food, and most high-end concept revolve around that. @I’m making gougeres with gruyere cheese, speck, and goat cheese. @I know I need something else to serve with that, so I grab the frisee and I’m going to make a frisee lardon with mustard vinaigrette, using the speck the bridge the ingredients together.

Vincent: @I had to cook twice to get to this point, so I’ve got a lot to prove to myself and everyone else. @I can’t keep disappointing chef. @I’m making a poblano soup with cream cheese puree and crostini. @But then I remember I can’t proof bread in that time, so I decide to make fritters, and those will be a good vehicle to soak up all of these delicious flavors. @It’s looking good for me!
Carrie: Time’s up!

Fanny: @I look over and see Tadashi’s dish. @It looks like a garden popping out of his hamachi. @I’ve got that beat, for sure.

Carrie: Your judges are:

Erwin Ko

Aster Walker

Miriam Adjanti

Carrie: Let’s start with the dishes by Lucas, Tadashi, and Vanilla!
Lucas – seared ribeye with cauliflower steak and mushroom jus

Tadashi – ash hamachi, radishes, red seaweed, sago, grapefruit, spring pea, mango

Vanilla – chocolate fonduta, hazelnut bomboloni, caramel-mascarpone ice cream

Erwin: The steak Lucas cooked was beautifully seared. The cauliflower steak was tender on the inside, but had a nice sear on the exterior. The mushroom jus, I think he had a triple win in terms of each individual component. Together, it was a bit plain.

Miriam: Tadashi cooked his hamachi perfectly. I loved all of the accompaniments on his dish and I’m surprised how spring peas and mango can actually work together. This was a very good dish.

Aster: Vanilla made a dessert worthy of her name. The fonduta was creamy, silky, and the bomboloni were fluffy and crisp. I loved that salted caramel ice cream a lot, and the chocolate and hazelnuts were a beautiful combination.

Carrie: Next are the dishes by Fanny, Angelina, and Duncan!

Fanny – duck, charred leek, caper-orange fritto misto, brown butter-champagne

Angelina – vanilla-coconut cupcake with chili caramel sauce and lime buttercream

Duncan – cockles with potato chips, shaved kohlrabi, and black olive puree

Miriam: Fanny cooked her duck breast perfectly and I loved that the fat was rendered so it had crispy skin. The fritto misto was an unusual garnish choice, but it worked with the different textures and levels of acidity. Her champagne emulsion was gorgeous. Smoky, light, airy, it was a nice combination of flavors.

Aster: Angelina’s cupcake, it was very bland. The cake itself was baked properly, but it had no real hit. The chili caramel, I was expecting a kick in there, but I didn’t get any. The buttercream was just a major letdown.

Erwin: Duncan’s cockles, mine weren’t opened, so I couldn’t eat most of them. The chips were soggy and the kohlrabi, I don’t know what it’s doing on this dish, but it’s just not working for me. His puree was a salt lake.

Carrie: And finally, the dishes by Karen, Jimmy, and Leona!

Karen – roasted game hen, poached egg, phyllo nest, parmesan-kale chip, carrot puree

Jimmy – roasted boar loin with pineapple pickles, clams, yogurt couscous

Leona – poached lobster, coconut broth, roasted corn, and yams

Aster: Karen’s game hen was roasted really nicely and it was juicy. I thought the combination of a poached egg and a baked nest, it was soggy and clunky. Her chips were tasty on their own, but it wasn’t necessary to have both those and the nest. Her puree was delicious, however.

Miriam: The boar loin Jimmy prepared was cooked and seasoned properly. But the combination of flavors between that and the pickled pineapples, clams, and couscous in yogurt, it was confusing. I didn’t know what to make out of it.

Erwin: Leona’s lobster dish was beautiful. The lobster was tender, that broth had a depth of corn and coconut flavor, and the vegetables in the soup were cooked perfectly. It was an impressive dish.

Carrie: So can we decide on a winning dish, and who’s going home?

Aster: We can.

In walks Angelina, Duncan, and Jimmy.

Carrie: Sadly, the three of you made the weakest dishes tonight, and two of you are going home.

Angelina: @They hated my cupcake?! @I’m starting to freak out a little bit.

Aster: Angelina, my question is why a cupcake?

Angelina: The challenge was to make a dish that showed finesse, and I thought a dainty little cupcake would have captured that.

Aster: Unfortunately, it came off as pedestrian. You even served the cake in the wrapper still. I felt like I was at a $5 bake sale, not a Michelin starred restaurant.

Erwin: Duncan, where were you trying to go with the dish?

Duncan: I wanted there to be a balance of flavors and textures. The kohlrabi and potato were there to mellow it out.

Erwin: We found the dish to be really clunky and it was hard to eat any component on it’s own, let alone together.

Miriam: Jimmy, what was your inspiration for this dish?

Jimmy: I wanted to take classic Hawaiian dishes and jazz them up.

Miriam: I still remember your signature dish and you managed to do that perfectly then. Tonight, it was just too many clashing flavors. Clams didn’t need to be there, nor did the pineapple. Editing was your enemy tonight.

Angelina: @After hearing the judges, I think Duncan is going home for sure. @But the question is, who else is joining him?

Carrie: It’ll be a tough decision to make, so in the mean time, please bring in Vanilla, Fanny, and Tadashi. Thank you.

The bottom three leave.

In walks Tadashi, Fanny, and Vanilla.

Carrie: Congratulations.The three of you impressed the judges tonight, and one of you won the challenge!

Fanny: @I’m the only one here without immunity, and it’s awesome. @I knew that I’m a better cook than the others, and I’m proving it here tonight.

Tadashi: @If I win this challenge, I’ll really cement myself as a huge contender to win the title. @I want to win this.

Vanilla: @Haha!~ @Winning would mean so much to me! @I want to be the person to beat in this season!
Carrie: Erwin, please announce the winner!

Erwin: We had three incredible dishes to choose from and you’re all setting the bar really high for just the first elimination challenge. But tonight, the person who won produced the best dessert I’ve ever tasted in Warrior Chef. Thank you, Vanilla.

Carrie: Congratulations, Vanilla! You won the elimination challenge!

Vanilla: Oh my goodness! Thank you, thank you, thank you very much! Haha!~ @I won! @I won! @I won the first challenge and I’m so excited and happy! @All of my friends and family back home will be so proud of me!

Tadashi: @Vanilla is a happy-go-lucky person, but she’s definitely using that as a facade to hide her cooking skills. @She’s someone to watch out for.

Fanny: @That’s high praise, the best dessert ever. @But I want to see where she’s at with savory dishes.

The top three leave.

Carrie: So let’s figure out who’s going home tonight.

Miriam: Well I think it’s obvious that Duncan’s going. His dish didn’t work for any of us. But between Angelina and Jimmy, who made the bigger mistake?

Erwin: I’d say Angelina. Jimmy cooked a lot of components, but they tasted nice, just not together. Angelina, her cake was flawed.

Aster: Her buttercream was powdery too. I just don’t think we can really excuse that. But at the same time, Jimmy’s mistake wasn’t forgivable either.

Carrie: So can we finalize our decision?

Aster: Yes.

In walks Angelina, Duncan, and Jimmy.

Carrie: Two of you are going home. The first person leaving us is… Duncan. You may leave the kitchen.

Duncan: Alright. @I”m not happy with the results, but I cooked a dish that sucked and that’s how the cookie crumbled. @At least I’m leaving with my dignity intact.

Duncan leaves.

Jimmy: @I might be going home tonight. @I really don’t want to be eliminated right at the beginning of the competition. @I have so much more left to prove!

Angelina: @I’m not sure which one of us is going home. @I really hope Jimmy leaves. @I’m a much better cook than he is!
Carrie: Angelina, you’re also going home. Please leave the kitchen.

Angelina: Alright. *to Jimmy* Good luck. @I don’t agree with the judges’ decision, but that’s just their choice, and I apparently made more mistakes. @I’m not proud of that, but it’s all I can do in terms of trying to be the next Warrior Chef. @I’ll still find a way to open my bakery. @You haven’t heard the last of me.


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