Warrior Chef 1: Afterword

Hopefully, you all who read the series actually enjoyed it. It must be strange seeing written text in paragraph form if you were reading through all of those previous Warrior Chef rounds before reading this, isn’t it?

Anyways, I started writing Warrior Chef 5 years ago. Fun fact, even though what I published on this site was listed as Warrior Chef 1, it is technically the third installment to receive that title. The original Warrior Chef 1 was written 5 years ago, and I continued writing until Warrior Chef 20 and then took a break once I graduated high school. I resumed in college, and decided to restart back at 1 again. That time, I wrote until Warrior Chef 24 before deciding to take a break yet again. And here we are, with a new installment of Warrior Chef. Despite this, I have kept a couple things from the previous two series, being that the judges are all the same as they were in the previous 44 Warrior Chefs, and the terminology remains the same.

When it came to writing this particular season, I did not necessarily know who I wanted to win. Vanilla was actually inspired by Oerba Dia Vanille from Final Fantasy XIII, while Fanny was inspired by Fang. Tadashi was inspired by Tadashi from Big Hero 6, hence why he was such a reliable person and why the finale took place in San Francisco. Karen was inspired by both one of my close friends and chef Karen Akunowicz from Top Chef (when I wrote this, Top Chef season 13 was playing). Lucas was inspired by this guy I had Real Estate Law with, and he was a really driven young man. I debated heavily between Lucas and Tadashi, but decided ultimately that Vanilla should be the winner, because her story was very unique and her cooking style, being Australian and dessert-inspired, was something that stood out amongst the other competitors.

Below is the final scoreboard of the final 13 (I’m counting Olympia for winning the first Redemption Round)

Screen Shot 2017-06-07 at 1.40.04 AM


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