Warrior Chef 2: Round 3

Rose: @Walking into the kitchen tonight, I am feeling fantastic. @This kitchen is my domain. @I will continue dominating my way until that final two.

Victoria: So for today’s creativity challenge, we want to see you guys prepare a dish inspired by one of the four seasons. You have just 30 minutes, and your time starts now!

Nate: @I feel great about this challenge, mostly because I have a dish in mind. @I think about the summer and having grilled chicken thighs with soy caramelized pineapple and fried bell peppers. @It’s an odd combination, but it really does work!

Marisa: @I just won the last creativity challenge and I would like to win this one as well. @I want to keep winning immunity. @For my dish, I’m making a dessert inspired by the spring. @I’m making cinnamon marshmallows with chocolate cake and berry compote. @I’m keeping the flavors simple, but focusing on delivering a perfect cake.

Trisha: @I’m doing a winter dessert, which is chocolate mousse with Italian meringue, and shortbread cookies with apple compote. @I’m taking a huge risk here taking on so much, but I really want to win immunity.

Amanda: @I’ve been on top of the past few challenges and I want to keep this streak going. @For my dish, I’m making a summer parfait. @I want to attempt a dessert because I want to show range. @I’m making a yogurt-mascarpone cream, a crumble, and compote. @It’ll  be good.
Vin: @I decide to make a lotus root soup with goji berries and white fungus inspired by something I’d have in the summer. @It’s a sweet soup that you can enjoy either chilled or warm, and it’s delicious.

Rose: @I decide on the summer, and I’m making a yogurt cake with coffee ice cream and fresh berries. @Making a cake and ice cream is ballsy, but that’s how I plan to win this season. @By taking risks.

Jo: @I’m going to prepare a summer thigh is cilantro-lemon chicken with jasmine rice and oolong jus. @I’m using the oolong because it’s a play on me drinking oolong tea during the summer while I’d have this dish normally.

Talia: @I almost won the last challenge and I want to keep staying on top. @I’m going with a dish based on the winter. @It’s a roasted butternut squash with plenty of herbs and a cranberry biscuit.

Duke: @I want to prepare a summer dish. @Sesame noodles with minced pork and daikon radish. @I think that the combination of flavors will be authentic Asian, very refreshing, and perfect for the season.

Victoria: Time’s up!

Vin: @Victoria calls time, and I think my dish looks like the very thing I’d eat in the summer. @I’m feeling good about it.

Victoria: Your judge is Thyme De Lys!
Thyme: Hello, everyone! I love cooking seasonally and I can’t wait to see your inspirations for this!
Thyme and Victoria taste the dishes.

Victoria: So Thyme, who failed to impress you?

Thyme: Amanda, the parfait was too simple. Rose, I commend your baking a cake and making an ice cream, but the ice cream was over-churned and didn’t go well with the rest of your dish. And Vin. The soup was very bland.

Marisa; @I’m shocked to see those three on the bottom because Amanda, Rose, and Vin have been killing it so far.

Victoria: And who impressed you?

Thyme: Nate, the chicken thighs were beautifully cooked and I could see myself enjoying that dish on the beach. Marisa, the marshmallows, cake, and berries worked together like a shortcake and I immediately thought of spring. Trisha, you captured winter aesthetically and technically with your dessert. I loved it.

Trisha: @I’m stoked to be on top of this challenge because I would love to get immunity.

Marisa: @I hope I can get immunity again. @That would be really awesome.

Nate; @Just give me the win already! @I want it!

Thyme: My favorite dish belonged to… Nate.

Victoria: Congratulations, Nate! You won immunity!

Nate: @First time winning a challenge and it rocks! @I knew that I had it in me to be a contender in this competition!
Vin: @Nate is actually really hot. @He’s like an Asian teddy bear. @But I know I can beat Nate in the end, so he can celebrate this victory while it lasts.

Victoria: And now time for your elimination challenge!

A cart is wheeled in with kangaroo, rattlesnake, seagull, giant squid, escargot, and elk.

Victoria: You’ll be cooking a dish using an exotic protein. Nate, you won immunity, so you have the option of opting out of this challenge.

Nate: Oh geez. @I see the kangaroo, rattlesnake, and seagull, and I’m trying not to vomit right now. Uh, yeah, I’m going to sit this one out.

Rose: Really?! @He just sat out of the challenge like that? @Lame! @I’m so disappointed in Nate, even though he’s the guy I’d want to bang in this competition.

Nate leaves the room.

Victoria: Now for the rest of you, you have an hour to prepare your dishes, and your time starts now!

Vin: @I grab the seagull meat. @I’m not quite sure how to think about it, but it’s a sea bird, so I’m assuming it’ll be like a blend between chicken and fish, so it might be briny, and I’m going to cut back on the salt content. @I’m going to make a seagull curry moilee with fried onion rice. @Moilee is a coconut based curry that typically uses fish, so I think it’s the smartest way to go.

Marisa: Are seagulls even edible? @I’m so terrified right now. @I grabbed it, so that’s on me. @I’m making braised seagull with mushrooms and parisian gnocchi. @I think that the flavors will be delicious but it’s a matter of making sure that the taste is there.

Rose: @I took the escargot. @I’m in love with the texture of snails. @I’m marinating them in yogurt and then deep frying them with red peppers and eggplants. @I’m going to serve the snails with a salad of artichokes, cucumbers, and tomatoes, and then some crumbled feta. @I’m not going home over snails. @I’m going to win this challenge.
Jo: @I see the rattlesnake, and I’m surprised that nobody took it. @I’m going to make a beer and rice battered snake filet with a sweet soy reduction and a salad of arugula and mirin compressed watermelon. @Right now, Vin, Amanda, and Rose have been the only people to win Elimination Challenges but I want that to change. @I need to win this one or else nobody will take me seriously.

Trisha: @I’m terrified. @I grab the elk, because it looks the most forgiving. @I’m making a seared elk loin with a rice porridge and crispy greens. @I really just hope that the flavors of my dish are good enough to make the elk the star.

Duke: @I take the giant squid and I’m going to make fried calamari to garnish a squid and tomato ragout with squid ink pasta. @I think that it’s clever to take the giant squid and really let it do it’s own thing.

Talia: @I’m feeling good about my dish. @I’m making seared elk loin with pureed potatoes and grilled brussels sprouts with bacon. @I think that if I nail the cook on my elk, it will be good. @I’m aiming for medium rare.

Victoria: Time’s up!

Rose: @I think that my dish looks fabulous. @The snails are delicious.

Jo: @I think that my snake dish could win the challenge for me. @I have my fingers crossed that it’s a winner.

Trisha: @My elk bled out and it’s undercooked. @I’m so scared right now.

Victoria: Your judges are:

Scott Connors

Thyme De Lys

Max Hudson

Victoria: Let’s start with the seagull dishes by Vin and Marisa!

Vin – seagull moilee with fried onion rice
Marisa – braised seagull with mushrooms and parisian gnocchi

Max: Vin’s curry moilee was gorgeous. I was just blown away by how perfect this meat was for the spices and the coconut. I loved his rice too.

Thyme: Marisa’s dish had potential, but the seagull made the entire dish too salty. She needed to cut back on the seasoning. It was too much.

Victoria: And now we have the dishes by Rose, Duke, and Jo!
Rose – fried snails, eggplants, peppers, artichoke, cucumber, and tomato salad
Duke – fried calamari, squid-tomato ragout, squid ink pasta

Jo – beer-rice battered rattlesnake, sweet soy reduction, arugula, mirin watermelon

Max: Rose fried her snails beautifully. The yogurt marinade made them tender and succulent. The salad was a perfect contrast to the crispy snails.

Thyme: Duke’s pasta was delicious and I liked almost all of the ragout, with the exception of the squid. His squid applications, they were just overcooked.

Scott: Jo cooked that snake perfectly. I really loved the flavors of the snake a lot and the compressed watermelon and the arugula worked wonders. I really loved the dish.

Victoria: And finally, Trisha, Amanda, and Talia’s elk dishes!

Trisha – seared elk loin with a rice porridge and crispy greens

Amanda – elk Shepherd’s pie

Talia – seared elk loin with pureed potatoes and grilled brussels sprouts with bacon

Max: Trisha’s elk was medium rare, but the meat was very dry. The rice porridge was alright, but did not work with the texture of the elk itself.

Thyme: I expected to dislike Amanda’s dish, but the technique behind grinding the elk made it tender and it actually worked well in a shepherd’s pie. I liked it!
Scott: Talia cooked her elk beautifully but her overall concept was very basic. Brussels sprouts with bacon and the pureed potatoes were very expected.

Victoria: Can we decide on who won this challenge and who’s going home?

Thyme: We can.

In walks Rose, Vin, and Jo.

Victoria: Tonight, the three of you prepared the best dishes and one of you won!

Scott: Rose, the escargot treatment was risky but you pulled it off. Vin, you were clever in pairing the seagull with a moilee-type of curry. That was brilliant. Jo, your preparation of the rattlesnake was nice and the salad was refreshing and beautiful.

Victoria: Max, please announce the winner!

Max: We had three incredible dishes, but the best cook for this challenge was…. Jo.

Victoria: Congratulations, Jo! You won the elimination challenge!
Jo: Thank you! @I feel great winning the challenge tonight. @Ever since the preliminaries, I felt like I have been gaining a lot of momentum. @This win just proves that I deserve to be in this competition.

Rose: @Damn it. @I keep coming in second to people and it’s annoying. @Let me win again for a change.

The top three leave.

In walks Trisha, Duke, and Marisa.

Victoria: Tonight, the three of you failed to impress the judges and one of you is going to be eliminated.

Scott: Trisha, the concept of the dish was odd and your elk was dry and under-rested. Duke, the pasta was good but you failed to execute the squid properly. Marisa, our biggest issue with your dish was that it was way too salty.

Marisa: @Trisha and I were just a pinch away from immunity in the last challenge, so knowing that one of us might be going home is tough to hear. @I don’t want to leave.

Trisha: @The competition is really hard and I’m wondering if I deserve to be here still. @I feel like my last dish was just bad.

Duke: @I think that out of the three, I am the most safe at this point. @If I had to take a guess, Trisha might be going because they hated her concept.

Victoria: Trisha, please return to the kitchen and leave.
Trisha: Thank you for this opportunity. *to Marisa and Duke* Good luck, you guys. @I’m leaving the competition feeling like it was my time. @I did not know what to expect going into this competition. @But the biggest challenge was making sure that my food stayed true to me. @And it didn’t.


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