Warrior Chef Redemption: Afterword

Since we have concluded yet another season of the Warrior Chef series, I wanted to include another afterword to commemorate the ending of our very first redemption series! I’m sure that there would be mixed emotions on how to feel, especially since all of the contestants going into the season were seen in a more favorable light, given their previous runs.

It was not an easy decision, choosing who to eliminate. Characters like Rose, Karen, Fanny, and Lucas, I really did like writing about them, so having to send them home as early as I did was tough. Characters like Amanda Bolen, who I wrote to be this cool and collected badass, I wish I could have made her progress farther in the competition, but compared to contestants like Phung and Tadashi, who were outright monsters in the competition, I knew other contestants were going to struggle a lot to even compete on their level. Phung in particular, was actually written based on a previous culinary student of mine, who despite having no professional kitchen experience, was always perfect when it came to her execution. She was as much an enraged psycho-bitch in real life as her portrayal here, and her real life counterpart would probably be the first to let you know that.

When I originally wrote this season, I actually intended for Jo to be in the final three, and for Kira to be eliminated in the first round of the finals. However, I decided to create a little more drama, I would take Jo’s character and make him much more…insufferable. He actually had almost as many wins as Phung did, but I rewrote the script a bit once I had finished my original rundown of the season so that all of Jo’s challenge wins would actually be distributed between Kira and Phung, just to make Kira a much more worthy finalist as well. I chose to do this mostly because of Kira’s experience; her character was a 3-star Michelin cook. She could not lose to somebody as generic as Jo, no matter how hard of an underdog angle I tried to envision it.

Either way, when it came down to Phung and Tadashi as the finale two, I had to make a decision on who, in my eyes, deserved to be a winner more. Tadashi ultimately gained Redemption because he was a harder working cook. That coupled with the fact that if the Redemption Rounds did not exist in his season (which was actually the case in Phung and Kira’s season), he would have won, made me feel guilty of not giving him the crown this time around. He was just more consistent, which I hope you all would agree with.

Below, I attached a chart including the wins, losses, highs, and lows of each contestant, as well as their placement for this season. I hope you all enjoyed reading Warrior Chef Redemption, because I can’t wait to introduce you all to Warrior Chef 5!

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 11.19.03 PM


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