Bad Together: Chapter 13

Jamie was sitting in the waiting room of his office, while Jessica entered. Andy was taking paid time off to visit his family back in Harlem. “Hey, how are you holding up?” She looked at him for a brief moment, before going back to looking at her phone. “I’m alright.. no, I’m not. Farina meant everything to me, and I lost her. It fucking sucks.” He growled. “You know, I’m starting to think that you’re the reason we broke up.” He barked at her. “You told me that she thought I was immature and a manchild, but did she really say those things about me?” “Yes. And I quote, she said you had a microdick.” The drug addict lied through her teeth. Flustered, Jamie went silent. “Yeah, it was not quite the Italian mortadella she wanted. Just not her cup of tea, with an emphasis on the size of the cup.” She snorted, amused at her own crude remarks. “I think that you need to shut the fuck up, you crack whore.” He shook his head, still thinking that Jessica was the cause of their break-up. He was not wrong tot think that either, in that he was absolutely correct. The fibres student manipulated both of them for her own gain. And she was just about to continue doing that, especially if it meant that she could milk VIP benefits from the founder of Raise. “Jamie, you’re just mad about Farina. I am not at fault, and I never was. Farina, she was tricking you. She convinced you that you weren’t good enough. She’s no good for you.” Jessica shook her head at him. “And look, I will forgive you for your misplaced anger. Because I want your well-placed trust instead.” “Why the fuck would I give you that.” He rolled his eyes at her. She was definitely insane. “Tell me, why do you miss Farina? Would you say that you can’t stop thinking about her?” Jamie paused before nodding his head slowly in shame. He hated to admit it, but he would give anything at this very moment to be with her again. “Well, you know, I have something that can get your mind off of Farina.” She suggested. “What?” Jamie was desperate. He was angry at Jessica, but every single thought he had was about winning Farina back somehow. He missed her. Her voice, her laugh, how she would make him feel like the luckiest man alive to be with her.

Sitting down on the sofa next to him, she pulled out a bag full of small papers. “What is that?” “It’s LSD. Acid.” She opened the bag up. “What?!” Jamie was shocked. He had never done drugs before. “What? You mean Wall Street never taught you how to use drugs?” Jessica scoffed, placing the paper underneath her tongue. His mother would kill him before he would be able to. But then again, this was not New York. “No. And I don’t think that drugs are the way to go-” “Come on, Jamie. Don’t be a pussssssy.” She slurred as the LSD was starting to kick in. Her body almost went limp and she mouth opened, completely agape. Groaning and moaning, Jessica was already in a different place. She was not lying; doing acid was a form of escape. And seeing her like that, it was tempting to join in as well. He did not want to think or feel at this moment, knowing full well that he would be reminded of Farina. “Fuck it.” He sighed. He felt like he needed this escape. He did not want to keep thinking about Farina. Putting the patch of paper underneath his own tongue, he tried his best to relax. It felt very sudden. Blurred images, fading and flashing lights, distorted noises and sounds. His senses were overwhelmed and he could not figure out what was going on. He tried to move and walk around, but he could not tell where his legs were or which direction he was going. It felt like he was almost floating upside down, at one point, as if his stomach was going up into his chest and gravity did not exist. The walls of the room started to float away, revealing that they were in space, as the sofa melted into the floor, which was somehow still there. Jessica’s body was floating in the air too, before she vanished, being no more than a speck in the cosmos after being whisked away by the lack of gravity. “Jessica!” He screamed, reaching out to her but with no avail. “It’s okay! She’s in a happy land!” A voice called back. Feeling okay with the response he received, Jamie started to float his way down to the floor again, as the wooden boards melted away to reveal that he was on what looked to be the surface of the moon.

The ground started shaking as what appeared to be disco lights flashed. Suddenly, almost alien-like creatures and distorted human heads started to Raise up from the ground, like zombies, and Jamie began hopping around in a circle with them. Loud music starting blaring in the background, and he was having a blast of a time. The heads all suddenly came together, and form into a giant eye that stared at him. “Look into my eyes. Eyes are the window to the soul.” A voice echoed in the distance as he started at the giant dark green iris with the alien creatures. “All hail the eye god!” They started bowing as Jamie joined them. “Hail the eye god!” The eye chimed in before combusting into flames. “My sight is on fire! My eye is burning!” It screamed before it exploded into a flood of fireworks, each spark sporadically moving to create a letter in the English alphabet. “Weclom to hapyp twno!” It read in that exact order. “Yay! Hapyp twno!” Jamie and the aliens chanted eagerly, before returning to hoping in circles together. “Yay!” They all chanted before a large, snake light creature with long blonde hair swooped in and ate the aliens. “You bastard!” Jamie growled before it turned around to reveal that it was a dragon with Jessica’s head attached to it. “Jessica?!” Hi, Jamie!” It said in a loud, deep, distorted version of her voice. “There’s a party in my belly and you’re invited!” The dragon opened its mouth and swallowed him whole as he screamed. It was definitely not what he expected to do with his time. But there was one thing for certain: his mind was not on Farina at this point. He had been so focused on the visions and colors that he was experiencing that nothing else really seemed to matter at this point. Suddenly, the images started to fade away, and he realized he had never even left the cough he was on with Jessica. Looking over, he noticed that she was still hallucinating. Shaking off the high, he still felt like he needed to go back to that strange place. It was the escape he needed from her. Putting another patch underneath his tongue, he sank back into the comfort of the sofa, as these images started to flood his vision again. 

In total, the two had spent an entire afternoon dating acid together. Jessica’s entire stash had run out, and it was only then that they stopped. “Hey, you totally did too much.” Jessica growled at him, angry that all of her acid was consumed. “Hey, you offered. And you didn’t stop me!” He barked back. The tension between the two was flaring as their faces were just centimeters apart. Neither of them could control themselves, as evidenced by their lack of restraint with using acid, as they pressed their lips together, pressed into an intense lip lock. Jamie just missed Farina’s touch so much that he was willing to settle on Jessica to fill that hole in his life. He did not care who he was with at this point anymore. Jessica might be a degenerate, scum-ridden dumpster fire of a human being, but she was a human being nonetheless. “I’ll make it up to you.” “Oh, you are right now.” Jessica smirked as she turned off the lights in the room. There was no way that she would be able to do what she was about to do without a little help from her imagination. She was in no way actually attracted to Jamie. To her, he was just ‘club dick’.


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