Bad Together: Chapter 14

It was a gloomy Monday afternoon. But to Jamie, it might as well have been a sunny Saturday morning. Time did not flow normally for him anymore. But to everyone else around him, it had been about two months since he had started sharing Jessica’s practices. He just stopped caring about anything except for that escape from reality. He lived for it. He would only allow himself to stay sober for one minute at the most, before jumping back into his highs, just so that he could truly appreciate not being in the real, boring, mundane world. Jessica introduced him to something special, that made his life change for the better. Looking around, everything felt like light and fun. Colorful and vivid. It was not just his office space. It was his haven from all of the things that nagged away at him. Speaking of which, there was a knock on the door. It was Andy. “Hey, are you okay?” He sounded concerned. “You’ve been hulled up in there for like two weeks. I have not once seen you come out, and you’ve been in here from before I get here until even after I leave. Have you even been going home?” Ignoring his questions, Jamie decided he needed a little bit more of a boost to get away from all of these words. Lining up some more powder on his table, he snorted it in. He got it from Jessica’s dealer. A nice man, named Alex, from his apartment in Islington. It was worth the trip, in every sense of that phrase. Taking in a deep breath, and letting the air penetrate every orifice in his lungs, Jamie continued to sit there, admiring the lively world that was the wall in his office. There were little creatures, like a walrus with rabbit ears or a bat that breathed fire, dancing around and singing songs in a magical land with a giant volcano. Money rained down from the sky, more specifically 50 pence coins. It was a wonderful place to be. Much better than being sober and having to think about feelings. The club owner shuddered. He was starting to feel cold sweats and withdrawals again. Picking up his phone, it was time to make another call and payment to Alex. “Hey, can you deliver it to the club again? Just bring it up to the office again. I’ll PayPal you. Thanks.”

It had been two months, and in those two months, the club owner had not eaten at all. He did not care if his cheeks were sunken in or that his eyes were bright red, or that his hair was thinning out. He was having the time of his life. Money did not matter to him anyways. He could just make it back. He was from Wall Street after all. Any cent that was spent, or in this case, pence, he could turn that over in a second. Plus, he was the owner of one of the hottest new clubs in the city. How could he not be making back money from that? He was fine. Everything was perfectly fine. It was alright. Nothing could possibly be going wrong. Or so he thought. A part of him was starting to remember how he felt in Wall Street, and why he left. The dirty money. The people doing drugs. He was doing drugs too. The very thing he detested. Banging his head against the wooden coffee table in his office, Jamie tried his best to calm himself down. He was shaking and sweating. How would his mom feel knowing that her son was doing drugs? How could he ever face Farina again? Farina? He paused to himself. She was the reason he was like this. She ought to see him this way so that she can realize what a slag she actually was. Deciding that he needed to be even more screwed up than he already was, Jamie lined up another row of the white powder, and this time, also placed a patch on his tongue. “Double trouble.” He snorted to himself and in the substance. He wanted to take it all in and enjoy the trip he was about to embark on. Feeling his eyes crossing as everything started moving around in circles, Jamie knew that this was the right thing to do in this situation. He needed this, for himself.

Jamie had created a life for himself in his office. Since he did not eat, he did drink water, since he stored a ton of it in his office to begin with. He would pay Alex to come to his office to drop off more drugs for him to use. Since there was a bathroom in there as well, he never needed to leave the room either. He didn’t need food because he had cocaine and acid to live off of. Who needed food anyways? It took too much energy to chew it and swallow it then digest it. That was a waste of time. Andy would try to pound on the door right before or after work hours, which was why Jamie would only have Alex come in either when everyone was busy handling the operations or during the day, when nobody was there. So long as he pretended not to be in the office, Andy would not know any better, right? Why would he care anyways? He only ever wanted to be involved with Jamie for the money, and that was what he was getting. The money was all he was ever in it for. He still remembered the first time the larger man interviewed with him to be his bodyguard. The moment he saw his pay rate, his eyes lit up like a child during Christmas being told that they were going to receive triple the presents. But Jamie was used to being used by the people he cared about. Which was why he needed these drugs instead of their attention or company. At least with drugs, Jamie was the one using them, not them using him. He was the one in control, and he could make the decisions about how high he wanted to be. The only person who he could trust, besides Alex, was Jessica. She was the one who blessed him with this gift that helped him embark on such a journey to begin with.

“Hey there, sweetie.” Jessica giggled as she made her way into club dick’s office. She was low on coke, having used it all the weekend prior, and wanted to restock. Kissing him and feigning interest in his retellings of his hallucinations, the blonde just casually placed a small sachet of the white powder inside of her bag. That would be enough to get her through the rest of the weekend. Well, that and whatever she was going to take during their encounter together. Looking at Jamie, she had to pretend that he was still somewhat attractive. He definitely looked like he aged forward fifteen years. He had these ugly sags under his eyes, he also looked like he was balding. It was not an attractive look. There was nothing about him that appealed to her, besides the fact that he was providing her with the free coke. “Haha, you’re so funny!” She spouted, not even paying attention to what he had to say. She did not give a shit about him anyways. He was just another dick to her. And a rather inept one at that. She’s had better. Easily. She could see why Farina broke up with him now. Oh wait. that was her. Jessica feigned a smile of interest, when in reality, it was a look of triumph, knowing that she had this much control over two other peoples lives. She managed to drive the young club owner into a corner where his only way out was through his highs, while Farina, she was another mess in it of itself. The blonde sniggered before engaging with the male in what he viewed to be an intimate moment of passion, but to her, was like another walk in the park or a notch on her belt. She did not care at all, but since he was so wholesome in comparison to her, he did not know better. And she loved that she could exploit that about him and so many other men. In a society where women are so used to being thrown to the side, it was fun for her to be able to do that with not only just other women, but men as well. She had Jamie wrapped around her finger, and he could not do anything but squirm and snort more cocaine, pulling himself deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole.


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