Bad Together: Chapter 25

“Hi, London, and you all ready to get down?!” The D.J. shouted into a microphone. “YEAH!” The crowd roared. They were in a large dark room with multicolored strobe lights, flashing sporadically. “Then let’s turn it up!” The large beats started pounding through the club, shaking the entire building. “Wow, it’s crazy to think that this place just opened and it’s already this packed.” Olivia and Patricia looked at each other. “Wow, it’s crazy to think that you two, of all people, would want to go to a club.” Farina laughed at her friends. “Well, it’s better to live once than never.” Patricia shrugged. “I guess years after we’re no longer irresponsible students.” Olivia smirked. It had been two whole years since the three had finished college, but all three of them were living together in the city, working in London, and still a major part of each other’s lives. “I mean, I wish we could all have it as easy as you do, Ms. Art Director.” They looked at Patricia, who was a director for a gallery in Peckham. “I mean, I’m proud of that, but what about both of you? Olivia, you’re also killing it!” Patricia laughed. “I mean, it sounds glamorous, the London Metropolitan Museum, but it’s not that special to be a curator.” She shrugged, “Oh shush, both of you. At least you’re both employed.” Farina laughed. “You’ll get something soon. You killed it as Ms. Honey and you’re still nowhere near peaking.” They both smiled at the Taiwanese girl, who had made headlines a few months back when her performance as Ms. Honey was impeccable and surprised everyone. “Asian Ms. Honey steals the show.” Olivia quoted the article on DailyNews proudly. “Oh shush. Can we talk about something else?” Farina almost begged, trying not to get flustered and embarrassed by the flattery. “We have a long line ahead of us. What else can we do other than shower you with praise?” Patricia giggled. “Plus, you’re already in contention for a much bigger role, potential Ms. Rachel Chu.” 

Granted, Farina’s mind was more preoccupied with callbacks than the arduous wait to the front. She was hoping to land a role in the broadway production of Crazy Rich Asians, since she was such a huge fan of both the book and the movie when it came out a while back. It would be a dream, but she knew to be more practical. Rather than waiting to be told yes or no, Farina was already thinking of what was the next production for her to apply for. “Welcome to Tox-sick!” The bouncer opened the doors as the three girls finally made their way in.There was something about this environment that just made her cringe. She really did not like the clubbing scene, but she thought it did not hurt to at least give it another go, since she was with friends who she loved dearly and felt comfortable being around. “Hey, let’s get shots! If we’re not drunk, we’re not doing this right!” Patricia suggested, dragging the girls over to the bar. “Hey there, can we get some drinks? We were hoping to get some good quality tequila shots.” She looked at the bartender, batting her eyelashes in hopes of getting some free alcohol. “Absolutely.” He grinned, pouring in the clear liquid for the three. Although slightly disappointed she could not get it for free, Patricia toasted with her friends as they clinked shot glasses. Farina had been drinking occasionally since then, but it was more along the lines of maybe one or two shots a month, if even that. “To friendship!” They all giggled, downing the tequila. When she first started having alcohol again, Farina’s body would actually reject it, and she would vomit almost immediately. However, since then, she has been re-accustomed to that burning sensation that would crawl down her throat and through her system. While she would never fully feel the same about drinking, at the least, she could still do it without going overboard.

“It looks like it’ll be another packed Saturday.” Andy grinned at Jamie. Since opening Tox-sick, they had been a lot more successful than they had been with Raise. With more established connections in London, they were able to pull better resources for their club, from marketing to hiring to supplies. Jamie laughed at the name for the club. It was inspired by the toxic relationship he had with Farina, since that was what helped him launch an even better club than what his first could have ever hoped to be. On just the opening night alone, they were by far more packed than Raise ever was. They chose the name Tox-sick, beyond just the relationship, because he wanted to really make the club about indulging and drowning in whatever your vice was. It was a place with no judgement and full freedom. At least for the club-goer anyways. For him, he was just enjoying being a beneficiary from their experiences. While it did not make as much as investment banking did, he was no longer a slave to his work. He had set hours that were not as long, he had days off. “Wait?” Andy heard something through his earpiece from Georgio. “So this is awkward, but we totally overlooked this possibility.” Georgio started, recognizing Farina in the crowd. “Uh…” Andy started, unsure of how to tell Jamie. “I’m going to go check out how the club is looking. I’ll be right back.” Jamie started, much to Andy’s hesitation. He had no idea what to say or do in this situation. “Hey, isn’t that?” Jamie looked out from his office door, recognizing Farina almost immediately. “Yeah… that’s what Georgio just told me. I don’t think you should-” Andy started, but Jamie shook his head. “I know I sound crazy, but I’ll go and talk with her. I’ll keep it civil and quick, I promise.” Jamie looked at his friend. Andy was still concerned about what could happen, but knowing that Jamie needed this, and that it had been years, he just let his friend walk out into the crowd.

“Hey, isn’t that Jamie?” Patricia whispered to Farina, recognizing the Italian American walking towards them in the crowd. “Uh…” Olivia was not sure of what to do. On one hand, she could easily wallop that man for Farina, but on another hand, it had been years since his name had even come out of her mouth, so neither of them really knew what to do or how to react, or more importantly, how Farina would react. “Oh. It is.” The Taiwanese girl let the fact that he was walking over to her sink in. “Wait…. does he own this club too?” She started to piece together why he was here in the first place. “Uh… oh shit. We overlooked that.” Patricia pulled up the pertinent information from a quick Google search. “Well fuck.” Olivia growled, “It’s okay. If he does anything to me, I’ll let you know right away, okay?” Farina whispered to them before turning around to see Jamie. “Hi, Farina.” He started. “Hi. Jamie. Long time, no see.” She was not sure if she should be smiling, glaring, it was just a weird situation to be in, especially since she was the one who dumped him. “I just wanted to say you look good, and I hope you’re doing well.” He started. “Thanks. I’m glad to see that you opened a new club, and it’s a lot nicer than Raise. And yeah, I’m doing alright for myself.” She smiled. “Thanks. Well, I hope you and your friends enjoy your night out.” He grinned, nodding as he walked away. And he did not feel bad about walking away either. There simply was no need to say anything else to her. They are both good people, but they were not meant to be. They brought out the worst in each other, and it was further evidenced by how much has changed since they had officially called it quits. Simply put, they were bad together, but good apart.


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