“Happiness can be self-actualized. You just need the right inspiration. The right words.”

Who am I? I am a storyteller who has cried one too many times in their life. I have faced a lot of hardships, and I like to tell stories about my experiences, just to help me overcome them, and to show others how they can overcome similar issues.

What is featherlight? The idea is to be burden and guilt-free. To live a life where no negativity weighs you down. I want to show everyone that it is possible to achieve that. This blog has three main kinds of posts: realizations, which are my self-reflections, dreams, which represent my wants and desires, and finally, recettes, which are recipes that I have made, being a former pastry chef and line cook.

Why the blue logo? The design is a blue feather with the Capricorn constellation overlaid. The color blue always reminds of being calm, being safe. This blog is meant to be a safe place, where you can find a way to recover from a dark chapter in your life.

Why the Capricorn? I chose a constellation for a couple of reasons. Multiple stars shining together shine brighter. The Capricorn itself represents finding happiness from doing hard work. That’s something I’ve found myself feeling a lot (probably because I am also a Capricorn and because that’s how I am as a worker).