Walking along the rugged path, a tall, tanned youth frowned to himself. He had left behind his home to find a cure for his beloved, who was lost to the cold. It was up to him to embark on this journey. He had to find those elusive smoke lilies. Those purple and black flowers held a nectar that, when mixed with ginger root, should melt his prince’s locked heart. These lilies bloomed at the very bottom of the mountains; beneath the mist rested entire fields of them. His prince, the youth dreamt of ending his ailment.His sweet master used to be so kind and loving. But then it happened. The mist began to flood the mountains, in the midst laid their castle. Their paradise together, away from the world beyond. The benevolent boy was saddened.His tears had caused everything to be shrouded in the dark clouds. THe prince’s heart then fell into the coldness. Snow crept onto their kingdom, their haven, slowly draining life from all of its denizens. The youth had to flee, not only to survive, but to find those smoke lilies. Diving through the mist, he was determined to save his home. His prince was waiting, alone and scared. He was separate to remove the snow. He pushed himself forward, through the dark and cold, reaching for any hope. He wanted so badly to hold his prince in a tight embrace. Not as his knight, but as his beloved.


drifting into the night

He sat alone, gazing into the dark ocean. The waves gently combed the sands, pulling the shells and kelp further and further away from the surface. He was watching the silvery full moon slowly sink back beneath the black horizon. After he had wronged the prince of the sky, he could no longer stay in one place. He was a foolish man, thinking he could trump the monarch in a challenge of strength. To think he could defeat a demigod was naive. He hoped to impress one of the prince’s subjects, a priestess by the name of Dalila. Her laughter and smile, he sought after them. Her kind heart, it tempted him beyond his own logic. Was it love he felt for her? No. It was lust. Idiotic, adolescent, animalistic urges he should have cast aside. As a priestess, she could not part with her deity. She was a part of his dominion. The prince of the sky, fathered by the sun himself. Between the two, they owned all of the world’s light. He was forced to be a denizen of the darkness. Wherever the sun was, he had to avoid. A heliophobe, living a life of constant peril and fear. Should he bathe in those rays of light, they would pierce through him, slowly unraveling his very existence. He could not be with the people whose company he yearned for. To want, a luxury for somebody like him. His entire purpose in life was to constantly hide. What was bravery? What was courage? All of these concepts did not matter now. He had no use for them. To survive, he had to continue running. Hiding beneath the moon’s gentle light. Seeing the moon finally grazing the horizon, the young man got up, and glided along with the fleeing darkness. He had to follow the night, for his own survival.

Boldness: realization 26

Like I mentioned in my last post, I wanted to write about Koda Kumi. Well, something that she helped me with was being bold. I talk a lot about being comfortable in your own skin, and trying to make yourself more comfortable. Koda Kumi is a JPop artist, popularly known for writing and singing songs about sex, same-sex relationships, and sexual acts. So basically, imagine if you were an uptight religious person who understood Japanese. And if you listened to Koda Kumi’s songs, you’d probably explode or need to wash out your ears with holy water. For me, I’m not complaining. I LOVE Taboo, Show Girl, Physical Thing, EscalateDriving, and especially D.D.D. and Juicy. Those are all freaking amazing songs and you guys should check them out if you are interested in JPop because they are fucking amazing. Emphasis on fucking. What? I’m allowed to be crude. The whole point of the post is being bold as fuck, motherfuckers. Sorry, for me, being bold equates to being crude.

But back to the main topic, which is being bold. What Koda illustrates is that you don’t have to be afraid of who you are, and in fact, she encourages that you take risks and try things you normally would be too afraid to do. I’d like to echo this idea in that you should never be afraid to put yourself out there. Yeah, rejection might suck the first 100 times it happens, but when you are finally accepted for just being you, it is completely and fully worth it. That feeling on belonging, it’s great! When I finally was accepted for being the quirky, weird, and at times, highly inappropriate person that I am, I felt a huge sense of relief. Being able to be told you are fine just the way you are (funny because Just the way you are is another Koda song), always helps with your confidence and sense of being.

Boldness obviously comes with a price. I mentioned earlier that you can be rejected even when you put yourself out there. Don’t let that get to you. I personally think being bold, direct, and just upfront about who you are in general, it should be rewarded. Even if you don’t get what you originally were aiming to from it, I’m sure somebody out there was impressed by the fact that you were brave enough to even try. Most people unfortunately are too timid or shy to put themselves out there, and that’s the reason why bold people are always so far ahead of them in life. Being shy is already shooting yourself in the foot. Even if you are likable, talented, or capable, if you are not good at selling that about yourself, you won’t get the recognition that you deserve.

Ultimately, being bold really comes down to how you present yourself. Make sure you are representing yourself truly. Do not try to pretend and be somebody you are not, and convince others you are this fake identity. Be natural and be yourself, and let others make the decision of whether or not they want to be your co-workers, peers, or friends, or whatever it is that you are looking for them to be. Rejection can be tough, but don’t think of it as them not wanting you, even if that is the blatant case. Think of it as you not fitting in, and that you would not have been happy anyways. And keep being bold and unafraid of being you. Eventually, you’ll find the right people. And by right, I mean the people who are right for you.