Sky Bird: Chapter 21

It was Friday afternoon, fifth period. “Here it is, Kawaguchi-sensei!” Fanny handed the bald man his flash drive. “The movie, delivered on Friday, as promised.” “Good job, Chiang-san. You saved Skye-baka’s grade!” He laughed. “Yeah, Skye-baka owes me his life.” Fanny laughed in a dramatic fashion. “You’re not allowed to do that! Only select princess-type characters in animes and dramas are allowed to!” Kawaguchi-sensei hit the boy in the back of the head. “Ouch. That fucking hurt.” Fanny groaned, walking back. “Alright, guys. So instead of watching a drama, we’ll be watching Chiang-san’s movie project!” He put the flash drive into his projector. “Alright, so here it is!” The screen projected the title “The Land of the Rising Love.” Snickers could be heard cross the room at the ridiculous title. “IT WAS KENDALL’S IDEA!” Fanny screamed, trying to avoid being laughed at by the rest of the class. Everyone else just rolled their eyes at him. The movie opened with Megan and Kendall, walking out of LAX. They were immediately greeted by Fanny, who welcomed them to the land of Japan. The movie started out really slowly, in Kendall’s eyes. They didn’t really aim for comedy unfortunately, so the brunette was worried people would fall asleep.

It finally got to the big scene. Kendall and Sophia’s kiss. The entire class gasped, as the two looked at each other, embarrassed by it. “Did you guys really kiss?” Kawaguchi-sensei paused the movie and looked at them. “No…” Sophia shook her head. “Lame. You guys should have just done it for the movie!” He shook his head. “Skye-baka! You’re the man! Grow a pair and kiss the pretty model!” “That’s what I said!” Fanny agreed, looking at Sophia and Kendall. “Take one for the team, guys.” “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” The entire class started to chant. “What the actual hell?” Kendall glared at everyone. That escalated really quickly. “No, we’re not. You can’t make us.” Sophia shook her head. The two were both starting to blush furiously. But the chanting wasn’t stopping. “Okay, fine!” Kendall growled, cupping Sophia’s face and kissing her on the lips. Everyone just gasped before going silent. That definitely stopped the chanting.

The rest of the day was awkward for Sophia and Kendall. The two did not speak since the kiss. It all happened so suddenly that Kendall did not know how to process it. He felt like the kiss was right. When their lips touched, Kendall just felt like Sophia was the person he needed to be doing that with. The feel of her lips against his made his heart flutter. But seeing how Sophia reacted, and the circumstances in which they kissed, he felt horrible. It was almost like being a rapist in that he did not get her consent to do that. He forced himself upon her. He genuinely felt like a terrible person at this moment. Quietly, he laid on his bed, pondering what will happen to their friendship. He did not know what to even say in this situation to rectify it. Dozing off, Kendall just tried to preoccupy his mind with other things.

“How dare you!” The girl in the white dress shouted at him. “My purity. My innocence.” She covered her face in shame. The flowers around her began to wilt. “It’s all dying.” She sobbed. The grass and trees joined the flowers, drooping and sinking into the soil. “Hey, what happened?” Kendall approached her. “I did not want this to happen. Not like this.” She sobbed from behind her hands. “Did not want what?” “The kiss. Not like that.” The girl placed her hands down. She was Sophia. The girl from his dreams. It was Sophia. “No. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to do it. The chanting, the pressure, it just got to me.” Kendall slowly walked over to her before falling to his knees. He gently placed his hands beneath hers. “You’re somebody who was always there for me. Somebody I could rely on to make me smile, laugh, and keep me calm.” He smiled at her, fighting back the tears. “Sophia, I think I might love you.” He admitted. “Kendall… I love you too. I have for such a long time.” She confessed. Suddenly, the grass began to sprout up again. Green started to flood the meadows and plants. “Kendall, she’s waiting for you. The real me. Go to her. And tell her everything you told me.” She smiled, getting back up.

“Hey, can we talk?” Kendall messaged Sophia. His heart was racing. He did not know what kind of response to expect. “Okay, sure.” Sophia sent back. “I’ll go to your place.” The brunette sent back. He got up and went into his car. He needed to see her. Arriving at Sophia’s apartment building in Westwood, he sent her a text. “Okay. Coming down now.” The girl appeared and got into the passenger seat. “Hey.” She seemed to be avoiding eye contact with him. “So you wanted to talk?” “Yeah. Sophia, I’ve known you since we were little. And honestly, I didn’t really think much of you beyond being friends at first. But I realize how kind, patient, and caring of a person you are, especially with me. You’re somebody who I genuinely appreciate. I really like, Sophia. That kiss, I’m sorry that I forced it on you like that. But it felt right to me.” The brunette confessed, terrified of what she thought of him. “Kendall… I’ve had a crush on you since you first defended me in the first grade. You’re somebody whose friendship I have valued for a long, long time. You mean a lot to me too. That kiss, it just confirmed what I had already felt about you.” The brunette blushed as he turned to face her. Their hands met, and then their lips.

“Oh, I need to get going. I’ll see you later, okay?” Sophia blushed, after their lips separated. She got out of the car, and ran back up to her apartment. Kendall felt happy knowing that Sophia reciprocated his feelings. He honestly did not think that he could date anyone after Carly and him never got off the ground, but he was happy with the end result. Sophia, on the other hand, was still in shock. She did not think that she would ever date Kendall. But it looks like that was a very likely possibility at this point. She finally got her Cinderella moment so to speak. Her proverbial prince charming had arrived, and swept her into his car. That sounded horribly inappropriate, but it was not remotely as illegal as it sounded.


Sky Bird: Chapter 19

It was Wednesday, first period. The class had just finished Tortilla Curtain, much to Kendall’s delight; he wasn’t particularly fond of the satirical style, mostly because sarcasm could be hard to detect when it is in written text. “I loved how shit just hit the fan, pardon my language.” Fanny smiled. “Especially at the end when the dam just broke, and the water flooded. It’s funny because America just gave birth, so both the dam and America broke their waters within a couple hours of each other.” Matt sniggered in agreement. “I’m so glad there’s no more readings for the school year.” Sophia whispered to Kendall; the class had finally changed their seating arrangements, and Kendall and Matt moved up to the front with Fanny and Sophia. “Well, now that we’re done with our readings, you guys just need to focus on finishing your writing portfolios. Make sure to add in a final reflection, and then we are done with this course for the semester!” Mrs. Johnson beamed at everyone. “You’re all almost done with English 2 Honors!”

“So class, finals are coming up in the next month, so I want you guys to really buckle down and focus. I know this isn’t an honors class, but that’s because our school doesn’t offer Physics Honors, only Physics AP.” Ms. Kim turned to Kendall. “Which I am expecting to see some of you in.” The brunette nodded back eagerly. He couldn’t wait to take Physics AP with Ms. Kim the following year. “That being said, make sure to look over all of the reviews in the back of each chapter. Your final is going to be cumulative, but we will re-review everything, chapter by chapter, for the rest of the semester.” She explained, much to the horror of almost everyone except for Kendall. The brunette was excited, because this was his stomping ground. He could calculate the velocity of a falling object a lot easier than writing a thesis for an analysis on Jane Eyre for sure.

“Hi, Kendall!” Sophia and Fanny waved to him as he entered his third period, Chemistry Honors. “Hey, guys!” He waved back as they left for their next classes. “Good morning, Kendall.” Ms. Ling smiled as he took his seat. “Good morning, Ms. Ling.” He beamed at her. Soon, the entire class filled in, and she began her lesson plan for the day. “So you guys are getting ready for finals soon. Our final, I’m sorry to say, but you’re going to have to memorize the entire periodic table.” The entire class went silent. There have been louder funerals. “I’m joking! I’m not a psychotic person! You guys get to bring a one page cheat sheet for your finals! Use them well!” She smiled at everyone as they started laughing in relief. Kendall, while he was laughing with everyone else, secretly wished that they didn’t have the cheat sheets, because he had actually memorized the elements for fun. You could name any abbreviation, any number, and he could give you the name, group, and the number of ions, electrons, and neutrons.

“Finals are coming up and I know it’s a scary time, but you guys are a gifted class, so I’m worried that my final will be too easy for you all.” Mr. Darcy teased his fourth period Pre-Calc Honors class. “Oh jeez, the bar has been raised.” Jared sniggered. “You got that right, Mr. Holt!” Mr. Darcy pointed at the blonde, much to his surprise. “But that being said, you’re all in luck, because the test materials will only be from this semester. You don’t have to worry about the stuff we learned in the fall.” He reassured everyone. “You’re the best, Mr. D!” Matt shouted, everyone cheering “Mr. D!” in agreement. “Thank you, thank you. I try to make this class not suck.” The teacher laughed. “It really has been a pleasure teaching all of you and I know you’re all going to have bright futures in college.” “Yikes, college sounds like a lifetime away for me.” Kendall admitted, Jared and Matt nodding in agreement. The three were the only sophomores in their class.

Lunch was relaxing for Kendall. He was with Sophia and Carly. Matt had to leave early for his last swim meet, while Jared and Fanny were off somewhere else, and Chloe and Megan were off gossiping with their friends. “So how was your day so far? Sophia and Carly looked at Kendall. “It was a lot of final review and stuff. How about you guys?” “Well, we have like two classes, so those two, final review, and then World History, just talking about our final paper. P.E. was great though. We played dodgeball.” Carly broke out into laughter. “Wait, what’s so funny?” Kendall was startled by her sudden outburst. “Well, we played dodgeball, and Yubin was on the other team. I could have sworn, everyone, even her own teammates, threw their balls at her. It was hilarious.” She started tearing up from laughing so much. “So you can say that Yubin took a lot of balls to the face?” Sophia and Kendall laughed at his joke, while Carly just stared at them, unsure of how to feel about Kendall’s joke. “You could’ve done better than that.” Fanny said, walking up to the group with Jared. “Seriously? Just balls to the face? I know you like monkeys, Kendall, but that doesn’t mean you need to stoop to their level of intelligence when it comes to cracking a good joke.” He scoffed sarcastically. “And that, babe, is satire. I think?” He turned to Jared, Fanny himself not quite certain on the topic. The two were discussing the Tortilla Curtain and what was satire. “Oh, that’s not satire either.” Carly corrected him. “It’s basically like irony meets sarcasm and it could be like parody at times. A good example is making a spoof on Dora the Explorer, but changing her name from Dora to Liberty, and then making it about jumping the border because she’s Mexican.” “Oh, so satire can be racism?” Jared was still unsure of the definition. “Oh, no! I’m so sorry, that came out really wrong.” Carly shook her head, ashamed of her own example. “Liberty the Border-Hopper. I love it. Can her partner be a frog or a rabbit? They could be named Hops!” Fanny grinned goofily, amused at this idea. “Oh, shush, Fanny.” Carly and Sophia shook their heads. “Just Google it, Jared.” Sophia suggested.

“Okay, has any group finished their movie projects?” Kawaguchi-sensei glared at everyone. Sharquiqui began to raise her hand, only to be shushed by the impatient teacher. “Uh, we’ll be done by Friday.” Fanny promised. “Good, Chiang-san. Everyone else? Are you guys almost done, or have you all just been screwing around?” He shot everyone daggers with his eyes. The room went silent, much to the surprise of Kendall’s group. “Wait, are we the only people who took this seriously?” The brunette looked at his teammates. “Well, it’s hard not to when we have a theatre person.” Megan frowned. “I know, right? My team is so lucky to have me!” Yubin boasted loudly, overhearing what Megan had said. “No, they aren’t. We honestly would have rather been a team of four than a team of five with you.” One of their classmates, Brian Liu, frowned. He had the misfortune of being stuck with Yubin, mostly because Kawaguchi-sensei forced him and his teammates to take her in. “How about your team, Gomez-san?” Kawaguchi-sensei stared at him. “Uh, well we’re done with the script and we started filming this week.” He started. “Wow, everyone, look at Chiang-san’s group. They are getting an A, if they turn their project in on Friday as they promised. You all, you need to catch up. I gave you half the semester to work on this.”

“Kendall! Wait up!” Sophia noticed Megan and Kendall and ran up to them. The three of them lived relatively within a few blocks of each other. “Want to walk back together?” She suggested. “Sure!” Megan agreed. The Skye siblings were both unaware of Sophia’s feelings for Kendall still. “I’m so glad that he’s going to give us an A.” The Thai girl smiled, referring to the movie project. “If we get over a 94% in the class, we get to skip the final, so I’m down for that!” Megan agreed. “Ooh! Ben and Jerry’s!” Megan pointed out. “Can we go?” She grinned excitedly. “Sure.” Kendall chuckled. “Want to join us, Sophia?” “Yeah, why not? It’s a Wednesday. We all could use a pick me up.” She laughed. After getting their ice cream, the three sat outside of the store, and were talking. “Oh, crap. I totally forgot, but Chloe wanted to hang out later. I need to go back home and grab some stuff.” Megan got her bag and took off. “I’ll see you guys later!” She shouted, running off.

“So, what are you taking next year?” Sophia asked Kendall. “I’m taking English 3 AP, Physics AP, Calc AP, J3, Varsity Soccer, and Astrophysics.” He listed off. “Oh, nice! I’m taking Calc AP, J3, Chem AP, Physics, English 3, and Astrophysics!” Sophia responded. “Wait, we could have three classes together. That’s awesome!” Kendall grinned. “Since there’s only one J3 class, and then Calc AP, there’s two, and for Astrophysics, it’s only one, so guaranteed, we have two classes together off the bat.” He listed off. “Why didn’t you take English 3 AP?” He looked at her, surprised. “English isn’t my strong suit. I’m not a good writer.” She chuckled. She only took English 2 Honors for the sake of taking more Honors classes, not because it was her interest.  “Well, I’m not  good at reading or writing either, but I’ve started with English Honors, so I figured I’ll keep it going. Stick it out.” Kendall laughed. “You’re a brave soul, Kendall Skye.” Sophia shook her head in admiration. “But do you have any more homework for the rest of the day?” He looked at her. “Nah. I worked on the cheat sheet for Chem throughout the semester with Fanny because his friends told him about that. Oh, and Fanny and I finished the portfolio early, so we’re good on that. And then for Pre-Calc, we have been doing final review, and then World History, just the final paper, which will be pretty straightforward.” Sophia was taking Chemistry, English, and Pre-Calc for her honors classes, so she had a relatively easy time with her schedule due to not taking a sport, as opposed to Kendall, who took three honors classes with a sport. “You’ll become a great doctor one day, Sophia. The way you handled doing the script, and how you organize delegating the tasks, it was really epic.” He admitted. “Thanks. You’re a hard worker too. You really are a team player in how you work. It’s really admirable.” She looked back at him. “Oh, your ice cream, Kendall!” She pointed at his hand. At this point, his right hand was drowning in Chunky Monkey ice cream. “Aw, crap.” He growled, getting up. The brunette quickly discarded the cone and started wiping off his hand. “I need a sink.” He sighed; his hand, while dry, was still unpleasantly sticky.

Sky Bird: Chapter 18

“Thank god we’re almost finished.” Fanny groaned in relief. There were only a couple of scenes left in the movie project. Kendall’s movie group was currently at the Malibu Beach Inn, where they filmed a scene involving Kendall and Sophia’s characters; Thaimee and Gregory were supposed to be on a date on the beach in this scene. At this point, all that was left were the scenes with Fanny’s character, which he insisted he could film on his own with the help of Chloe, just so that nobody else had to waste any more time. “Good work on the last scene, Kendall.” Sophia smiled at the brunette. “Thanks.” The brunette was still slightly jet lagged, so he was just trying not to fall asleep. “Okay, so here’s the big scene. You two are going to kiss.” Fanny looked like he was either trying to contain his own vomit or laughter as Sophia and Kendall looked at him in horror. “Wait, why am I kissing him?” Sophia glared at Fanny. “That wasn’t in the script we wrote!” “Suck it up. I’m the director, and these are changes I made to improve the story.” He winked at her. Even though he was put off by Kendall, Fanny still wanted Sophia to have a shot at a relationship with the boy she had a crush on: in short, he put his friendship with Sophia before his detest for Kendall. “Can we at least fake it? You know, angle the camera.” Sophia suggested, not wanting Kendall to think that this is what she wanted. “Okay, fine. I can be a reasonable dictator. I mean, director.” He rolled his eyes, getting back behind his tripod. “That was really sneaky of you, Fanny.” Carly whispered to him. “Well, what a girl wants, a girl gets.” He chuckled back at her.”Okay, and let’s start filming now! 4, 3, 2.”

Kendall and Sophia stood in the water, side by side. Sophia reached over and grabbed his hand. What is this I’m feeling? My heart’s racing? The brunette felt confused. Sophia’s hand was small, soft, and warm. “Thailand ni  kaeritakunai. Edward-kun to isshouni koko ni sunmitain.” Sophia looked at him. “Demo Thaimee-chan no uchi wa Thailand no naka ni desu ne? Soshite, boku no uchi wa California no naka ni. Dakara, kore was watashitachi no saigo no deeto.” He whispered, looking into her eyes. For some reason, Kendall was blushing. He could feel his face turning red as he got closer to Sophia. “Kono mama de zutto oboette iru.” Sophia whispered as they pushed their faces together. “Cut!” Fanny screamed. The two quickly pulled their faces away from each other. Unknown to Kendall, Sophia felt every bit as flustered as he did about this situation. “Okay, let me re-angle the camera, and then we can finish the scene.” The Chinese boy chuckled. He could tell from Kendall’s body language that he was starting to reciprocate Sophia’s feelings. But it will still take a little bit more time for the brunette to realize this himself. Regardless, Fanny enjoyed playing cupid.

“Hey! Wait for me!” Kendall was back in the flower fields. The girl in the white dress giggled as she ran into the woods. “Hold on!” He grunted, running into the forest, just inches behind her. “Come over here! Follow me, Kendall!” She chanted, going deeper and deeper into the woods. Kendall could see the contours of her face, but couldn’t quite recognize her from behind. She had a very small face with slim cheeks. “Kendall!” The girl called in an almost sing-song tone. She seemed to be mocking him at this point. “We’re here!” She stopped. The brunette took a second to catch his breath before looking up. They were at a clearing in the woods. Sunlight made its way through the wholes in the trees. “Who are you?” The brunette panted, winded from the chase. “You don’t recognize me? That’s a shame, Kendall.” The girl giggled, as she stepped into the center of the clearing. “It’s me.” She turned around. Unfortunately, Kendall didn’t quite get to see her face. Not yet, anyways.

“Wake up! Wake up, you idiot!” Kendall had fallen asleep on the car ride back home. The only reason why he managed to wake up was because Megan was kicking him in the shins. “Ouch.” He opened his eyes, only to see her, growling at him. “Get up. Fanny needs to go home.” She tugged at his arm. “Ouch, okay.” He got off. “Later!” Fanny waved, as his Tesla took off. “I get that you’re jet lagged, but that was just lame. Get it together.” Megan shook her head, walking up the stairs. But the boy was not thinking about her words as he followed her back to the apartment. He was thinking about the dream he had to wake up from just now. The girl, he saw her again. She was always just a few seconds away before somebody would inconveniently wake him up. It was frustrating. Maybe it was a metaphor for his love life? Always one second away, and then somebody else has to ruin it. Granted, in his real life, he never necessarily got that close to being in a relationship. There were his hopes with Carly, only just to realize how incompatible they would be as more than friends. At this point, the brunette just felt like he needed to focus on getting good grades. Relationships could wait for later.

“How was filming, honey?” A small Asian lady in her 40s, Mrs. Puckchareon, greeted her daughter. “It was fun! We went to the beach today.” Sophia explained. “Was rocket guy there?” Jesse looked at the two. “Yes. He was there.” “Rocket guy?” Mrs. Puckchareon was confused. “Oh. Kendall.” Sophia looked at her mother. “Oh, Kendall Skye? The boy in your English and Japanese classes, right?” She had met him in passing once. “Why’s he rocket guy?” “He loves aerospace engineering and rockets, so Jesse likes to call him that.” “Oh, okay, well that makes sense. Anyways, Sophia, I have to go back to Mrs. Ahn’s flower shop. I need to take inventory for tomorrow because we have a lot of orders coming in. It’s almost prom season and I know that everyone is going to want flowers.” Her mother grabbed her coat and headed off. Mrs. Puckchareon was the head of the PTA, so she was directly in charge of organizing the school’s dances every year. “Bye, mom!” Sophia waved. “I’ll take care of Jesse while you’re away!” “So what’s for dinner, Soph?” Jesse looked up at her. “Hmm… let’s go out for today.” She smiled. “It’s a Monday, we deserve it.” “Alright, where?” “How about Lemon Tree?” Sophia was referring to Lemon Tree Kids & Family Restaurant, a Korean-Italian place in Koreatown, close to where they lived. “Okay!” He grinned as they got up and started to talk there.

“Wait, so he tried to make you guys kiss?” Jesse laughed. “Yeah. Fanny thought it would be funny to rewrite the scene without telling me. Typical Fanny.” Sophia shook her head. “Fanny is hilarious. I love Fanny!” Jesse laughed. Out of all of Sophia’s friends who Jesse had met, Fanny was the only one Jesse never made fun of or called a funny name. Jesse called Carly “boring girl” and Kendall “rocket guy.” “He’s the best. Making you make out with rocket guy!” Jesse was trying not to fall out of his chair at this point. “Ugh, shut up, Jesse.” Sophia slid down her chair, embarrased. “What? It’s not like you like rocket guy, do you?” Jesse eyed his embarrassed sister. There was an awkward silence. “Oh. Fanny knew?” “Yeah, he did.” “Ooh, he’s evil! I like it.” Jesse gained a newfound appreciation and admiration for Fanny and his cunning ways.

At the Skye apartment, there was a knocking at the door. “Who is it?” Kendall half-awake, walked up to the door. “It’s me, Chloe.” She stated in a grumpy tone. “Oh.” He opened to door. The girl looked like a zombie. “Jet lag has been good to you too, I see.” The brunette noted the dark rings around her bloodshot eyes and the perpetual frown glued to her face. “Yup. Megan! Hurry up! I want food!” She whined. “Coming!” Megan shouted back, walking over. The two had made dinner plans because they wanted to get back into their usual routine and overcome their jet lag together. “How was Hong Kong?” Kendall tried to make small talk with her. “Good. How was Japan?” “Good.” Their conversation was short and awkward, just like their general relationship. The female brunette dragged her feet over to the door, looking equally exhausted. “Okay, let’s go.” The two walked off, looking like a pair of zombies. “Are those two going to be okay?” Gil peeked over Kendall’s shoulder. “Yeah.” “Ouch!” Chloe walked into a wall downstairs. “My face!” “Well, maybe. Thank god we have the Find My iPhone app on our phones. At least we can track her if anything goes wrong.” Kendall reassured his terrified little brother. “Alright then.” He yawned, walking back inside.

Sky Bird: Chapter 15

“Okay, are you guys ready?” It was Monday afternoon, and Kendall, Megan, Sophia, Carly, and Fanny were in the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills, filming some of the scenes of their movie project. Sophia was wearing an elaborate chut thai, which is an outfit in Thai culture made of a variety of cloths and sashes. “Yes! Can we please hurry? I borrowed this from my grandma and I don’t want to ruin it!” Sophia was nervous for several reasons; she was wearing a family heirloom in public and she hated being recorded. “Okay! 4, 3, 2.” Fanny turned on the camera. The scene was that Sophia was checking into her hotel room, and Megan and Kendall were going to come across her; Fanny’s character in the movie, his father owned the hotel, while Kendall and Megan were supposedly exploring it out of curiosity. “Oniichan! Sono hito wa Ngam Thaimee-samadesu, ne?” Megan looked at her brother excitedly. “Hontou ni Ngam Thaimee-sama, da!” Kendall tried to act as surprised as he could; acting unfortunately was not one of his strong suits. Essentially, their exchange translated to them being excited about seeing Thaimee Ngam, Sophia’s character. “Ngam-sama! Hajimemashite! Watashi wa Howards Elenadesu!” Megan bowed as she introduced herself; her character was named Elena Howards. “Hajimemashite. Boku wa Howards Gregorydesu. Elena-chan wa boku no imouto-chan.” Kendall, going by the name of Gregory Howards, introduced himself as Elena’s older brother. “Alright. Looks like we’re good here.” Fanny smiled. “Good job, you guys! And Sophia, you are killing it in that outfit!” Carly cheered her teammates on.

“Ugh, thank god! I can wear pants again.” Sophia sighed in relief, finally changed. They finished filming all of her scenes wearing the chut thai that day, so that they can return her outfit. “You did wonderful, Sophia!” Carly smiled. “Yeah, you and Megan honestly should apply for Advanced Theatre Arts.” Fanny agreed. “Kendall, on the other hand…” He looked over at the other male. “Shut up. I’m not an actor and I never will be.” “It’s okay, Kendall. You had to have lines in the movie, so you’re doing your best. Thank god he’s not grading on acting ability.” Fanny sighed in relief. “That’s probably the nicest thing he’s ever said to you!” Megan laughed at Kendall. “It’s sad because it’s true.” The Chinese boy snickered in agreement. “Ugh, you’re lucky you’re dating my best friend.” Kendall crossed his arms, ignoring all urges to punch him in the face. “Alright, so we’re done for filming today. I’m going to go do edits, but everyone, keep up the good work!” Fanny grinned, grabbing his tripod and heading to his car.

“I’m feeling so good about our project.” Megan looked at Kendall as he was driving the two siblings back home. “Yeah, we better not get an F after all the work we put into this.” Kendall, Megan, Sophia, and Carly all put in a lot of working doing the script while Fanny was in charge of editing and recording. “Well the plot is good, we all worked on the script to make sure that we had all of the grammars, and I think we are all doing a good job.” Megan admitted. “There isn’t a weak link in our group, and that’s a lot better than my English group.” She chuckled; they were studying the Italian Renaissance currently and had to do so in groups. Unfortunately for her, Megan was stuck in a group not only without Chloe, but also with people who have been consistently poor writers in the class. “But you just need to learn to roll with the punches, right?” She looked at Kendall, who was probably an expert at that. “Yup. Life might deal you a crappy hand, but you just need to learn how to play it right.”

“Kendall!” Mrs. Skye called out from the hallway. “Yes, mom?” The brunette walked over to his parents’ room. It was already 9pm. “Can you do us a favor?” “Sure, what’s up?” “Your mom forgot to buy groceries for breakfast tomorrow. Can you please get those for us?” Mr. Skye called out. “Okay, sounds good.” The 16 year old grabbed his keys and walked out the the apartment. Getting into his car, the brunette got out his phone and typed in the nearest grocery store. “Ralph’s? Okay. Let’s go there.” Pulling his car out of the apartment garage, he left for the store. “Alright,let’s just pull up, and… we’re parked.” The brunette stationed his car in the parking area, and grabbed a grocery cart. “Alright, so eggs, bacon, bread, milk.” He listed off, walking through the sliding doors. “Kendall?” The brunette looked up to see Sophia, who was with a small boy, no older than 7 years old. “Sophia! And who is this?” The brunette referred to her companion. “Hi, Kendall! This is my little brother, Jesse.” “Hi. You’re that rocket guy, right?” He looked up. “Oh yeah, I am.” The brunette chuckled. “What are you doing here so late?” The Thai girl was perplexed to see him here. “I was getting groceries for breakfast. My mom forgot to grab them so I figured I’d help her out.” “Oh, I see. Jesse has to contribute to his school’s bake sale, and he forgot about it, so we’re here grabbing some cake mix for that.” “That sounds like fun. I’ll see you tomorrow?” Kendall looked at her. “Yup. See you!” “Have fun baking!” “Later, rocker guy!” The two waved as they walked back to Sophia’s house.

“Okay, that should cover everything.” Kendall was proud of himself. He managed to grab everything for breakfast, and he was already back in the apartment and just finished putting everything away. “Kendall, are you going to sleep soon?” A drowsy Gil yawned. Unfortunately, the kitchen was directly connected to their room. “Yeah, I’m going to bed now.” The brunette stretched his arms as he walked over to their shared room. “Good night, big bro.” Gil closed his eyes. “Good night, Gil.” Kendall went to bed as well. Today felt like it went by too quickly. Then again, soccer season was officially over, and his classes were a blur, with no tests or particularly challenging projects presenting themselves as hurdles to him. It looks like things are starting to look up for me. Kendall thought to himself sleepily. The best moments in life were the ones that we want to last longer. Drifting off to another dream, the brunette pondered how many more times he will experience that sensation. That wish for life to go just a little bit slower, so that he can savor these memories.

Everyone was lined up at the graveyard, dressed in all black. Surprisingly enough, it was a sunny day with clear blue skies and not a cloud in sight. Exactly the way Kendall’s grandfather would have preferred it to be. Kendall was dreaming about his grandpa’s funeral. “We are gathered here today to celebrate the life of Darby Skye. Darby was a kind man. He served as a captain in the U.S. Air Force and was a celebrated aerospace engineer. He will be dearly missed. Darby will be lived on by his sons, Christian and Eric, and his daughters, Julie and Daphne, and their children.” An 8 year old Kendall sat there in the crowd, feeling numb. His grandfather had just taken him on a plane for the first time ever just a year ago, and then he died. A peaceful death, the nurses said. He went to sleep that night, and just never woke up. But it was fine. He was a widower anyways. Grandma died long before Kendall was born. At least grandpa will have somebody waiting for him on the other side of this. Somebody to welcome him with her warm embrace.

Mr. Skye was taking his father’s death surprisingly well. The father was more concerned about his own children’s feelings, rather than his own. “Everyone dies at some point. But it gives us more of a reason to live. Live for their sake. Live to carry out the hopes and dreams they had for us.” He explained to his three children. “Of course, I feel sad. He’s my dad. But if I were to get hung up and just be constantly sad about him passing away, then he wouldn’t be happy. Neither would my mom be, seeing me like that. I have to keep living my life and making a brighter future for you kids, for their sakes.” Gil and Megan were both trying not to cry still, but Kendall understood where his father was coming from. It’s understandable to have human emotions. It’s expected. But getting too caught up in them, it wouldn’t make the recently lost happy. They can’t just succumb to the downward spiral that is depression. That’s what the older 16 year old Kendall would later be able to vocalize with his advanced vocabulary. At that point in time, he understood the concept, but to the best effect that a 3rd grader could.

Kendall’s grandfather had always been a kind man. Whenever he would visit, Kendall would be excited; his grandfather would tell him about his stories as a pilot, and how exciting it was to be free. To soar like a bird. At first, Kendall was curious about this sensation, having never experienced it himself. But when he finally got to fly on the jet with his grandpa, he finally understood what it meant to be free. The sensation of flying, it was surreal. That feeling in your gut, as if something is pulling you up. Then you can sense the acceleration, as if you are becoming one with the wind. And then when you reach a certain point, your problems are so far below you that you can only think about one thing, and that’s feeling free to explore the world around you. To capture that experience and allow anyone and everyone to feel it, that was his goal. He wanted to help humanity soar in that big blue sky. The first plane he ever builds, Kendall plans to name it “Darby” in honor of his grandpa.

Sky Bird: Chapter 11

“Hey, Kendall, so we talked it over, and we were wondering what you wanted to do with our movie plot.” Sophia messaged him. The five of them were in a group chat on FaceBook for their Japanese movie project. “Oh, hm…. how about a story of two siblings visiting Japan? And then they stay with their rich cousin?” Kendall responded. “LMAO so you and Megan are visiting me?” Fanny sent back. “Yup.” “Well what about Sophia and Carly then?” “Ooh, can I somehow be the bad guy? I’ve always wanted to be the bad guy!” Carly sounded very happy with the plot, per usual. “Sure. You can be… uh, maybe the rich step-mother?” “Megan suggested. “OMG YES! And Sophia can be the maid.” Fanny definitely was having too much fun with this. “Uh, I refuse to wear a maid costume -_-” Sophia was unamused. “Then how about a fashion model??” Carly suggested. “Ooh, I love it! Sophia will be an exotic Thai model!” Fanny agreed. “Alright, but what’s she doing?” “Modeling obviously. But the reason why you guys are visiting is because Megan’s character idolizes Sofia’s character. And Sofia is traveling to Japan for a fashion show?” The theatre male proposed. “Alright, sounds like we have a plot in the making.” “What’s the title of the movie?” Carly wondered. “How about… ‘The Land of the Rising Love’?” Kendall joked. “Sounds good!” Fanny agreed. “Wait, I was joking!” “Too late, I’m lazy. Let’s roll with it.” The Chinese boy’s patience was already worn too thin. “Fine.”

“Guys, dinner time!” Mrs. Skye shouted. “Alright! What’s for dinner?” “Pork roast with rice and braised onions. And for veggies, green beans.” She presented proudly. “Sounds delicious.” Kendall grinned, as he was drawn to the dining table by the wafting aroma of the pork. “So how was your days?” Mr. Skye looked around. “Cross country season is ending soon, and Kendall and I are starting our group movie project for Japanese!” Megan chimed in. “Geometry is going alright. And my English 1 honors class, we finished reading To Kill a Mockingbird.” She finished, going back to eating the pork. “Well I got an A in my Geometry test, so I’m set for the rest of the semester.” Gil grinned. “We finished reading Farewell to Manzanar, and it was an interesting read, since it reminded me of grandma.” Gil was referring to Mrs. Skye’s mother, who was a Japanese immigrant during the time of World War 2. “It was a good book.” Kendall and Megan agreed. “And you, Kendall?” “Well like Megan said, we have a movie project to get started on. For the rest of my classes, surprisingly well! I got a few grades back in my classes, and they were all As!” He grinned. “I have my chem quiz tomorrow, but I studied a lot for it.” “Good luck!” Everyone chimed in. “Thanks. I’ll do my best.” Kendall grinned.

“So for the fashion show scene, let’s do that in the foyer in our house.” Fanny began. They were on the group chat again, talking about the logistics of the movie project. “We can go to the SLS Hotel or the Miyako in Little Tokyo for the scene when Sophia’s character arrives in the city for the fashion show.” He continued, running through the different scenes. The biggest perk to having a theatre arts person on their team was that Fanny knew how to film, edit, and had an eye for scenes and script writing; this project was his to get an A in. “And then I’m guessing that the conflict will be?” Carly wasn’t sure where the plot was going. “Since Carly wanted to be the villain, she can be jealous of Sophia being a model. And she wants to sabotage Sophia. But since Megan is a huge fan of Sophia, then the conflict will be between Carly and Megan.” He explained. “Wait, then Fanny, what would our characters do?” Kendall was confused. “Uh, I don’t know. You’ll help Megan? And I can just exist.” Fanny was not interested in taking a huge lead role, with him and Chloe having to play Mulan and Shan Yu on Friday’s production.

“So class, how did you guys like Tortilla Curtain so far?” Mrs. Johnson looked around at her first period class. It was Wednesday and the class had started reading their next book. “I found it hilarious how ironic it was. The fact that the wife is named America but she’s an illegal alien was just too in your face.” Matt chuckled. “Good observation, Matt. Irony will be a very big thing, you guys. That’s a part of satire.” Mrs. Johnson explained. “You’ll be seeing it a lot in this book.” “Kendall, did you read it yet?” Sophia whispered. “No, I was studying for Chem.” The brunette sighed. “Me too! Chem is hard.” She frowned in agreement. “Why bother studying for Chem?” Fanny rolled his eyes, eavesdropping on their conversation. “Because we want an A?” Kendall frowned. How could this guy get straight As when he doesn’t study?

“Alright, you guys have just 30 minutes for your quiz and it’s out of 20 points. Your time starts now.” Ms. Ling shouted. It was already third period. You could hear everyone flipping through the papers, pencils and pens scribbling frantically. Kendall looked at his quiz and smiled at the last question; he preferred to start at the end because those typically would be the harder questions. “What is entropy? Explain the function, the letter it represents, and positional entropy with the different kinds of molecules.” The brunette knew that if this was the hardest one, then he would have an easy time. It took him maybe 4 minutes to answer that question, and he quickly breezed through the multiple choices. “Here, Ms. Ling.” The brunette handed in his paper, feeling great about his chances of passing the quiz with an A.

“Are you going to watch Mulan with us on Friday?” Carly and Sophia looked at Kendall. “Well, I want to but Jared, Matt, and I are going camping on the weekend, and staying up late might not be the best idea…” Kendall trailed off. “Well, Jared and Matt are going too, so why don’t you just come?” Megan glared at her older brother. The four of them were in fifth period. Because the play was coming up soon, Fanny was excused from fifth and sixth period to help with the production. “Okay, fine. It’ll be funny to watch Fanny get crushed under a fake avalanche.” He snickered. “You are all kinds of messed up!” Sharquiqui shook her head. “Why don’t you come with us?” Carly smiled at her. “Because, girl, I have another biotech seminar at Harvard, so I’m flying straight to Boston right after class. “Aw, nuts. Okay.” Carly sighed. “What are you doing?! You have this time to get ahead start on writing your kanji!” Kawaguchi-sensei screamed.

“Hold this up, will you?!” It was in the theatre room; a classroom painted and decorated in pitch black for dramatic effect. The Advanced Theatre Arts students were in the room, getting together the set. Fanny was struggling to grab a hold of one of the wooden backdrops, painted to resemble a snow-filled mountain. “Fine, I’ll help.” Chloe pouted as she grabbed the other side of wooded block. “Okay, one, two, lift!” The siblings were able to get the board off the ground and walk towards the backstage area. “Wow, our two favorite Chiangs are getting the job done!” A brunette named Alex snickered as he was painting one of the sets. “Shut up, Alex! At least I’m not playing the fat soldier.” Fanny stuck his tongue out at his antagonist. “And at least I’m not being shot by a rocket off a castle.” He retorted, cackling.

Sky Bird: Chapter 6

“Alright, I hope you’re all ready for your skit projects!” Kawaguchi-sensei eyed his Japanese 2 class deviously. It was the Friday two weeks after the Malibu hike, and the class was wrapping up another chapter. “Oh crap.” Fanny crossed his arms and shook his head. Even though he had a theatre background, these skits were brutal: they needed to be entirely in Japanese, contain all of the grammar taught in the most recent chapter, and each person had to incorporate at least 10 vocabulary words taught in that chapter into their lines. Basically, a lot of things needed to be accounted for in this assignment. So it was horrible for everyone. And to make manners even less pleasant, Kawaguchi-sensei would choose the pairs randomly. Or in his own definition of that adverb, by choosing whoever he wants to pair together. “I’d like to see Puckchareon-san and Gomez-san together.” Sophia saw that her partner was Grant Gomez, a stout half Filipino, half Caucasian boy. “Well, could be a lot worse. I mean, Gomez-san tries really hard.” She sighed in relief. “Chiang-san, you will have Gong-san.” “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!” Fanny slammed the desk as he glared at Kawaguchi-sensei in disagreement. He was paired with Yubin Gong, a heavier Korean girl who had a fascination with her own reflection, cosplaying as anime characters half her girth, and making her hair shinier by not washing it, and not paying attention in class to the point where she would hardly ever get above a D average in most assignments. “Shut up, Chiang-san and make it work. What was that saying? In the theatre, the show must go on!” The bald teacher was having too much fun for his own good. “Ahn-san, you can work with…” Please pick me. Please pick me. I want to work with Carly! Kendall crossed his fingers. “Nelson-san.” Carly was partnered with Sharquiqui Nelson, a very sassy Afro-English girl who was somehow the sophomore class’s valedictorian, despite her vulgar vocabulary. “Mmmhmm! I know you just said my name!” Sharquiqui pursed her lips and shook her head in agreement. “And Skye-baka, you can work with your little sister. Maybe she could pick up for your slack.” Kawaguchi laughed, oblivious to Kendall and Megan’s earlier conflict. Wow, just my luck. I get to be with the unappreciative little sister. I’d rather have Gong-san to be honest. Kendall frowned to himself, frustrated at his bad luck. The one time he’d prefer to work with Yubin and he had to work with her instead.

“Hey, partner!” Yubin tried to talk to Fanny, who was visibly uncomfortable; Yubin was suspended for allegations of sexual harassment and blackmail; she threatened to leak nude photos of herself, claiming that they were photos of other girls, in an attempt to sleep with their boyfriends or just to take money from them. Despite that, the school board let her stay, because the superintendent felt that Yubin’s personality, being so different, could make her a unique individual in the school. As awkward as Fanny’s experience was, Megan’s was only worse. She was completely silent, while Kendall was writing the entire script on his own, his little sister just watching uncomfortably. “So what’s your script about?” Kawaguchi-sensei walked by the siblings. “It’s about a dumb little sister who needed to keep her mouth shut about the dumb things she said. And the older brother who decided to put her up for adoption.” Kendall began. “Oh, well that could be funny, but you’re not allowed to use dumb in your script. Sensei-privileges only to call somebody dumb.” He finished, walking off, still oblivious to their conflict. “Kendall, I know what I said must have hurt you, but what you’re doing with this project, I’m sorry, but it’s really immature and just as hurtful. Saying that I’m dumb and being disowned-” “Who said you’re allowed to talk?” He cut her off coldly. “Okay, that’s it. I’m sorry, but Kawaguchi-sensei, my brother is being a grade-A asshole to me.” Megan looked up. “Okay, younger Skye-san, normally I have to give a detention for that sort of language, but you do better than your grade-D dumbass brother in this class, so I’ll let this one slide. That being said, Skye-baka, why are you treating her that way? She’s your sister, not your slave. Respect her.” Kawaguchi scolded the male. The entire class went silent at that retort. “I’m sorry, Megan.” Kendall muttered begrudgingly, before looking back down at the script.

“And what I hope to accomplish by being the first Black female molecular biologist is to properly clone human beings. I would love to meet my great grandma Theodoralina, you nasty-ass bitch!” Sharquiqui snapped her fingers and bobbed her head. “Uh, I don’t quite get the reason why you needed to call me that, but I’m rooting for you, Sharquiqui. Your great grandmother Theodoralina must have been a pleasant person.” Carly laughed off the unusual title Sharquiqui had bestowed upon her, trying to not take it as an insult, but perhaps as a sign of affection? “Nah, she got shot like 50 times for trying to rob the National Mint. I just want to meet her so I can understand her crazy better. But whatever you say, yellow Cracker jack. But I managed to already write the script for this stupid shieeet. I knew he was going to do that, because he did that last year, and that fool is a predictable motherfucker.” Sharquiqui insisted, handing over the script to Carly. “Wait, what’s this about…” The Korean-Japanese girl looked at the paper, analyzing the text. “Wow… this is actually really deep. Honestly, this could be the premise of an Oscar-winning movie.” She was at a loss of words. Sharquiqui’s script was beyond reproach. It was a well-written epic with deep meanings, symbolism, and used all of the requirements. Inspired, Carly wholeheartedly agreed to use Sharquiqui’s script. It was the right thing to do.

“Away, foul beast!” Fanny hissed, crossing his fingers at Yubin, trying to form a cross at her. “Oh, I knew you wanted to finger me. Come here, you big boy.” The Korean girl tried to climb onto Fanny, who immediately raised his hand while pushing Yubin away with his other. “Kawaguchi-sensei, Gong-san is trying to touch me inappropriately!” “Chiang-san, try reporting that to the superintendent. It’s not going to do you any good.” The older Japanese man snorted, watching in amusement. “I am so taking krav-maga classes after this!” Fanny growled, trying to kick Yubin. Meanwhile, Sophia and Grant were quietly working on their script together. “So, Puckchareon-san, are the rumors true?” He looked at her. “Wait, what rumors?” She eyed him, curious but also nervous. “That you have a crush on Skye-san?” “Wait, so they think I’m a lesbian and cougar?” Her mouth went agape in disbelief. “Oh, no, wrong Skye-san. I mean Skye-baka.” Grant chuckled. “Hey, Gomez-san, you’re not allowed to use that word! Only sensei can!” Kawaguchi-sensei frowned. “But yeah, do you?” He looked at Sophia curiously. “Wait, why does this matter?” “Well, you’re like close to Ahn-san, and he’s obviously into her, so I was wondering if there was a love triangle, mayhaps-” “Just shut up, Gomez-san. That’s none of your business.” Sophia frowned. She was offended just by the fact that he being essentially a stronger would interrogate her on who she liked. That was just a violation of her privacy.

One by one, the pairs would recite their skits. Sophia and Grant’s skit was awkward, especially due to Sophia’s earlier scolding at Grant, but not nearly as bad as Fanny’s. Predictably, Fanny and Yubin’s was a cringe-filled act, where Yubin attempted to grope Fanny, who screamed for help in desperation. Megan and Kendall’s skit went over decently, after Kendall changed the entire script, making it a heartfelt apology, to which Megan accepted tearfully; the majority of the class was confused about why she was crying, but thought it was a touching sibling moment. And lastly, Sharquiqui and Carly’s skit left the entire class speechless. Even Kawaguchi-sensei, who was normally angry, critical, and sarcastic, was brought to tears of awe and amazement at how well-written and thought out the entire plot of their skit was, even dubbing it s new age Shakespearean tale. They received a standing ovation, to which Sharquiqui would scream obscenities over. Overall, Kawaguchi’s pairings wound up being for the best. Kendall was able to make up with his little sister, while Fanny failed his first assignment in Japanese 2, due to not finishing his skit while trying to fend off a lusting Yubin.

“So I take it you had a good day in Japanese?” Jared and Kendall were doing stretches on the track during soccer practice. The blonde normally had to cheer up Kendall because of how bad his experiences in Japanese are due to Fanny, so he was relishing this rare moment. “Yeah. Megan and I finally made up, and Fanny failed his first assignment.” Kendall snickered triumphantly. “Well, that fag deserved it. He’s been really rude to you, and that’s what he gets for messing up for your family!” Jared snorted. “Hey, wait, what did we say about calling gay people ‘fag’?” Kendall looked at Jared, frustrated. His homosexuality was not what made Fanny unbearable to him, so Kendall didn’t understand Jared’s continuous need to use that word. “It’s like using the n-word around black people. It’s rude.” The brunette finished. “Jeez, okay, I get it. Surprised that you’d be so against the usage of that word, but-” “It’s because I’m pretty sure that you are. And I want to be supportive of you.” Kendall assured.

“Huh? Me, gay?” Jared sputtered in disbelief. “Don’t worry, I knew for a while. The reason why you keep saying fag is because you want to not be associated with being gay. But I don’t care if you are or aren’t. You’re my friend either way.” Kendall smiled at the blonde. “What? I swear, dude, I’m not-” “I guess you’re not ready to come out yet. But I’ll be supportive of it whenever it happens.” The brunette insisted. “Okay, fine, I was hiding it. But for good reason.” Jared whispered to Kendall. “Wait, why? Just because you’re an athlete?” Kendall was curious about Jared’s rationale. “It’s because I am in a relationship… with Fanny.” He confessed, knowing full well how his best friend would react. “On… Fanny? Wait, why Fanny?! Are you fucking dumb?! You can’t be serious! This is a joke!” Kendall growled angrily. Terrified, Jared shook his head timidly. “What about Fanny is so appealing to you? He’s a rich, snobby, arrogant-” “You don’t see anything about Fanny other than his rude remarks and his money. But deep down, Fanny is a kind-hearted person!” Jared insisted. “He always offers to proof-read my papers for English 2, and he gives me help in Chem whenever I struggle-” “Wait, since when has Fanny been your tutor?” Kendall was angry. “I just went to him for help because Mrs. Johnson and Ms. Ling recommended him.” Jared admitted. “For how long?” The brunette glared at him. “Maybe for the past six weeks?” The blonde’s voice squeaked, him feeling increasingly more uncomfortable.

“Oh, look! It’s Kendolt and his friend!” Fanny laughed, pointing at the pair as him and the rest of the varsity boy’s team was running back to the school campus. “Fanny, the jig’s up. He knows.” Jared covered his face in embarrassment. “Oh shit, really?” The Chinese boy stopped in his tracks, dumbfounded. “Yeah. I tried.” Jared shook his head, defeated. “Well, Kendall, you can’t stop love. Jared and I-” “You don’t love Jared! You’re only in a relationship with him to spite me! Jared, I swear to god, Fanny is not-” “Shut up, Kendall! You’re one of my closest friends, but you have no idea how hard it was for me to have to stay in the closet. I knew you wouldn’t be supportive of this relationship, and that you’d let your hatred of Fanny completely override our friendship! Seriously, it’s either you accept us together, or lose me as a friend. Your choice.” Jared glared at Kendall while Fanny stood there, stunned speechless.

“You.” Kendall turned to Fanny. “You keep trying to take away my family and loved ones. You might be able to woo them over to your side, but you’re never going to fool me with your money and cheap tricks.” He spat, beyond infuriated at this point. No matter how happy he makes his own life, Kendall’s happiness was always overshadowed by Fanny’s. He could never have anything for himself. He could never live his own life, without knowing that Fanny has it better. And that frustrating, it was exhausting to Kendall. He was sick of dealing with Fanny and the people who like him. “Jared, it’s either him or me.” “Okay, that’s it. We’re done as friends.” Jared got up, and walked away, dragging Fanny with him. Kendall was fuming. First his little sister, then his own best friend chose this guy over him? All Fanny had to offer was his money. From what Kendall had seen and knowing Fanny since they were in grade school, the Chinese boy was rude, not smart, and just not a good person. He was always plotting something against him. It was like a strategy to systematically take apart his life. It was incredibly frustrating.

“Hey, man. Are you okay? I heard from Jared that you guys got into a big fight.” Matt was messaging Kendall on Facebook. The brunette was slouched, alone, in the living room of his apartment, still letting it sink in that he had just fought with one of his best friends. “Yeah, I’m fine.” The brunette began. “I’m just frustrated. Jared kept that relationship a secret, and then obviously, Fanny is just not a good person. He knew that Fanny wasn’t good for him, but he didn’t want to tell me because he knew I would state the obvious.” This was getting frustrating. No matter what, Fanny always seemed to find a way to win over people. “Maybe Jared didn’t want to tell you because he knew how you’d react? He wanted to spare your feelings, because he knew it would hurt you to know that your best friend is dating somebody you really don’t like.” Matt reasoned. “Either way, I think you owe Jared an apology.” “Hey, Chloe just told me what you did!” Megan stormed into the apartment. “Look, I get that we had that whole argument about Fanny, but it’s because we just don’t get why you dislike him and his family so much! Why, Kendall? What about him pisses you off?” “It’s because the Chiangs screwed us over!” Kendall finally admitted.