Sky Bird: Chapter 22

“So you guys kissed?” Carly gasped. Sophia and Carly were getting brunch together on Sunday. “Yeah. It was so awkward.” Sophia put her hands on her face, embarrassed. “Oh, come on, it couldn’t have been that bad, right?” “Okay, fine. I really liked it and I thought it was sweet of him to drive all the way to my place to talk to me like that.” She confessed, putting her hands back on her lap. “So are you guys official? Or at least spoke since that night?” Carly asked before taking a sip of her tea. “Not yet. I’m really scared to.” “What’s there to be scared about?” The Korean girl raised an eyebrow. “You guys both confessed to each other. Isn’t the next step to start dating?” “I’ve never done this before, neither has he, so it’s just really awkward.” Sophia shook her head, trying not to blush. “Hmm… Well I still remember from when I used to date Damian, how he’d always take me on dates and stuff. Granted, we kissed after maybe the third date, so you guys are going in a very different direction than I did.” Carly chuckled. “Kissing before the actual dating? But I’d say just go on a couple dates with him. And if it doesn’t work out, just laugh it off and go back to being friends. Don’t let the romantic feelings make anything weird, okay?” “Alright, Carly. I’ll try. But if things go south, then what?” “Then we just cut Kendall out of our lives. Easy peasy!” She laughed.

“You didn’t talk to her since then?!” Jared and Matt looked at Kendall in disbelief. “Well…no? I’m not sure what to do.” Kendall sighed. He felt like he blew it royally. “Don’t say that. I’m sure she appreciated how straightforward you were, you know, driving to her place and talking to her in person? It shows that you’re a decent person.” Matt pointed out. “How did you and Fanny end up together again?” Kendall looked at Jared. “We started dating in the beginning of the semester. It was pretty awkward actually…” The blonde started. “Why was it awkward?” “Because it just happened for us. The first time, uh.. well… so I might have been checking him out in the locker room? He was taking off his shirt, and then I noticed his butt and how perky-” “Okay, can we please not get that much into detail?” Matt interrupted, clearly uncomfortable with Jared’s summarization of Fanny’s body. “Okay, but basically Fanny caught me checking him out. And he thought it was hilarious, because he had a feeling I was gay because I kept saying words like ‘fag’ and he had a feeling I was checking him out for quite a while.” “And?” Kendall was not quite sure where this story was going. “Well, he and I just started talking more and we started to go on dates. It was pretty thrilling at first, because it was all done in secret, but we started to realize how badly we needed to go public about it. Both of us felt like it was an itch that needed to be scratched, and that’s when we came out to you. Well, accidentally.” Jared chuckled. “But for the dates, did you guys just initiate it?” Kendall pressed, wanting to figure out how this whole concept of dating worked. “Yeah, we kept talking, and then I was like ‘let’s get dinner sometime!’ and then it happened. We kissed on the first date and everything.” The blonde laughed. “Alright, so I’ll just text her now.” Kendall sighed, pulling out his phone. “Hey, Sophia. Are you free for a meal anytime this week?” He sent. “Sure. What time?” She shot back.

“Kendall! Let’s go!” Gil tugged at his older brother’s arm. They were supposed to go to Little Tokyo to hang out together for the rest of the day. “Alright, give me a sec.” Kendall rushed to pull on his socks and shoes. “Okay, coming now!” The older brunette ran down the stairs and joined his little brother in the car. “Alright, let’s go!” The engine revved and the two left the apartment complex. “Why did you want to go to Little Tokyo again?” Kendall looked at his brother. “Mostly because I miss actual Japan.” Gil sighed. The middle schooler has been having Japan-withdrawals since spring break had ended. “Well, I’m with you on that. I miss Japan too.” He sighed. It truly was a wonderful country. And Little Tokyo would probably be the best approximation to it outside of Asia. “Hold on, I’m going to try to park.” Kendall saw a parking structure just off the Japanese Village Plaza. “Alright, and we’re parked!”

“I love this place!” Gil and Kendall were getting takoyaki from a small stand across the street from the Tokyo souvenir store. Sitting down on a bench underneath the large umbrella in the center of the plaza, the two brothers continued to snack on takoyaki while talking about life. “So for high school, Algebra 2 Honors, English 1 Honors, and Biology Honors?” Gil looked to his brother for class suggestions. “Yeah, that’s probably the best. And which sport were you thinking?” “Either football or cross country.” “Hm.. knowing you, try cross country. Megan, Chloe, and Fanny can look after you.” Kendall pointed out. “That’s true. Fanny’s on varsity so he can help.” “Yeah, I’ll try cross country, and if I don’t like that, I’ll try football or maybe even soccer?” He looked the brunette hopefully. “If you do soccer, let me know. Jared’s going to be captain next year.” “Will do!” Gil grinned.

“So what’s for dinner?” The younger Skye looked to his brother. They were still in Little Tokyo, but it was already night time. “How about Kula?” “Ooh! The revolving sushi place?” Gil’s face lit up immediately. The two made their way to the restaurant and put their names on the waiting list. While they were waiting, the brothers were admiring the array of paper lanterns that hovered over the plaza. It was breathtaking to see the white and red orbs illuminating the blue tiled roofs of the buildings nearby. This sort of view made Kendall wish he could move to Japan. Never has he felt so grateful to be part Japanese. “Oh, look, it’s our turn!” The two turned and saw the hostess calling their name. “Let’s get some sushi on our bellies!” Kendall patted his stomach jokingly. “Yup!” The two walked back over to the restaurant, and took their seats in front of the revolving sushi belt. It was so interesting, watching plates of sushi just move past them. But for some reason, Kendall just could not stop thinking about her. No matter what he tried to do to distract himself. He could only think about spending these memories with Sophia.


Sky Bird: Chapter 11

“Hey, Kendall, so we talked it over, and we were wondering what you wanted to do with our movie plot.” Sophia messaged him. The five of them were in a group chat on FaceBook for their Japanese movie project. “Oh, hm…. how about a story of two siblings visiting Japan? And then they stay with their rich cousin?” Kendall responded. “LMAO so you and Megan are visiting me?” Fanny sent back. “Yup.” “Well what about Sophia and Carly then?” “Ooh, can I somehow be the bad guy? I’ve always wanted to be the bad guy!” Carly sounded very happy with the plot, per usual. “Sure. You can be… uh, maybe the rich step-mother?” “Megan suggested. “OMG YES! And Sophia can be the maid.” Fanny definitely was having too much fun with this. “Uh, I refuse to wear a maid costume -_-” Sophia was unamused. “Then how about a fashion model??” Carly suggested. “Ooh, I love it! Sophia will be an exotic Thai model!” Fanny agreed. “Alright, but what’s she doing?” “Modeling obviously. But the reason why you guys are visiting is because Megan’s character idolizes Sofia’s character. And Sofia is traveling to Japan for a fashion show?” The theatre male proposed. “Alright, sounds like we have a plot in the making.” “What’s the title of the movie?” Carly wondered. “How about… ‘The Land of the Rising Love’?” Kendall joked. “Sounds good!” Fanny agreed. “Wait, I was joking!” “Too late, I’m lazy. Let’s roll with it.” The Chinese boy’s patience was already worn too thin. “Fine.”

“Guys, dinner time!” Mrs. Skye shouted. “Alright! What’s for dinner?” “Pork roast with rice and braised onions. And for veggies, green beans.” She presented proudly. “Sounds delicious.” Kendall grinned, as he was drawn to the dining table by the wafting aroma of the pork. “So how was your days?” Mr. Skye looked around. “Cross country season is ending soon, and Kendall and I are starting our group movie project for Japanese!” Megan chimed in. “Geometry is going alright. And my English 1 honors class, we finished reading To Kill a Mockingbird.” She finished, going back to eating the pork. “Well I got an A in my Geometry test, so I’m set for the rest of the semester.” Gil grinned. “We finished reading Farewell to Manzanar, and it was an interesting read, since it reminded me of grandma.” Gil was referring to Mrs. Skye’s mother, who was a Japanese immigrant during the time of World War 2. “It was a good book.” Kendall and Megan agreed. “And you, Kendall?” “Well like Megan said, we have a movie project to get started on. For the rest of my classes, surprisingly well! I got a few grades back in my classes, and they were all As!” He grinned. “I have my chem quiz tomorrow, but I studied a lot for it.” “Good luck!” Everyone chimed in. “Thanks. I’ll do my best.” Kendall grinned.

“So for the fashion show scene, let’s do that in the foyer in our house.” Fanny began. They were on the group chat again, talking about the logistics of the movie project. “We can go to the SLS Hotel or the Miyako in Little Tokyo for the scene when Sophia’s character arrives in the city for the fashion show.” He continued, running through the different scenes. The biggest perk to having a theatre arts person on their team was that Fanny knew how to film, edit, and had an eye for scenes and script writing; this project was his to get an A in. “And then I’m guessing that the conflict will be?” Carly wasn’t sure where the plot was going. “Since Carly wanted to be the villain, she can be jealous of Sophia being a model. And she wants to sabotage Sophia. But since Megan is a huge fan of Sophia, then the conflict will be between Carly and Megan.” He explained. “Wait, then Fanny, what would our characters do?” Kendall was confused. “Uh, I don’t know. You’ll help Megan? And I can just exist.” Fanny was not interested in taking a huge lead role, with him and Chloe having to play Mulan and Shan Yu on Friday’s production.

“So class, how did you guys like Tortilla Curtain so far?” Mrs. Johnson looked around at her first period class. It was Wednesday and the class had started reading their next book. “I found it hilarious how ironic it was. The fact that the wife is named America but she’s an illegal alien was just too in your face.” Matt chuckled. “Good observation, Matt. Irony will be a very big thing, you guys. That’s a part of satire.” Mrs. Johnson explained. “You’ll be seeing it a lot in this book.” “Kendall, did you read it yet?” Sophia whispered. “No, I was studying for Chem.” The brunette sighed. “Me too! Chem is hard.” She frowned in agreement. “Why bother studying for Chem?” Fanny rolled his eyes, eavesdropping on their conversation. “Because we want an A?” Kendall frowned. How could this guy get straight As when he doesn’t study?

“Alright, you guys have just 30 minutes for your quiz and it’s out of 20 points. Your time starts now.” Ms. Ling shouted. It was already third period. You could hear everyone flipping through the papers, pencils and pens scribbling frantically. Kendall looked at his quiz and smiled at the last question; he preferred to start at the end because those typically would be the harder questions. “What is entropy? Explain the function, the letter it represents, and positional entropy with the different kinds of molecules.” The brunette knew that if this was the hardest one, then he would have an easy time. It took him maybe 4 minutes to answer that question, and he quickly breezed through the multiple choices. “Here, Ms. Ling.” The brunette handed in his paper, feeling great about his chances of passing the quiz with an A.

“Are you going to watch Mulan with us on Friday?” Carly and Sophia looked at Kendall. “Well, I want to but Jared, Matt, and I are going camping on the weekend, and staying up late might not be the best idea…” Kendall trailed off. “Well, Jared and Matt are going too, so why don’t you just come?” Megan glared at her older brother. The four of them were in fifth period. Because the play was coming up soon, Fanny was excused from fifth and sixth period to help with the production. “Okay, fine. It’ll be funny to watch Fanny get crushed under a fake avalanche.” He snickered. “You are all kinds of messed up!” Sharquiqui shook her head. “Why don’t you come with us?” Carly smiled at her. “Because, girl, I have another biotech seminar at Harvard, so I’m flying straight to Boston right after class. “Aw, nuts. Okay.” Carly sighed. “What are you doing?! You have this time to get ahead start on writing your kanji!” Kawaguchi-sensei screamed.

“Hold this up, will you?!” It was in the theatre room; a classroom painted and decorated in pitch black for dramatic effect. The Advanced Theatre Arts students were in the room, getting together the set. Fanny was struggling to grab a hold of one of the wooden backdrops, painted to resemble a snow-filled mountain. “Fine, I’ll help.” Chloe pouted as she grabbed the other side of wooded block. “Okay, one, two, lift!” The siblings were able to get the board off the ground and walk towards the backstage area. “Wow, our two favorite Chiangs are getting the job done!” A brunette named Alex snickered as he was painting one of the sets. “Shut up, Alex! At least I’m not playing the fat soldier.” Fanny stuck his tongue out at his antagonist. “And at least I’m not being shot by a rocket off a castle.” He retorted, cackling.