She always wanted to have magical powers. To be able to help others and be a modern day superhero, she obsessively wished for that to happen. The beauty and grace that these magical girls in the cartoons exceeded, she was enamored. To save the day and let love conquer all, if she could do that, then she could have given up everything. That was, until recently. Since when did being a magical girl involve killing others? Murder? Death? Corruption? And how about consequences? Why did being a superhero come with such dire costs? Yes, reality did rear its hideous head upon her beloved childhood dream, but the girl tried to focus on what appealed to her about the genre. How the output outweighed the costs and sacrifices. How saving the day was more important than teenaged angst and drama. Looking at the small creature before her, she was hesitant. The opportunity to realize her childhood dream was just an answer away. But knowing what she did now, she knew that this door, closing would not be the end of her world. By turning her back away from it now, she would be keeping her dream alive.


Sky Bird: Chapter 19

It was Wednesday, first period. The class had just finished Tortilla Curtain, much to Kendall’s delight; he wasn’t particularly fond of the satirical style, mostly because sarcasm could be hard to detect when it is in written text. “I loved how shit just hit the fan, pardon my language.” Fanny smiled. “Especially at the end when the dam just broke, and the water flooded. It’s funny because America just gave birth, so both the dam and America broke their waters within a couple hours of each other.” Matt sniggered in agreement. “I’m so glad there’s no more readings for the school year.” Sophia whispered to Kendall; the class had finally changed their seating arrangements, and Kendall and Matt moved up to the front with Fanny and Sophia. “Well, now that we’re done with our readings, you guys just need to focus on finishing your writing portfolios. Make sure to add in a final reflection, and then we are done with this course for the semester!” Mrs. Johnson beamed at everyone. “You’re all almost done with English 2 Honors!”

“So class, finals are coming up in the next month, so I want you guys to really buckle down and focus. I know this isn’t an honors class, but that’s because our school doesn’t offer Physics Honors, only Physics AP.” Ms. Kim turned to Kendall. “Which I am expecting to see some of you in.” The brunette nodded back eagerly. He couldn’t wait to take Physics AP with Ms. Kim the following year. “That being said, make sure to look over all of the reviews in the back of each chapter. Your final is going to be cumulative, but we will re-review everything, chapter by chapter, for the rest of the semester.” She explained, much to the horror of almost everyone except for Kendall. The brunette was excited, because this was his stomping ground. He could calculate the velocity of a falling object a lot easier than writing a thesis for an analysis on Jane Eyre for sure.

“Hi, Kendall!” Sophia and Fanny waved to him as he entered his third period, Chemistry Honors. “Hey, guys!” He waved back as they left for their next classes. “Good morning, Kendall.” Ms. Ling smiled as he took his seat. “Good morning, Ms. Ling.” He beamed at her. Soon, the entire class filled in, and she began her lesson plan for the day. “So you guys are getting ready for finals soon. Our final, I’m sorry to say, but you’re going to have to memorize the entire periodic table.” The entire class went silent. There have been louder funerals. “I’m joking! I’m not a psychotic person! You guys get to bring a one page cheat sheet for your finals! Use them well!” She smiled at everyone as they started laughing in relief. Kendall, while he was laughing with everyone else, secretly wished that they didn’t have the cheat sheets, because he had actually memorized the elements for fun. You could name any abbreviation, any number, and he could give you the name, group, and the number of ions, electrons, and neutrons.

“Finals are coming up and I know it’s a scary time, but you guys are a gifted class, so I’m worried that my final will be too easy for you all.” Mr. Darcy teased his fourth period Pre-Calc Honors class. “Oh jeez, the bar has been raised.” Jared sniggered. “You got that right, Mr. Holt!” Mr. Darcy pointed at the blonde, much to his surprise. “But that being said, you’re all in luck, because the test materials will only be from this semester. You don’t have to worry about the stuff we learned in the fall.” He reassured everyone. “You’re the best, Mr. D!” Matt shouted, everyone cheering “Mr. D!” in agreement. “Thank you, thank you. I try to make this class not suck.” The teacher laughed. “It really has been a pleasure teaching all of you and I know you’re all going to have bright futures in college.” “Yikes, college sounds like a lifetime away for me.” Kendall admitted, Jared and Matt nodding in agreement. The three were the only sophomores in their class.

Lunch was relaxing for Kendall. He was with Sophia and Carly. Matt had to leave early for his last swim meet, while Jared and Fanny were off somewhere else, and Chloe and Megan were off gossiping with their friends. “So how was your day so far? Sophia and Carly looked at Kendall. “It was a lot of final review and stuff. How about you guys?” “Well, we have like two classes, so those two, final review, and then World History, just talking about our final paper. P.E. was great though. We played dodgeball.” Carly broke out into laughter. “Wait, what’s so funny?” Kendall was startled by her sudden outburst. “Well, we played dodgeball, and Yubin was on the other team. I could have sworn, everyone, even her own teammates, threw their balls at her. It was hilarious.” She started tearing up from laughing so much. “So you can say that Yubin took a lot of balls to the face?” Sophia and Kendall laughed at his joke, while Carly just stared at them, unsure of how to feel about Kendall’s joke. “You could’ve done better than that.” Fanny said, walking up to the group with Jared. “Seriously? Just balls to the face? I know you like monkeys, Kendall, but that doesn’t mean you need to stoop to their level of intelligence when it comes to cracking a good joke.” He scoffed sarcastically. “And that, babe, is satire. I think?” He turned to Jared, Fanny himself not quite certain on the topic. The two were discussing the Tortilla Curtain and what was satire. “Oh, that’s not satire either.” Carly corrected him. “It’s basically like irony meets sarcasm and it could be like parody at times. A good example is making a spoof on Dora the Explorer, but changing her name from Dora to Liberty, and then making it about jumping the border because she’s Mexican.” “Oh, so satire can be racism?” Jared was still unsure of the definition. “Oh, no! I’m so sorry, that came out really wrong.” Carly shook her head, ashamed of her own example. “Liberty the Border-Hopper. I love it. Can her partner be a frog or a rabbit? They could be named Hops!” Fanny grinned goofily, amused at this idea. “Oh, shush, Fanny.” Carly and Sophia shook their heads. “Just Google it, Jared.” Sophia suggested.

“Okay, has any group finished their movie projects?” Kawaguchi-sensei glared at everyone. Sharquiqui began to raise her hand, only to be shushed by the impatient teacher. “Uh, we’ll be done by Friday.” Fanny promised. “Good, Chiang-san. Everyone else? Are you guys almost done, or have you all just been screwing around?” He shot everyone daggers with his eyes. The room went silent, much to the surprise of Kendall’s group. “Wait, are we the only people who took this seriously?” The brunette looked at his teammates. “Well, it’s hard not to when we have a theatre person.” Megan frowned. “I know, right? My team is so lucky to have me!” Yubin boasted loudly, overhearing what Megan had said. “No, they aren’t. We honestly would have rather been a team of four than a team of five with you.” One of their classmates, Brian Liu, frowned. He had the misfortune of being stuck with Yubin, mostly because Kawaguchi-sensei forced him and his teammates to take her in. “How about your team, Gomez-san?” Kawaguchi-sensei stared at him. “Uh, well we’re done with the script and we started filming this week.” He started. “Wow, everyone, look at Chiang-san’s group. They are getting an A, if they turn their project in on Friday as they promised. You all, you need to catch up. I gave you half the semester to work on this.”

“Kendall! Wait up!” Sophia noticed Megan and Kendall and ran up to them. The three of them lived relatively within a few blocks of each other. “Want to walk back together?” She suggested. “Sure!” Megan agreed. The Skye siblings were both unaware of Sophia’s feelings for Kendall still. “I’m so glad that he’s going to give us an A.” The Thai girl smiled, referring to the movie project. “If we get over a 94% in the class, we get to skip the final, so I’m down for that!” Megan agreed. “Ooh! Ben and Jerry’s!” Megan pointed out. “Can we go?” She grinned excitedly. “Sure.” Kendall chuckled. “Want to join us, Sophia?” “Yeah, why not? It’s a Wednesday. We all could use a pick me up.” She laughed. After getting their ice cream, the three sat outside of the store, and were talking. “Oh, crap. I totally forgot, but Chloe wanted to hang out later. I need to go back home and grab some stuff.” Megan got her bag and took off. “I’ll see you guys later!” She shouted, running off.

“So, what are you taking next year?” Sophia asked Kendall. “I’m taking English 3 AP, Physics AP, Calc AP, J3, Varsity Soccer, and Astrophysics.” He listed off. “Oh, nice! I’m taking Calc AP, J3, Chem AP, Physics, English 3, and Astrophysics!” Sophia responded. “Wait, we could have three classes together. That’s awesome!” Kendall grinned. “Since there’s only one J3 class, and then Calc AP, there’s two, and for Astrophysics, it’s only one, so guaranteed, we have two classes together off the bat.” He listed off. “Why didn’t you take English 3 AP?” He looked at her, surprised. “English isn’t my strong suit. I’m not a good writer.” She chuckled. She only took English 2 Honors for the sake of taking more Honors classes, not because it was her interest.  “Well, I’m not  good at reading or writing either, but I’ve started with English Honors, so I figured I’ll keep it going. Stick it out.” Kendall laughed. “You’re a brave soul, Kendall Skye.” Sophia shook her head in admiration. “But do you have any more homework for the rest of the day?” He looked at her. “Nah. I worked on the cheat sheet for Chem throughout the semester with Fanny because his friends told him about that. Oh, and Fanny and I finished the portfolio early, so we’re good on that. And then for Pre-Calc, we have been doing final review, and then World History, just the final paper, which will be pretty straightforward.” Sophia was taking Chemistry, English, and Pre-Calc for her honors classes, so she had a relatively easy time with her schedule due to not taking a sport, as opposed to Kendall, who took three honors classes with a sport. “You’ll become a great doctor one day, Sophia. The way you handled doing the script, and how you organize delegating the tasks, it was really epic.” He admitted. “Thanks. You’re a hard worker too. You really are a team player in how you work. It’s really admirable.” She looked back at him. “Oh, your ice cream, Kendall!” She pointed at his hand. At this point, his right hand was drowning in Chunky Monkey ice cream. “Aw, crap.” He growled, getting up. The brunette quickly discarded the cone and started wiping off his hand. “I need a sink.” He sighed; his hand, while dry, was still unpleasantly sticky.